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Hamster Wheel – Friday Fictioneers

Howdy my friends!  Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, where participants start participating on Wednesday!  Just one of those things that started way back when, who knows why but has become the status quo.  Kinda like how expressions get twisted over time and have nothing to do with the original meaning!  The important thing is, we gather ’round the weekly photo prompt to come up with some kind of interesting (we hope) or different (we really hope) story in 100 words or less.  Must be a good challenge because we come back week after week!  Should you wish to join in on the fun (read: addiction), click on Rochelle‘s name – yes, the name you just read – she is our fearless leader and official cat herder.  She explains the whole howzit of this game.  Or, if you are still to shy, but want to see what others have come up with, click on the blue frog to see who did what!  Thank you to Claire Sheldon for supplying this week’s photo – bet you were surprised to find yours here, eh? He he he…

© Claire Sheldon

Genre:  Fiction – or is it?

Word Count:  100 – always and forever.  It’s doable, you should try!

Hamster Wheel

She sat at her desk and stared into space.  So. Much. Shit. To. Do.  Laundry, vacuuming, toilet-scrubbing (blech!), window, weeding, groceries… the list never ends, is on repeat with more added!  Day after day, same crap, different pile.  Is this all there is?  How the hell do I get off this redundant hamster wheel?

Her gaze dropped to the clutter that was her desk.  She grabbed pens and paper and started drawing (best she could, she was no Rochelle), cutting and pasting ideas, creating a vision board.

Just because this is today’s reality, doesn’t mean it has to remain so!


98 thoughts on “Hamster Wheel – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    She has a delightful attitude. It’s so easy to sink into the mire and think that’s all it will ever be. Just remember Rochelle is no Norman Rockwell. 😉 Enjoyable story, like its writer.



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  2. The daily mundane tasks are always there when I get back to them. We can’t let that crap keep us from accomplishing the important things. Way to keep your priorities straight, Dale.

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  3. I think the reason Charles Dickens, PG Wodehouse, and some of those other famous writers produced so many literary works is because they had a wife to do the laundry and make the meals, etc. As for Agatha Christie…well…she must have had a maid, right?

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  4. I laughed with your character’s POV. I get in that predicament myself much of the time. Too much clutter in life. BTW, I hire someone to clean my townhouse. Tells you a lot, doesn’t it? 😀

    Then, again, I’m sure (as I have said this before) if you go through Chas. Dickens’ wastebaskets, you’ll see things like, “When life is good, it’s very, very good. When life is bad, it’s lousy.”

    Now it reads, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

    For this, Dale-irious, you win the prize.

    Five out of five little stuffed penguins to set fire to.

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    • I very rarely go dark – just not in me! But I love the imagination of many of these writers. I envy them being able to just pull stuff out like they do!
      And I am so very glad you loved my optimism 🙂


    • Definitely not my picture nor my desk… I fear you can barely see what colour my desk is, actually. It is in a very bad state right now.
      Glad you think so! Off we go!


  5. A fun story, Dale 🙂
    Bleh, housework can wait! Creativity is absolute priority. The only reason my kitchen floor got washed this morning (after a month off from the task) was because my internet went down, for the trillionth time. I’ve also been doing lots of creative baking and bottling etc, which has proved far more soothing than shouting at the router’s red light every time it comes on. Some household tasks can produce a degree of satisfaction, but it requires a shift in attitude. That being said, I will never enjoy cleaning toilets D:
    PS Do you think I could persuade a house elf to work for me, if I pretended to be a distant cousin of Harry Potter?

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    • I have been trying to get myself a house elf for years… you have more chance… last name and all that 😉
      Oh, I hear you on that. I will lose my office for about a week starting next Tuesday. I may not even be able to write!!! I am in the throes of a minor panic attack… not so minor. I have to empty the bookshelves of the bazillion books (maybe time to do a clearing out?) before they come to take it all away…

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  6. I really enjoyed this, Dale and could relate to it too well. I have been thinking about setting up a mood board or one of things. Where am I heading? Most of the time, I dream of sleeping in beyond anything else. Doing nothing. Driving nowhere has become a dream.
    Sometimes, going nowhere can be bliss!
    xx Ro

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  7. YIKES …. I’d be cleaning and fixing things way, way before writing.
    GUILT … can’t seem to rid that Catholic tidy guilt. But, if I get to where I can ignore it I’ll be free to write too. Perhaps, a cleaning woman should be on my wish list. 😳 LOLOL
    Isadora 😎

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    • I’m sure many mothers feel that way.
      Maybe it was only legible to her 😉 I’m hoping she does something to obtain her dreams!


    • Please. WE have lives to lead… I’m glad you took the time to stop by!
      Yes. Sometimes I do. Then regret that I don’t take time to write. Wonder what my real blockage is?


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