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Maybe I Can Find Jamie? – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morn, my faithful readers!  Today’s the first day of Friday Fictioneers, a gathering of writers from all over our planet, partaking in a weekly challenge of writing a story in 100 words or less (I NEVER go over or under…)  I had a little fun with this one and hope you enjoy!

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Maybe I Can Find Jamie?

“I cannot wait to visit Scotland, home of my paternal grandfather.  It’s really too bad we never got to meet him, don’t you think?  The Highlands… Scots… Kilts…”

“Oh for the love of haggis!  You are obsessed, aren’t you?”

“What?  Aren’t you curious about where your family came from?”

“Yes, I am, but you’re not.  You’ve been binging on Outlander and are now obsessed with Jamie Whats-his-name from the show.”

“Fraser.  Jamie Fraser”


“After we visit this old ruin, can we go search for the stones of Craigh na Dun, in Inverness?


“Pffft.  So you say….”



103 thoughts on “Maybe I Can Find Jamie? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. So, this is good fun, but, I have to confess, as a Scot, the image of Scotland that Outlander represents – kilts, haggis, whiskey, rugged men in the wilderness – can be quite grating. It’s just not really what life is like here, especially in the cities. On the other hand, the tourist industry thrives on perpetuating it. I found Outlander excruciating and gave up pretty early on – although I did work with Sam, who plays Jamie, when he was an up and coming actor ten years ago. He’s certainly made the most of his ability and a good career for himself! Wonder if he remembers me… probably not! 🙂

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    • Hey. Don’t blow it for us who, never mind Outlander, still dream of going there. My paternal grandfather really was from the Highlands…
      Besides, we are now in the 21st century, I think most of us realise it’s so not like that!!

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  2. Ha! love how much she adores the programme, that in her heart of hearts she wants it to be real! Her other half better watch out, especially if her finds tartan and a dirk in his stocking next Christmas … Lovely tale Dale

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  3. Real enough for me! 🙂 Fun dialogue, Dale. I like how these fictional shows and books can bring an extra touch of romantic magic to places that are already pretty dang romantic and magical to begin with.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Not at all familiar with this TV series so I had to look it up. I can see why she might want to find Jamie. Love the dialogue. Enjoyable story, but that doesn’t surprise me. You never disappoint. 😀 ❤



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    • Omigosh Rochelle!

      Where have you been? Seriously, I just discovered it. And fell in love. I will next read the books.
      That is huge praise coming from you! Thank you!
      Lotsa love,


  5. lol! I love this. I read some of the Outlander books (up to 5 or 6, I think) and saw the first season of the series. Neither are as good as actually visiting the Highlands of Scotland. 🙂

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  6. Dale: Watch out for the highland midgie, he’s a wee terror. As for the haggis, it is beautiful with neeps and tat ties: [just like your writing]

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  7. My daughter and sister-in-law are Outlander fans. I haven’t seen it. But I do have a smidgen of Scottish blood in me so i can relate on that level anyway. Nicely done 🙂

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    • Thank you, Susan. That Jamie fella is way too young for me but hey… I’m not dead so I can get all dreamy-eyed over him anyway! 🙂


    • Thanks Amie! So very glad you did… I live with guys so I’m kinda outnumbered here… but I do dish on him with all my gal-pals!


  8. I plead “Guilty”. Am presently under the spell of the same Scot, and can’t imagine for a moment why she wants to return to her husband! I’m halfway through the first series of Outlander, and am delighted to know that series two is available to watch straight after on Amazon Prime. Yay! Of course, I loved your story:-) And I have loads of Scottish blood in my veins, both Highland and Lowland, so no wonder I’m at war with myself sometimes!

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  9. I see we went the same way with this. I just returned last Sunday from a trip to Scotland, Wales and England. Went to the battleground. So interesting I bought the book Outlander. Half way through it now. So harsh a life! One of my greatest trips yet. Still….Kenya safari is still the most memorable.



  10. Never heard of Outlander. I only watch high-brow shows like ‘The Flash’, ‘Daredevil’, er, umm I mean shows based comic books I read as a child. However I’ve passed on the recommendation to my wife (and a link to the show).

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    • Ha ha Ha! Well I do know some men actually enjoy it (great fight scenes…)
      You just stick to your high brow entertainment…your wife now has something betfer to watch!


  11. Hah, great story, Dale. Don’t we all have these fantasies based on favourite fiction? I like everything about Scotland, but I hate Outlander. Didn’t watch the series but a friend tried to get me into the books and gave me the first volume. I barely finished it and didn’t really want to read more. Claire grates on my nerves so much…

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