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What a Night! – Friday Fictioneers

Hey!  It’s still Wednesday night.  I’ve just returned from my week in the sun in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  While waiting for my flight, the airport had WiFi so I though I’d check out Rochelle’s email for Friday Fictioneers.  Would you lookit that?  My picture!  And, as we know, Rochelle always titles her F.F. post with Friday’s date which just so happens to by my birthday.  Double special, wouldn’t you agree?  Do you think our hostess knew that?  She must have magical powers, I tell ya.  Okay, okay, I’ll shut up now and leave you with my version!

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She painfully pried open her leftover make-up encrusted eyes.  Someone had surely shit in her mouth overnight; it was like paste.

What the hell happened here? She picked up the arm lying over her chest and moved it aside while untangling their legs and dragged herself, clothes askew, off the couch.  What a mess!  The detritus of last night’s party was everywhere.

After the shouts of “Surprise!” there was laughter and dancing and food and booze.   All of her friends had come to celebrate her birthday.

Last thing she remembered was…


And Paolo.

She never could resist that combination…

90 thoughts on “What a Night! – Friday Fictioneers

    • Ain’t that the truth! Though I don’t plan on having that taste on the 15th! It is holy week, after all…😉
      I love you too! xo


  1. Dear Dale,

    OMG! I’m only glad I hadn’t taken a sip of coffee for I most surely would have spewed. But then it might have washed the matzo crumbs from my keyboard. 😉
    I hope this isn’t a self fulfilling prophecy of your upcoming birthday celebration. ❤
    I most certainly did not know when I chose the picture it would help celebrate the day. Timing is everything, isn't it?
    Okay…enough…I said all that to say I love your story. Well done in your inimitable Dalectable style.



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    • Dearest Rochelle,
      Oh no! We cannot have matzo and coffee spewn on one’s keyboard! Though I cannot lie and say I am not pleased to get such a reaction!
      Oh lordy, please, no self-fulfilling prophecy!
      And yes, timing is everything 😉
      Lotsa love,
      Dale xoxo


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  3. Hey Dale, It sounds as if you need locking up for your birthday, if you’re having fantasies like that! Am I getting old? It sounds just too exhausting to me. I love my beauty sleep. No Paolo. He can go and charm some other girl’s pants off and take his rum elsewhere 😉

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  4. Such fun, I mean the story. Although I think rum and Paolo sound like fun too. Happy Birthday hope you enjoy it!

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  5. Happy birthday Dale. Nice picture. It definitely tells a myriad of stories, as all good photos should. Actually, I thought that mine was going to go along those lines when I started it, but a child intruded.

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  6. I think we need to keep an eye on you, Dale. It sounds like you’re about to turn 21 again and that might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
    Thanks for the photo. I wrote a poem years ago which pondered why the pizza box lasted longer than the date? There’s something about those old pizza boxes hanging round when you’re young that leads me towards melancholy thoughts, rather than the laziness of not throwing them out. Enjoy your holiday.
    xx Rowena

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    • Ha ha! Well, holiday is over and there’s nothing wrong with adding a little excitement to ones life! Hopefully at my age (53 today) I’d make slightly better choices?


  7. It’s so cool you found your picture for your birthday. It’s like a gift from us FF’ers. ha ha ha! hope you enjoyed your trip and your birthday too. Looks like your character certainly had a great time, though she can’t remember most of it.

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  8. thanks for liking my About page! it was difficult getting to your page. said your site was not there. went through the reader then search and it came up. maybe you have your own domain? anyway, thanks and enjoyed the pizza party story… but left me wanting more. pizza as well, i’m off of it to help with my biking. but miss it.

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    • Dang it… You’re the second one to tell me that. I have to see just what I have done to cause confusion. Methinks it’s when I changed my “name” on my Avatar… Thanks for the heads up! And very glad you enjoyed my story…


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