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Footprints in the Sand – An AFA Challenge

Frank, over at A Frank Angle, a wonderful blogger and expert in getting his readers to participate in various challenges, has created yet a new one.  Write a 150-or-less word story on the image below.  Well, as an avid participant of Friday Fictioneers, how could I resist?  Plus, an extra fifty words – What??  The rules and regs are quite simple.  We all get the same picture and must title our story:  “Footprints in the Sand”.  Frank first mentioned the challenge on July 2, explaining just how this whole party works.  Go ahead and join in on the fun!

Genre:  Contemplation

Word Count:  150


It was early.  Way too early for the regular folk and she loved it that way.  Alone with her thoughts, she felt peaceful, almost meditative.  As she gazed across the sand into the indigo of the ocean, she noticed a set of footprints.

They reminded her of her late friend, Roxanne.   She still carried the plasticized card with that biblical “Footprints” poem.  She couldn’t remember when or why Roxie gave it to her but she had kept it all these years anyway.  She wasn’t the praying kind nor the church-going type but that card definitely had a special place in her heart.

She never thought she was being “carried by Jesus” when she lost her son, father, husband over the years.  She was resilient.  Life was tough sometimes and you just had to deal with what came your way.  But maybe, without focusing on it, she’d had a little help?


For those of you who’ve not read the poem, here it is:


37 thoughts on “Footprints in the Sand – An AFA Challenge

  1. A story to make us think, and feel good. Well done.
    On Frank’s site, I linked to my ‘edit’, working copy, before I actually published, so the link is incorrect. I’ve added the right one, and asked Frank to delete the incorrect. My version is up now. Feel free to join me directly. 🙂

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  2. My mind focused on wondering about why she kept the card. Each of us keep things given to us … and many eventually get pitched … but not this one … Why? … well, that is an open question.

    Footprints in the Sand is both popular and poignant. … yet, tapping it into my challenge didn’t cross my mind. 🙂 … well done!

    PS: Pingbacks at my end appear once I approve. 🙂 Thanks for participating and promoting it … and I invite others here to stop by.

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  3. I’ve always loved this poem. Last December, I came across it and read it. I had thought about adding it to my Sunday Song post as I had found a lovely spoken You Tube video. I didn’t but I’m happy you did. It has such an inspiring message. 🙏🏻
    I found your story heartfelt. We are stronger than we think as woman and seem to shine even through the darkest hours. Dale this is an excellent take of the photo prompt.
    Iz 😎

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  4. Your story tugged at my heart, Dale. Yes, I believe that many of us do have footprints walking along with us, we just don’t see them. But in your story here, I’m really glad your character realizes that Roxanne, and perhaps all who love/loved her, are walking by her side. xo

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    • It does have that way of sticking with you, for sure. I think we often take it for granted (well, maybe I do…)


  5. That was absolutely lovely, Dale, Thank you!
    No, I did not know the Footprints In The Sand by Jesus that you added on. Thank you for that as well. It’ quite wonderful!

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    • Thank you, Resa. I’m glad I got to share it with you. So very glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading yours!


  6. Nicely done, Dale. I loved that poem growing up. It always reminds me of the song, “One Set of Footprints in the Sand” performed by Christy Lane. Both have the power still to bring me to tears.

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  7. I own one of those plastic cards. There’s something about those words that always bring sad-happy tears to my eyes and make me tingle down my spine. It sort of temporarily overrides the Doubting Thomas in me. I wonder how many people have derived comfort from that poem. Probably thousands, if not millions.

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  8. The Good Lord blesses all his children whether they recognize/acknowledge it or not. That’s unconditional love. A concept that’s extremely hard for us mortals to comprehend.

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