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Pay Attention

Very wise words that I felt should be shared with all my creative friends and family. For those moments when you despair and lose sight of what it is that you do. And for those who have lived through difficult times that blind you to what and who you are.

Time to sit up and pay attention

In Flow with Otto

munchow_0949-072.jpgI think all creatives yearn for some kind of success, some kind of recognition for the work we do. Success is maybe not why we photograph, write, paint or travel—or whatever creative activity we do—or ought not to be. The work itself, being creative, is a reward good enough if we only let ourselves not get obsessed with the thought of success. The craving for success can actually get in the way of our creative endeavour.

Nevertheless, we do feel good when we experience some kind of success, whether it’s monetary gain or just some heartfelt feedback from a good friend. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Success is all in our minds, though. You cannot control how the world will receive and perceive your artistic work, but you can be in command of how you feel about it yourself. If you let yourself feel good…

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10 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. I love this post. Did you stumble upon it via me on FB, or did the author, Otto, pay your blog a visit, too? I’ve just started following him. His stuff is so wise. Did you see the other two links to his posts that I put on FB, too? Like you, I so needed to hear his wise words today. I’ve had a real fight with myself since December and need a boot up the backside on the self-belief front.
    By the way, you beat me to it, reblogging this post. I will save it until later.

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  2. Yes! Oh yes! What wonderfully wise words. Thank you for sharing this, Dale. For many years, I paid little attention – and now the world is alive and teeming with possibilities. Currently I am not sharing my writing, and it has been so peaceful. To just allow myself to open up, with no end goal, and just write…for now, that is enough. I like to share and receive feedback and grand accolades, but I keep in mind that Melville died without knowing that Moby Dick is considered among the best American novels.

    I think you are very very good at paying attention!

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    • I am so happy to find you here, Tammy. You always come in on the good ones!
      When I get a comment from you, I always feel I’ve done well. Goes to show…
      I think I really try to pay attention and am touched you feel I do.
      Well you know I love your writing so whenever you feel ready to share, I’ll be here. xoxo to you and CJ


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