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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Milestones, Letting Go and Fun Stuff

Good early afternoon!  I slept in this morning as my son had a party and I hung around with the (how cool that they even want me to?) last stragglers till 3:30 this morning!  Eldest basically tried to kick me out of my own house and, not to accommodate him but because it worked out for me, I went hung out with Tina, Liz & Peter (old friends of Tina’s), Emma and Luciano (Tina’s daughter and son-in-law).  It had been a while since our last get-together so was nice to catch up.  I brought a bottle of my aranciacello (orangecello) and that was a big enough hit, I may just have to sell some!

When I got home, the remaining four friends (and one girlfriend, sitting quietly by watching them) were playing a serious game of beer pong.  Let’s just say I was very happy no one was driving as they were feeling no pain whatsoever.  Nice guys, I have to say.  Very polite.  They think I’m “chill” so I’m “allowed” to stick around!  And when Iain told them I made booze… well!  My “chill points” went up!  I happened to have an already open bottle of limoncello so gave them each a small shot.  Now one of them wants me to teach him how to make it.

Needless to say, my coffee is strong this morning!  Care for a cup?  Would you prefer tea?  It’s bloody cold today:  -17ºC (1ºF), but with a windchill of -25ºC (-13ºF) so, I’m sure you want something hot!  Now that you’re all settled in, let me catch you up on my week.

I worked at the Golf Club on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Was nice to see some of my coworkers.  On Tuesday we set up for Wednesday’s event.  I know I’m supposed to be a waitress but frankly, sometimes I feel like a mover!  Man do we schlep around tables and chairs!  I definitely could feel it in my muscles the next days!  Wednesday’s group was members of some landscaping companies.  A truly friendly sort which is so pleasant to deal with.  Would that they all were!

Tuesday morning, my son needed my car to pass his driver’s test.  Good thing his appointment was at 10:30 as I was only working at 12:30.  However.  We got to the DMV (SAAQ, for us Quebeckers) and I waited patiently.  For 10 minutes.  What?  Seems son forgot a paper proving he had passed his driver’s courses.  “But, it’s okay, Mom, they gave me an appointment for 1:30 so we’re good!”

Um. No, dear.  I am working at 12:30!  Now what?  Luckily Iain’s godfather, my brother-in-law, Sébastien, was on spring break!  I called my sister, asking for her hubby, and all was arranged.  We would drive over to their house, I would take one of their cars (Tracy was working at 1:00, otherwise she would have taken my place) and leave mine as Iain had practiced with my car and was allowed to use it for his test.  Sheesh.

Off I go to work, waiting patiently and I get a text.  “I failed”.  Awwww… poor kid.  I’m feeling so bad for him and he doesn’t respond to my “what happened?”  Sébastien calls me to tell me he’s stopping by the club to change cars and says:  “By the way, your son passed.”  Little shit.  Not only did he pass, he got 91%!  So proud of him (after wanting to smack him…)

Wednesday was a glorious day.  It was 10ºC (50ºF).  I finished work at 3:30, got home, picked up my camera bag and Zeke went nuts.  Don’t even have to say the word “walk” – though that gets him going too!  Off we went.  On our way to what we call Teletubbie Park, I could see signs of life.  Yes!  All those folks over the pond in England and such showing off their snowdrops and such… so not fair!  OK… we don’t have much in our frigid clime but look!  I see tulips shooting up!  It’s the little things, ya know?


Towards the park. Nothing Zeke likes better than to be off leash and given the opportunity to sniff and run at will.   Once we got over one of the little hills, I could see the baseball diamond had three dogs running around.  Of course Zeke wanted to go play.  Being a mean mom, I said no.   I didn’t know the dogs and people and I was already having trouble choosing where to put my feet as the ground was very soft and wet.  I did not want to make my way there.

We turn to leave and I see, in the bluest of skies, the moon.  Tried my best!

Not a speck, the moon!

On Thursday morning, I got a little… ok, more than a little, emotional.  After Mick died, two years ago, I had to get rid of his beloved F-150 truck.  Much as it was really cool to drive it and get double-takes when other drivers realised a woman was driving it, it cost a fortune to run.  So I changed it for my Escape, which I love.  I kept my old Pontiac Sunfire for the boys.  They both would be driving soon – or so I thought.   For two years that car sat in my driveway.  In the beginning, Iain would ask me to go practice driving with him.  Then he didn’t.  Then, he didn’t seem to be in any rush to get his bloody permit.  What IS it with today’s youth?  I could not wait to get that puppy in my hands and be independent and drive all over!  Anyway.  I kept telling him to at least start it every couple of weeks.  Didn’t do it.  After paying for the registration and insurance for two years for nothing, I had had it.  I called an environment company that pays you for your junk and tows it away.  It was no longer safe to drive anyway.  When I think of how much I could have gotten for it had I sold it two years ago.  Whatever. Won’t go there.

I cannot lie.  I shed more than a tear.  Not for the car itself.  Matter of fact, I was pissed at Mick for convincing me to get it in the first place way back in 2003 because I wanted something else.  He was good at getting his way.  I did learn to love that thing and it was a little bomb that got me to wherever I needed to go.  But it is so weird.  I felt like it was yet another little piece of Mick gone from my life.

By Friday, I was more than ready to go for lunch with Michèle.  We share the gift of the gab, I tell you!  We sat in that Louis XIV restaurant in St. Bruno from 12:30 till 3:50!  Good grief!  It’s a lovely little bistro where you can bring your own wine.  Delicious.  We each had a tartare, her the salmon, me the beef.  Then we splurged on a piece of white cake with strawberry sauce on top.  Perfection.  I brought her a bottle of each of my ‘cellos – which she forgot at the restaurant!  She was beside herself.  Thankfully, she had left it on the floor beside her chair.  The restaurant was full of supper diners when she went back (because when she called, they said they did not see it).  All the tables but ours were full.  She walked up to her chair, bent down and voilà!  The bag was there!  Relief, you say?

So… I think I’ve been at this long enough.  Luch (Luciano) should be here any second now to pick up a bottle of each ‘cello, I really must take my shower and finish my strawberry crumble as my sister has invited me and our sister and hubs over for dinner.  Adults only – even though 5 out of the 8 kids are already adults.  And for those of you who read Friday Fictioneers… NO!!  Not THAT kind of adult party!

Oh!  And before I forget!  As promised, the recipe for the limoncello is this one!  I do the 40-day version and depending on the fruit (more limes, less grapefruit, a few less oranges) I’ll play with the sugar levels as well…

Have a great week, my friends!  I wish you much happiness, smiles, laughter and love!



Oh!  Before I forget!  Thank you, Emily, from Nerd in the Brain for hosting this weekly get-together!  If you want to play with us, just click on the here and add your link!

54 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Milestones, Letting Go and Fun Stuff

  1. I had similar experiences letting go of things when my dad died (not the same as a spouse, but….). Good memories remain. That’s all that matters, in time.

    I’m a crazy person still drinking iced tea, though it’s freezing outside. Even had some ice cream today, a Saturday treat.

    Hope this week is great!


  2. It’s good to see you making it to the coffee share more often these days! Sounds like a full week. Yeah, it’s cold and windy here too. I hope you have a great week coming up! No staying up all night partying with the kids 😉

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  3. It sounds like a busy week!
    I may try that limoncello recipe. There was a cute little Italian restaurant in a nearby town (it’s closed). It was BYOB, too, but they sometimes offered complimentary “cellos.” I What type of bottles do you use to put the finished product in?

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  4. Dear Dale,

    There’s nothing like having lunch with a girlfriend, is there? I love meeting with my friends for lunches that often last more than three hours. Of course it’s not all female friends. My chucklehead cousin Kent and I have been known to close a restaurant down, particularly if we’re writing together.
    I understand your tears at getting rid of the car. Sending you a hug and a shoulder on which to lay your head. (Well you’ll have to sit to get down that far. 😉 )
    Thank you for generously sharing your week.



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    • Nope. Nothing like long lunches to catch up. They are the best.
      Thank you. I felt like a wimp but then just let it go. Hah! I’ll sit, you stand! Funny Lady!
      Have a fabulous week!


  5. Sounds like a week filled with ups and downs and lots of emotions. My daughter found out when she went to take her drivers test that the emergency brake on her car didn’t work (who knew?) so she wasn’t aloud to use it for her test. Luckily her brother was off work so we met him half way and exchanged cars! Alls well that ends well, I guess. Glad it worked out for your son too. BTW, Your dog is beautiful! What breed is he?

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  6. A party with cellos … a great idea … and if we only bring our versions together … wow … we could throw a party!

    The only difference in my recipe is that the first bottle is pure grain alcohol (190 proof) … I may try a 150 proof version next time. The PGA does a better job extracting the oil … (Well, in my opinion).

    Cheers to your son for getting you to take the bait regarding his driving test.

    Have a good week ahead!

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    • Yes indeed! And it can be good in half the time (I’m not doing the 40 day thing with the grapefruit and lime ones. Cutting it down to 25 days foe each part!

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  7. Oh, you are so lucky to have family around to help out in a pinch! I miss that so much, as my tribe is a few hundred miles away. Giving you a virtual hug re: the car bit. I recently bought a new sofa–putting the one my ex and I bought years ago at the curb. The couch I held my newborn babies on, etc. Every new chapter brings a bit of bittersweet. I get it.

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  8. So your son passed his test which means he can do some errands just like you were hoping, especially when you’re under the weather with a cold..:)
    We had some bulbs coming through a few days ago also…now they’re covered in a foot of snow. Not fun..:(

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