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The Seance – Friday Fictioneers

I never thought I’d manage to play this week. I have no access to my computer as the damages caused by my water woes are finally being fixed! Woot! A brand-spanking-new floor is being installed as we speak. Furniture is hanging out in a truck somewhere and I could not watch TV if I tried as it’s way too noisy.  So, while I’m sitting in my backyard I am plugging away at this with my ancient iPad. So how addictive is this Friday Fictioneers business, eh? Thank you always to Rochelle for keeping us interested and this week, thank you to Janet Webb for the use of her lovely photo.


Genre:  Humour
Word count: 100

The Seance

Everything was set up just right. The jar full of magical sparkles was the key, according to Madame LespΓ©rance.  How serendipitous her name meant “hope”.  Judy felt it a good omen.  She would be able to contact Stanley for sure!

All she had to do was wait for sundown to light the candle and start the special incantation.

Dusk finally arrived, she closed her eyes and recited “Oh great spirit, help me find Stan–”

“Judy! What in the name of hell…?”

“Stanley!  My spell worked! You’re here!”

“For the love of God… I told you I’d be back for supper…”


82 thoughts on “The Seance – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Your floors are going to look great i’m sure of it πŸ™‚ very cool, love the story, made me laugh out loud πŸ™‚

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Yep, I’d say you’ve got it bad. On the other hand, I’ve no intention of seeking help for you for your addiction. As for Judy…I think she took jumping to conclusions to a new level. Either that or she’s making a point to Stanley. Great last line. I nearly spewed my lunch.



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    • I do have it bad. It took for friggen EVER to type It, probably should recheck for typos and never mind adding the link… I’m exhausted from it all!
      As for Judy…
      So glad I made you laugh!


  3. Well, that was money down the drain. She should have invested in hearing aids instead of ‘esperance’. πŸ˜‰
    My sympathies to you with your water woes and your…uh…ancient iPad. (Sniff… I was born forty-some years before iPad, but I won’t take the “ancient” personally. Sniff…)

    No time for FF this week. I’ve been compiling, shuffling, editing and finally have my short stories and poems in one file ready to e-format. But I just discovered it’s about twice as many kbs as a “normal” file of its kind, so now I’m shuffling yet again. 😦

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    • Listen… this iPad is 1st generation. I am too old to use this sh*t. Gimme a desk or laptop! And we’re probably about the same ageπŸ˜‰
      Oohhh… a book to read? I am an avid FF author follower… read all of Rochelle’s, Claire’s, Louise’s and Sarah’s books plus any others I discovered had written one or more… I’ll be sure to read yours when available.


    • I’m not so much busy – other than enjoying the view while handsome young men fix my stuff!
      Or, like Rochelle said, making a point!

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  4. Your story was such a lot of fun , Dale. Judy may have to be ready to be diagnosed with a special condition . I hope Ms hope would let her out for the special session with the specialist .
    I wish your laptop a get well soon and may your home soon be peaceful enough for a relaxing TV session.

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  5. Hahahaha!! Brilliant, Dale. I’m in my own chaos at the moment so missed your water woes. I hope they get fixed quickly. I’ll be absent for about 3 weeks but I’ll check in when I can. :o) Loved the story.

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  6. Hopefully everything got fixed that needed fixing in your house. We had a couple of those events as well. No fun especially since we needed professional. This required lots of calling and waiting for people to show up. Love the story πŸ™‚

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  7. Oops! Wasnt dinner ready? πŸ˜€ I couldnt help thinking it was Stan who couldnt accept that he wouldnt be needing dinner ever again. Enjoyed reading this story – thanks Dale πŸ™‚

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  8. Hmm that must be the spell that recalls men from the pub. One moment they are there raising their glasses, and then poof, back at home in front of the dishwasher. Really dampens the spirits.

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  9. Hilarious, Dale! Made me laugh out loud. I also have a 1st generation ipad, I use it as a radio. I have a newer one, but seldom use it for writing except for comments sometimes when I have WiFi while travelling.

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  10. Mmmmm … so very odd, Dale. I commented on Thursday and don’t see my comment. I commented on Russell’s too and it didn’t show up there.
    Mmmmm … Your post just showed up on my email again. Is there a seance going on in my computer? : )
    Well … at this point I second everyones thoughts.
    Isadora 😎

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