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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Spring Walk, Paperwork, Breakfasts & More Snow?

Hello my friends and welcome.  Please do come in.  You’ll have to stamp your feet to remove the snow.  Yes. Curse, cuss, swear, sigh.  We got more snow last night.  Hello?  First day of Spring was Monday?  Remember, Ma Nature?  Oh well, welcome to Spring in Quebec!

So, if we were having coffee, or tea, or some other beverage, we would complain a bit about yesterday’s snowfall.  It is what one does when one is done with it.  I, for one, am done with it.  No, no, don’t try. You can’t convince me how pretty it is.  It really is, isn’t?  I don’t care.  Come back next Winter.

OK… getting ahead of myself.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you what an absolutely beautifully, gorgeous day we had on Monday!  Oh my!  First day of spring and the sky was blue, the clouds were white, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the snow was melting!  Zeke and I were way overdue for one of our super long walks and man… oh man… did we ever take one!

That 10.9 km is 6.8 miles… just sayin’…

I had decided I wanted to make my way to the St. Lawrence River so we could watch the ice pieces float by and hopefully catch some wildlife.  We did so and we ended up all the way into the Old Boucherville section.  What a walk!  Leaving my house, we walked along Industrial Boulevard to Fort St-Louis.  Those who are on Instagram got pretty much a play-by-play of my walk!

And there were honest-to-goodness buds on the trees.  Really!  Considering last Wednesday’s snowstorm, who’d a thunk?

Crossing the tracks, we walked along a road that runs parallel to the highway until we reached the overpass to the river’s edge.  I always stop and admire this house.  It speaks to me!

We continued on, past the ever-present construction until we reached Marie-Victorin.  This street/boulevard goes through at least six towns (I will have to verify that one!) running the length of the St.Lawrence River.  Boucherville, Varennes, Verchères each have their special cachet that I shall have to share with you further!

From my home town, we get to see the various Boucherville Islands that are now a Provincial Park and we can access via mini ferry (holding bicycles and people only) during the summer season.

I started taking a bunch of pictures of many of the old houses and realised that I shall share them with you on another post.  They deserve to be front and centre!   However, I do think it worthwhile to share our big Paroisse Ste-Famille, where I was baptised many a moon ago…

We walked around the little streets, snapping pictures of old houses and I was struck by the gold of the hedge that seemed to pop out of nowhere.

By now I’m wishing I had someone I could call to pick us up and take us the rest of the way home!  We were both pooped and decided our evening was going to be one of vegging on the couch!

Tuesday was paperwork day.  I realised my passport was due to expire by June of this year and decided to bring it in directly to the passport office.  I mean, come on, what if someone comes into my life, sweeps me off my feet and wants to take my on a trip of a lifetime!  I must be ready!  Of course, reading all about Cady Luck Leedy’s story about HER passport woes is what really made me look at mine in the first place!  The whole sweeping off my feet thing is more of a, well, okay, I’ll admit it, a girl can dream, right?   I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that the whole thing took a mere one hour and fifteen minutes from beginning to end.  How do you like them apples?  To think I was going to set my alarm at stupid o’clock to wait in line for the doors to open at 7:30 am.  Pfft…. I got there at 11:30 and was in my car by 1:00 pm.  And that’s because I did some window-shopping on my way back to my car.  Pretty darn good, let me tell you!

As I had sold my car for scrap, I also had to go the S.A.A.Q. (DMV for ya’all) to register the transaction to no longer be liable for the hunk-a-junk.  And, lucky me, I got $165 back for the registration!  Woot!

On Wednesday, I had breakfast with my youngest sister.  Always nice to break the fast with her.  Actually, am overdue for breakfast with second sister as well… Hmmm… will have to make arrangements.  My mom, Yvon and their grandson arrived at 1:00 pm to visit the apartment my sisters had found for them.  It was a big moment and we all (sisters) hoped that Mom and Yvon would fall in love with it (or at least in good like) and agree that it was the place to move to.  For those of you who read my Friday Fictioneers this week, you will note it was totally based on this happening!  They not only liked it, they signed the lease for June 1st!  Wonderful.  Now we will all be within 15 minutes of each other.  It will definitely take a load off my mother’s shoulders.  Of course now we have the lovely prospect of moving them from a house to a 3 1/2 apartment.  That will be so much fun.  Not.

Nothing much I feel the need to share for Thursday but Friday – yesterday.  Well.  We’ve come full circle to the beginning of this tale.  I must repeat.  What in the name of hell is up with Mother Nature?  Oh man!  That snow is pretty.  To be sure.  If it were elsewhere.  I will admit that Zeke and I enjoyed taking a walk in it and of course I had to take a couple of pictures.  Cool the different effects of no flash and flash and a little fun with PicMonkey…

I would have sent this out earlier but this afternoon we all went bowling for my niece’s volleyball team.  What is it about bowling that is so much fun?  Almost the whole family participated and a good laugh was had by all.  Now, I’m not one to toot my own horn but I did have to ask for a printout of my scores because man oh  man… I was on fire!

I think I have gone on long enough.  We must have gone from coffee to water to wine by now, eh?  I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Boucherville and my sharing of my week’s stuff.  Now, it’s your turn.  Tell me how your week was!

Thank you to our lovely hostess Emily of Nerd in the Brain for hosting this weekly coffee gig.  You can click on her name to make your way to her blog where you can find the link to add your coffee talk, should you like!  (I haven’t figure out yet how to get the link working on my blog as yet.  Mostly because I’ve not really tried!)

Have a marvellous week and see ya’all next week!

Lotsa love,







27 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Spring Walk, Paperwork, Breakfasts & More Snow?

    • Ah well…in this area, we can’t be too surprised even if we don’t like it. And yes, it will be great to not have to drive 2 hours to see them!

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  1. Thanks for showing me some of Quebec. It’s on my list of Places to Visit. I love all things French and many things Canadian. It looks like a lovely place. Bowling is awesome — the ridiculousness of the throwing of the ball, the waiting, the pins falling! Love it. You had a busy, fun week, it sounds like. Lots of family in there, too. And yes, the snow is pretty, but what bad manners, Winter! You’re overstaying your welcome.

    Happy week!

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    • There are a lot of lovely places to visit in Quebec. My town is 350 years old so lots of history.
      Bowling is indeed awesome! Yes. Just missing my mom, one nephew and one of my sons to have had the whole family!
      Very rude, Winter is…😉
      Thank you and have a great one!!

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  2. It got so hot this past summer here where I live, my bowling ball split square down the middle from being stored in the garage. No lie.
    So….I love every snow filled picture you can possibly muster!
    Thank you for sharing them,

    From, Hot, Sunny, Hot, and did I say HOT? South Florida 😉

    – Lisa

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  3. Dear Dale,

    The weather has been a little fickle everywhere this week. Here in Missouri it hit the 80’s Monday. A great day for a motorcycle ride. Then it dipped back into the 30’s and 40’s. Well, we did need the rain.

    Remind me not to bowl with you. 😉 A group of ladies (and I used the term loosely) from work and I formed a bowling team. We’d already been dubbed the catty women’s club by a male coworker so we shortened it to CWC. At the bottom of our league, everyone wanted to bowl against us. We also had the most fun…cutting up…playing cards between turns…and could’ve cared less if we won or not. We all had to have our own balls…guess what color mine was. 😉

    Thanks as always for sharing your week.



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    • Dearest Rochelle,
      Yep, Mother Nature is going through menopause, blowing hot and cold!
      Ha ha… Now, now… I never said this is how I usually play. I’m, quite frankly, still in shock, to tell the truth! Must have been the beer consumed that made me “loose” 😉
      Hmm… I wonder what colour it could have possibly been… 😀
      Have a fabulous Sunday and week (though I’m about 100% positive we’ll be chatting… )

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  4. Enjoyed your walking tour of the South Shore. As changeable as March weather is, you probably had a sunny 10 C day yesterday like we did. 🙂
    You should submit that picture of the house (fifth pic) to Rochelle for an FF prompt sometime. It’s so quaint and inviting, surely none of the responses will make unspeakable horrors happen inside. 😉

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    • Thank you, Christine! We did not quite reach that temp, sadly! But it won’t be long we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity!
      Oh I dunno about that… the sweetest photos bring out the crazies…😉


    • Thank you! Well… it is GREAT for Sugaring off season… the sap will flow for sure from the maple trees! (Next week’s Coffee Share!)


  5. Our snow in Kentucky is so rare, it’s almost a treat. A treat, that is, until the ride into work that won’t be put off or the trip to the doctor’s office. Or whatever. I can’t imagine having to put up with it as long as some people do.


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    • Well, you know, Tim, it’s when we live in an area that gets regularly lambasted with snow like we do, we are better equipped to deal with it. I think when areas that don’t usually get, suddenly get, they are lucky more disasters don’t happen!


  6. That’s a beautiful walk you took. Sometimes when it’s that beautiful the distance doesn’t seem so great, though your companion might have other ideas…:)
    I’d say you were on fire with those scores. That’s pretty impressive. If I ever start a bowling team I’ll be sure to give you a call…:)

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    • Thank you, George. It truly was. Zeke had no complaints!
      I’m telling ya, George, I NEVER got scores like that before! I’ll gladly join your team 😉

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