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Starting Over – Again **Friday Fictioneers**

Good Wednesday-Friday, my Peeps!  I thought I’d have to wait until tonight to write my FF but got cancelled from work because of lack of golfers.  Woot!  Ah, celebrations were short-lived.  They realised that by cancelling me for 11, they would be short for 4.  Oh well, at least it gave me a few extra hours to ruminate over this lovely picture supplied by Ted Strutz by our illustrious leader, Rochelle.  I confess I totally was inspired by a fellow blogger’s own post from last week.  So, thank you, Raye.  I hope you don’t mind!

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Genre:  Fiction inspired by real events

Word count:  Toujours 100

Starting Over – Again

It happened just about every three years.  She couldn’t explain it and didn’t bother trying.  The urge to pack up and move to a new place was strong.  It wasn’t for the money because basically she exchanged four quarters for a dollar.  It wasn’t because she couldn’t forge friendships with her neighbours.  All started with exchanges of food goodies and plants and moved to dinner parties.

Suddenly, the itch started and wouldn’t be ignored.  Again the procedure of selling the old and finding a new, usually, one town over.

This time was different.  The island would keep her longer.


113 thoughts on “Starting Over – Again **Friday Fictioneers**

  1. Dear Dale,

    I suspect the urge will strike her again in about three years. On the other hand, perhaps she’ll find that certain someone who’ll make her want to put down roots. 😉 Simple and well written, my dear.



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  2. Nope. Sorry — it’s in the blood. 🙂

    But I can tell she doesn’t have nine bookcases. Our son-in-law helped moved us four times and declared after this last move, “Never again!” (And we had only seven bookcases then. Speaking of which, there’s a book sale coming up Oct 17th we don’t want to miss. 😉 )

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  3. One of my mother’s friends did this. She always bought a fixer upper and flipped it. By the time she was done with all the fixing, she was ready for a move to a completely new place. Generally out of state.

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    • Interesting. I’ve moved 7 times in 50 years. And will again in the near future. Am actually looking forward to it


  4. Gotta scratch that itch, eh? We’ve moved 15 times in 22 yrs of marriage. We like to joke that we’ve moved more times than the average Methodist minister. I’ve got it down to a science and can have the house packed and ready to go out the door in 24 hours…or I used to be able to do 24, last time it was 36…just getting older, inherited stuff. We will be moving again come next fall, hopefully this time to a better place.

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  5. That last line makes it seem like she’s not quite satisfied with her own wanderlust and hopes it will change, so I hope she’s right, that the island will hold her spirit. But I doubt it: you paint a picture of someone who can’t stay put, despite all apparent happiness, and doesn’t know why. It’s hard for even the most wonderful island to overcome that.

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  6. Sounds a lot like me and my relationship with Korea. Stay for 2 years, then leave; come back, stay for 2.5 years, then leave; Stay for nearly 2 years, now thinking of leaving again.

    Well done on helping me figure out what to do.

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  7. Terribly lazy to think of moving altogether . To overcome monotony, little vacations work quite well for me .
    Having said that, I admire your protagonist’s zest and patience.
    Loved your story, Dale.

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  8. I guess that a move which involves crossing water is often much more pricey, so perhaps she will stay put. There are people who do have itchy feet, although can’t say that I have them, but that is probably because I’ve had to move by necessity too many times to want to move for the sake of it. The plus side of moving is that it’s a chance to clear out rubbish and start afresh on a practical basis.
    You have definitely painted a good picture, Dale, of someone who gets bored easily and needs constant novelty, rather than someone who wants to start afresh for a good reason.

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  9. You done did nail it.

    You don’t have to change addresses to change. You just have to be brave, I reckon. Sometimes even the biggest change happens by standing in one place and then change the direction you’ve been fixated on.

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    • Why thank you, kind sir. I shore is happy I done did!
      And I agree with you. No move necessary… but can be oh so fun


      • Yep. Pack a sack and set sail. Fun ahoy. Of course there will be those , “what da _____ was I thinking” moments along the way. if you have never experienced regret then you haven’t lived or so I’ve been told or tasted.

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