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Ask For Directions – Friday Fictioneers

I am very happy to say I am typing this from a real computer, not an iPad, at my desk, surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes… Seriously.  How many books and bobbles do I have, already?

Instead of “doing the right thing” and emptying said boxes and placing the books I shall be keeping into the bookshelves, I find myself much happier writing my little memoir and sharing it with you, lovely readers.  A huge thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this party, coming up with fabulous stories herself (sometimes two!) each and every week.  As well, we cannot do a photo prompt without a photo, so, shout out to Kent Bonham for this week’s pic.

To participate, just click on the blue frog and you will be brought to the lineup of a bunch of fabulous writers, each one give us a different story.  Try it, you’ll like it!

©Ken Bonham

Genre:  Humourous Memoir

Word count:  Toujours 100

Ask For Directions


“The stupid signs for the 417 have disappeared!  Now, where do we go?”

“Hang on, lemme see…”

“Dammit!  I’m stopping to ask for directions again.”

“We have stopped three times already.  I cannot believe we get lost every single time we drive through Ottawa!  This is ridiculous!”


I watched Mick wipe his brow with the back of his hand.  It was minus 37ºC, the car window was open and he was sweating like a horse.


“You are ridiculous, you know that?  We could never participate in Amazing Race!  Every time we’d get lost, you’d freak out!”

“I know, Rog, I know.


Mick could not stand being lost.  I teased him mercilessly about it.  Once, I went on a “by-myself-weekend”.  When I came back, I told him:  “Know what I did while I was out in the Townships?  I took a road that I had no clue where I would end up!”   Needless to say, he responded with a “hardy-har-har…”

80 thoughts on “Ask For Directions – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sweet memories! Well, sort of… 🙂
    We’re dealing with one of those “spouse things” right now. I need a business name to download my book and Hubby wants to use it too. so he has to like it. I’ve suggested 25 over the past five days and, not liking mine, he’s suggested one.
    I’ll admit I have a small block of obsessive-compulsive cells lodged in my gray matter. So I’m “Let’s get with it; I want to submit my book!” and he’s “Just wait a bit. I need to think about this.”
    So why is it that opposites attract, then drive each other bonkers? Who made that rule? 🙂

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  2. A very universal story, Dale. My husband does the driving, which leaves me in the navigator’s seat. I have serious spatial problems. The sort of person who could get lost in the shower. There was one very memorable family trip to Canberra where we drove past the turn off to the hotel 3 times before we found it. The hotel didn’t help things by advertising that they were in Canberra when they were in NSW over the border.
    xx Rowena

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  3. Mike didn’t go to work for the US Postal Service, did he? That might explain some of our lost mail. Connie worries about getting lost on the highways. I just consider it a new adventure.

    BTW – that’s a very alluring photo of you on the Hollywood Squares page. We shall name that one “pillow talk.”

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    • Mick did not. And he almost never got lost because he researched the hell out of his directions. Like you, I am a go-with-the-flow and see where the road takes us type.

      And I’m surprised you’ve just noticed it now! Not the first time I’ve used Pillow Talk!


  4. I always hated going on vacation with my folks. Dad always wanted to go from Point A to Point B and Mom would rather see the sights, and stop along the way. However, the ONE exception to that was our California road trip in 1975 to see my aunt and uncle (Dad’s brother). It was REALLY long and REALLY cool! We still talk about it today. BUT —- we were traveling through the Mojave Desert and just barely got to the station and the car died. Attendant said, “Can you pull up to the pump just a little bit more?” Nope! 😀

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    • I think it’s a guy thing to want to go directly and a girl thing to want to take the scenic route…
      But that car thing… great timing!


  5. Oh, story was funny, too. Even funnier for me because we have a city in Kansas called Ottawa. It’s where I and my mom and dad went to college, 30 miles from where I live. To get lost in Ottawa, Kansas would be a REAL stitch since it only has a population of some 5,000!

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  6. Signs for roads disappearing? Friends came to stay many years ago and we went out for lunch on the Sunday… could we find the A 411? well eventually we found it…. going in the completely wrong direction. Then we lost it again….. we eventually had lunch.

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    • Seriously. And, of course, the signs disappear at either intersections or forks in the road to ensure you take the wrong one… 😉


    • We did joke about it. I told him because of his fear of getting lost, we could never participate. Oh he would have eaten, danced, jumped, dived, ridden anything… but get lost? Oh man…


  7. “Not all who wander are lost”. We’ve often filled the tank in the car and set out in no particular direction just to “see what we could see”. Now that we live in the foothills of Kentucky, Hubby starts to sing “the bear went over the mountain” every time I say “Roadtrip!”.

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  8. LOL … Amazing Race does try the nerves of the couples to the edge of almost the breaking point. This was a cute story, Dale. Men do have a difficult time asking for directions. I use Siri often now. She seems to know so much about where things are and how to get there. Perfect take on the prompt.
    Izzy 😎
    ps – thank yo for the birthday wishes. I had it on my timeline yesterday and it’s disappeared today. So thoughtful and sweet of you. Hugs 😍

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      • I’m not that good at navigating FB. There’s always something new to learn or popping up to confuse me. But yes I did get it. Gracias y Merci … perhaps, you don’t know but my mom’s dad was French. Thanks again. It seems to me your guy had a great deal of confidence if he didn’t mind asking for directions. Bravo ….!!!

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  9. You had a guy who asked directions? That’s a first, isn’t it? In my life it is, anyway. Most guys would rather drive around in circles for hours than ask anyone the direction. What about maps…didn’t Mick believe in them? Oh boy, how much he would have loved a SatNav!

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    • I know, right? Oh, once we had the GPS, all was good… but this was then. Maps were great but we were “only” going through Ottawa, what’s the big deal? Because we got lost a different way each time, we never found the perfect route! That is, until my aunt gave me that oh-so-simple direction. Sheesh…

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