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Missing You – Friday Fictioneers, Take Two

Hello again, dear Readers!  As I had alluded in my first submission, I really had more than one idea for my picture.  (How come we get so thrilled when one of ours is chosen?  Well, I do, anyway!)  This was my original idea but then the other one came in and bullied its way in.  This one refused to be silenced so this week you get a Two-fer from me! Rules and regs here.  More stories. Frog.

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Genre:  Reminiscing

Word count:  100

Missing You

The warm  night  breeze caressed her cheek as she meandered along the resort’s winding pathways.  What a beautiful evening in this Caribbean paradise.  The scent of flowers teased her nostrils and the distant music tickled her ears.

She smiled and nodded to those passing her by; mostly couples, some small groups enjoying spring break and a family or two.  None seemed to be, like her, alone.

Truth was, she was not alone.  She had left her friend behind in the room, watching TV.  Looking up at the full moon, she wished she could hold the hand of her true love.

59 thoughts on “Missing You – Friday Fictioneers, Take Two

  1. Sigh!!! I can feel her passionate longing. The loneliness even when we are not alone is the worst kind , I believe . May her wishes come true !
    Beautifully written , Dale.

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  2. A moonlit sky is so beautiful, but because it’s so often equated with romance, it does have a tendency to accentuate loneliness for those who have no romance in their lives, or are parted from their beloved for one reason or another. I couldn’t decide if it was the former or the latter in this story, so it made me want to know more.

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  3. I take back my comment on your first story because this might be the perfect story. So many feelings here and the mood and the longing are, I think universal feelings (needs). And it had a beautiful ending.

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    • So very glad it does. There were enough horror/scary moon stories this week…😉 And that’s the fun with Friday Fictioneers, so many different ideas come from one photo!


  4. Sad but full of hope. She will find her true love, or maybe s/he just couldn’t make the flight and is waiting at home. 🙂

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  5. When a story has to be told – I have so enjoyed the varying responses to the prompt picture. All the more because I really struggled to come up with one.

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  6. Yeah. It’s sad to have a nice experience like that and not have someone really special to enjoy it with. Reminded me of when I was 19 and on college choir tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Something similar.

    Five out of five miles of angel hair pasta. Plus one meatball for the memories. 😉

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      • Oh, sure. you bet. I mean, like you say, it’s only a moment. I actually had a huge blast on that trip. My first time ever at a tropical beach — and my first pina colada! Also played my first slot machine in the hotel! I had on a suit coat, no tie, a serious expression and still lost a nickel. Call me madcap, but … 😀

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