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Story Time – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, Wednesday… what to do on this oh-so dreary (on the south shore of Montreal, anyway) day?  Oh look!  Rochelle has sent  us a picture (her very own) of nice fluffy clouds!  At least the sun’s rays are showing in this one.  At home?  Not so much.  Totally grey and dreary…

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Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Story Time

It was a dark and stormy night….

It’s daytime, Daddy!

The menacing clouds slowly taking over the sky…

Those are cumulus clouds, Daddy!

The cauliflower top of the cumulus clouds announcing some rain showers…

Really?  But the sun is right behind the clouds!  Doesn’t that mean a sunny day is coming, Daddy?

The showers would be brief…

They could last all day, Daddy!

Except more clouds rolled in, assuring the day was lost for little girls who talk too much…

Oh Daddy!

Keeping them from escaping the confines of the room, where…

They could play with their Daddy all day!

77 thoughts on “Story Time – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    This sounds so much like my daddy when I was little. Love it! Made me miss those times…cherished memories. Like my dad’s bedtime story of Cinderella going to the ballgame. Wondermous, my dear.



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    • Dear Rochelle,
      Thanks ever so much! I was trying to go one way and this one took over… Go figure. Maybe I’m missing my Daddy too as it will be already four years he’s gone…
      Lotsa love,


  2. I think I’ve made a much better Grandpa than a Daddy. Maybe it’s because I have more patience now.

    Lovely piece, Dale. Made me think of my Granddaughter, Maudie, who will turn five in a few days.

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    • Thank you, Björn. I had a pretty darn good Daddy, but cannot ever remember him reading to me (shall have to ask my mom!)


  3. Your story reads like a lazy Sunday reading session between my husband and our Little Princess. She questions everything, knows more than dictionary, and loves a good rainy day reading and building forts.

    Love the realism you’ve weaved into the story. And the fun. I can’t read this one without grinning.

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  4. Kind of humorous the way it was structured and very real, too. Made me think of this —
    “Androcles was very gentile.”

    “… the version of where the papa bear comes home alone!” 😀

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  5. I want to crawl under the covers with this little girl and listen to the rain on the window and her Daddy’s stories and , all day long.

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