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On a Footprints Challenge

A fellow blogger (and one who is dear to me) has issued this challenge. Of course, I cannot but help myself and will definitely participate. How about you joining in? We have until July 10th to come up with 150 words… easy-peasy, right?

A Frank Angle

It’s challenge time!

Long-time visitors to my little corner of the world know that writing fiction isn’t my thing. With over 1,900 posts, I’ve written one fiction post. Actually two because the original post did turn into a short story challenge that involved me changing my original story.

Not that I’m changing my format in on these pages, but what the heck – let’s try it again!

1. Write a short story based on the image below in the genre of your choice.

2. The story must be 150 words or less.

3. Publish your story after I post mine (Monday, July 10th @ 12:15 am Eastern US) AND link back to the post with my story (not this post).

4. Display the image above your story

5. The story title must be Footprints in the Sand

6. Display the following image after the story.

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5 thoughts on “On a Footprints Challenge

  1. Ms D …. many thanks for reblogging this … Hopefully some of your faithful Friday Fictioneers will join the fun. Good news for me is that I already have my story written. 🙂 … and as always, thanks for the kind words!!!

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