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Tomorrow – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening (for those of you on Eastern Standard Time), my readers.  I was lucky enough to finish work early today so I can write my FF.  Of course, the price of finishing early was for me to be oh-so-generous and agree to go in tomorrow on my day off as they are short-staffed.  Again.  Sigh.   No matter, here I am now.  Thank you always to our leader, Rochelle, for hosting this party weekly.  Thank you Sarah for a great photo!

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Genre:  Fiction  – no really, it is!

Word Count:  Please.  Always 100


2015 New Year’s resolution was going to be a success.  She had everything she needed:  climalite technology tank tops, inner brief, sweat-wicking shorts, shock-absorber sports bras, top-notch running shoes and a one-year subscription to the gym.  Guaranteed success that she would be in great bikini form come summer.

First week was great, she went every other day.  Second week, same thing.

Went to a party and had a little too much fun so she called off her work-out.  I’ll go tomorrow.

2018, new resolution:  Clean out shed.  Well looky here!  So that’s where they were!

Uh-huh.  Obviously tomorrow never came back in 2015…

91 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Your story is too true to life. You’re not supposed to remind us of all those frazzled resolutions, the old jogging or cross-training shoes we all have stashed away — a mute testimony to our finally getting serious about fitness.
    For sure don’t start pulling out all the weights, ropes and flex bars hidden in closets and under dressers, or uncover that exercise bike now serving as an upright laundry hamper. Or adding up all the diet cookbooks we’ve donated to charity. 🙂

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  2. When I put my mini dumbells in the cupboard (just while my strained arm muscle healed) I found the balance ball and the skipping rope I’d put there earlier (while my pulled back muscle healed). I can soooo identify with this, Dale.

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  3. I do not wish to question your honesty, but I was wondering a little about this statement, “Genre: Fiction – no really, it is!” 😉 As all of those comments above mine have said, I think very true to life for a lot of people!

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  4. Oh! I use my Nordic Trac to dry my towels! (Ssshhh, don’t tell) Love where you took this.
    When I retired, I started going to the YMCA right here in our little ‘hood. Aerobics, weights, got me a personal trainer once, yoga. Now I actually teach aerobics twice a week. How the heck did that happen!!!!!

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    • Seems to be well made for such 😉
      I went for years to a gym. Then it was sold to a franchise, good trainers left, little “got my license over the weekend” ones came in and I left. Did karate for almost 4 years till I injured myself, signed up at a gym last Christmas. Went once.
      Methinks you have to like the exercise program to keep it up!


  5. You made me smile, too 🙂
    For me one of the funniest things, when out walking the dog, is seeing all those people running in their new spandex leggings, trainers, and hoodies for the first week (at the most) of the New Year. Then there’s Wimbledon fortnight in the UK, and for a short time after, when the tennis courts are in use from dawn to dusk.
    Years ago I had a week’s trial membership at a gym. I went once with my son. We played table tennis and had a swim. Everything else on offer seemed far too boring. For me walking is best, or doing a few relaxing Qi Gong exercises. I was a major skiver from sports lessons at school, so I haven’t changed!

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    • When I was good about going to the gym (many moons ago) you could always spot the “resolutioners”..
      I no longer take pleasure in going to a gym and now content myself with long fog.walks – which don’t happen when I work at the golf club – I already do an average of 20k steps! Zeke is not pleased…

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      • Oh no, you’re not another one of those step-gadget addicts 😉 I’ve just been reading about them in a book about people’s addiction to electronics. I bet Zeke is not pleased, especially if he doesn’t get decent sniffing time on your route march… only joking. I expect you both love those long walks.

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        • Oh hell no. I am not.
          And Zeke is not pleased when I work. Come November, I have a lot of making up to do! Might actually start more in October, job and weather permitting.

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          • I don’t think my dog would be at all pleased if I worked anywhere but from home! She hates it when I dare to go away for a few days. You should see her glare at my wheelie suitcase when I get it out! Dogs are very good at making one feel guilty, and I know she’s well looked after when I’m not there.

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          • They are smart, no doubt!
            Zeke is at the point that he no longer even greets me at the door. Rather sad. Jumps for joy when I just nod towards the door. Good times will return very soon.

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          • That’s so sad about Zeke. They are so sensitive dogs and such a responsibility. They are also very forgiving, thank goodness. How do you explain to them that you need to earn money to pay the bills and that they won’t get any dog food if you don’t work? D:

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