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What Revenge? – Friday Fictioneers

Well now, here we are Wednesday and time for another Friday Fictioneers.  I normally do not read other stories before writing my own but since I did have a ping-back from a certain displaced Scot, well, I had no choice but to read his first. ‘Twould appear the gauntlet has been thrown by the Unintelligible Rogue with a Brogue.  And, despite this nasty cold that is keeping my head fuzzy and my throat raw, one full week in, I did feel the need to reply.  I did the best I could, in the circumstances.  And, by the way, I may be a Canuck, but I am definitely not a poutine-besmattered one!

This is all fun and games… You know we love you and you are our favourite Scot!

Thank you, Lizy for this macabre photo that would have prompted a different story had my hand not been forced 😉

Thank you, Rochelle, for both hosting this shindig and for being my partner-in-crime!

Geez… almost forgot the linkup for those who would like to read more stories or write their own!


Word Count: 100 (oh I would have liked to have more!)

Genre:  What to call this?

What Revenge?

The ladies smiled at him… then at each other.

“Do those lips do more than talk gibberish?” asked the taller of the two, batting her lashes.

“Yeah, do tell us, Scot!  Actions speak louder than words,” the petite one flirted.

The Scottish rogue sauntered over with a lecherous smile, opened the gate and walked inside.

The ladies walked up to him the taller reaching around his neck, the smaller around his waist.

“Och, I’m a lucky man,” he grinned.

His grin disappeared when he found himself bound and gagged.

That should do it, eh?  Keep him quiet for a bit!


143 thoughts on “What Revenge? – Friday Fictioneers

    • My dear Purple-One,
      I am verklempt! Happy it got a laugh with all this fun silliness!
      Lotsa Love,
      The Canuck (sans poutine)


  1. I jumped the order just to see the revenge’s revenge… Nice plan you had there. But my guess is he will find a way to escape and perhaps he’s learned the lesson every James Bond villain learns too late: never have a long, drawn out execution, just have done with it.

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  2. Oh golly gosh, I fell for that!
    I think you are confusing me with top Canadian actor wee Billy Shatner or some similar bawheid.
    ‘Mon hen, ye’ll baith need tae dae be’er n that.
    Ah didnae come up the Clyde in a banana boat, ken.

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  3. Oh, and nice story, Dale.
    It’s obvious someone in the Highlands is a little on the irritated side. I understand he’s been that way ever since someone looked up his kilt and found he really DOES wear underwear. 😉

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  4. What a minute … everyone knows that there is no alcohol in Scotland because Scots don’t drink!

    Of course the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the picture was, “Oh the trouble one won’t do for a Heineken.”

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  5. Dale,
    Were I to write something, it would be a repeat of what everyone has said. 🙄
    This is SUPER BRILLIANT …!!! Thank for the smile and laughter. 😂 You do have a way of creating humorous visual stories from the photo prompts. BRAVO to you this week. ***** 5 STARS
    Isadora 😎

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  6. Haha, what fun. He enjoys himself far too much though, I think Sandra is onto something.
    And I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had this cold for about a week now and my knees still feel wobbly and the ribs hurt from coughing.

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    • You may be right about that…
      It’s been 9 days for me but almost no coughing so.ribs are good…. throat feels like I’m swallowing knives, though…
      Get better soon!

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  7. Yay! The himbo is harnessed. Gee up…
    Dale, this could be one of those story games, where one person after another adds a sentence or two. On the other hand, the post might end up needing an adult rating block put on it 😉
    I love everyone’s comments.
    PS Is this story based on experience?


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