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Looking For Ideas – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my reader friends.  The sun is shining (in my neck of the woods) and it has been hot and sunny and beautiful and no one is complaining – yet – about the crazy heat we have had.  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields picked my Instagram photo, taken this past April in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Where does this image take you?  Want to try to put it into a 100-word story?  Go ahead!  It’s fun and addictive.   Click on Rochelle’s name for the how-tos.  I actually had a totally different story brewing in my head and just may put the second one out there.  That would be a first!  We’ll see.

If you would simply like to read other takes on the photo prompt, just click on the Blue Frog.

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Looking for Ideas

It was a dark and stormy night and the vampires were out in blood-thirsty full force…  No, can’t do that.  Rochelle loathes vampire stories – even though she did a sorta one.

People were running in all directions, zombies on their tail…  Nope, not a fan of zombies either, though the people in the shot are going in different directions.

The whole scenario that had just been written was nothing but a dream… Ugh.  No dreams either – even though I did one way back, before I knew better!

Come on, Rogerson!  Use your imagination!  It’s your own picture for frig’s sake!

88 thoughts on “Looking For Ideas – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Way to pick on yourself. Here’s an interesting twist. Look at the tree to the right of the yellow building. It appears to be a ghost of a giant woman looking toward the moon with her left arm stretched out. See it?

    BTW … I may be doing a short story challenge. Will keep you posted.

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  2. Sorry there, Dale. Couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. I had the same issue when my photo was up. Must be a ‘thing’. Anywhoooo… Loved the glimpse into how a writer thinks.

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  3. Thanks for the photo prompt , Dale that has inspired so many different stories.
    The searching for idea story was so real and hence very interesting too .
    Look forward to reading your next story on the prompt.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Every so often it’s fun to write an unstory. Just remember you can only get away with it once in a while. And you unwrote this very well!



    PS Thank you for leaving the vampires and zombies out of it. 😉

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    • Ah well… I had not the time to try such a technique… However, I do have a second one I’ll post later this morning!


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  6. Hee, it must be hard to write a story if you know the place in the picture 🙂 I tend to shy away from vampires and zombies too, knowing how Rochelle’s not so keen!
    Nice one 🙂


  7. That’s funny, Dale, that you’re stumped by your own photo. I love that picture … and there was me thinking that I might have a week off from FF just to catch up with things I need to do. Now I feel the pull of that moon, tugging at my creative tide … resist, Sarah, resist.

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    • Nah…no worries. There must have been a time when too many took that path. Besides, so did Björn! And it’s so sexy!


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