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Time for Contemplation – Friday Fictioneers

Good afternoon, Fellow Friday Fictioneers!  Please allow me first to apologise for not reading each and each and every one of your stories, especially of those kind of you to leave me a comment on mine.  I do strive to at least do that!  It’s been a helluva week and I am running after my tail, so to speak, and feel like I’m accomplishing a whole lotta nuthin’ in the meantime!

I promise to try and do better this week, despite my late start!  (You know, that is why some of us strive to write on Wednesday.  It permits us to keep up.  Usually.)

This photo stumped me most of the day.  I was going to go one route but felt that was too predictive of me.  So I stepped away, cleared away the last of the boxes in my dining room (yes, finally!), did a few loads of laundry, blah blah blah. and then this came to me.  Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to Rochelle for herding us wild things each and every week and for supplying this week’s photo, to boot!   Click on her name for the rules and regs and, should you wish to add your two cents’ worth or read other fabulous stories (not that I’m assuming mine is fabulous….),  please click on the blue frog below!

Time for Contemplation

She let the warm water caress her skin, washing away all the stress, sorrow, sadness and angst.  There were so many things taking up space in her mind.  What was it about showers that did more than clean one’s body?

It was almost the best part of her day.  Alone.  Warm water.  Peace and quiet allowing her to contemplate.  Dream.  Cry.  Make to-do lists.  Plan vacations.  Pleasure.


Like a needle dragged violently across a vinyl record, her reality came screaching in with the slam of the door against the wall.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“I need a glass of juice!”

93 thoughts on “Time for Contemplation – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    How many times have all of us of the motherly persuasion been there. But then one day that little one is a grown man and..but I won’t go there. 😉 The needle scratching the vinyl record is such and apt description. As always, I loved your story. ❤



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Indeed… little kids, little problems… and we’ll just say ’nuff said! 😉

      So very glad you enjoyed, my fellow mother of boys!

      Lotsa love,



  2. Okay, here’s a second story you can write for this prompt. I’ve done all the hard work for you. You can fill in the details on your free time (ha!).

    A woman is home alone. She’s doing some heavy thinking while sitting on the crapper. The telephone rings. It’s in the other room. It could be an emergency, or a telemarketer. What to do?

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  3. Ha! Had the same problem myself only the other day – a shouted conversation through the bathroom door, over the sound of a running shower because my son couldn’t find something he needed right now! Wonderfully done, Dale

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  4. I’m glad you “stuck with it” and came up with this story. I have no children but can almost imagine because every kitty we’ve ever known loves me best! No alone time – ever. Still, they aren’t so demanding. Not like a child, that’s for sure. Thanks for the fun.

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  5. … and life continues. Reminds me of that one story i wrote, only it wasn’t the water that was hot! 😀 Good take on the prompt, Dale.
    BTW, what kind of juice did the kid want, anyway?
    Aww, never mind …


  6. Love this slice of life. It’s every Mom’s dream to have time alone. Love the line -” Like a needle dragged violently across a vinyl record.”

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    • Please, no worries. My time does not feel my own lately so I’ve not been the best reciprocator. And I hate that!


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