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The Right Choice – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening, my Peeps!  Was not at all sure where I would go with this one.  Then Rochelle said one word and that was it.  I knew exactly where I was going!  Thanks, Rochelle!  Not only does she host this weekly shindig, she unknowingly gives us a little noodge when we need it!

Come and play with us by adding your own version of a 100-word story to go with this lovely photo supplied by Sarah Ann Hall.  Click on the blue frog to add your link.  If you want to know the how-tos, just click on Rochelle‘s name.

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The Right Choice

They are spectacular, don’t you think?

Yes, I do… but don’t you think they are a tad umm too fancy?

Well, why not?  Doesn’t he deserve something fancy?  Something to show how much we love him?

Yes, he does deserve the best but truly, it does not represent him at all.  Think about it.

He’d laugh.  I can just hear him say:  ‘Look at them, getting all fancy-pants over me!’

Lord knows he had a sense of humour.  However, none of these will do.  THIS, however is perfect!

An old COKE BOTTLE?  You can’t be serious!

I most certainly am.


For those of you not in the know… a few years before my husband, Mick, passed away, he presented me with an old glass Coke bottle (he collected Coca Cola stuff) and told me he wanted it to be used for his urn one day.  We never expected it to happen that quickly but I did respect his wishes…

88 thoughts on “The Right Choice – Friday Fictioneers

    • Dear Rochelle,

      You woulda loved him. Everyone loved him. He was a character and a half. Seriously, who else would choose a wife crazy enough to grant his wishes?

      Thanks, my friend,


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  1. Wow! Both stories are touching: the fiction one in an amusing way and the personal anecdote brings a pang along with a smile.

    How are you doing with Nanowrimo? I had to drag myself tot he computer this morning — an out-of-the-blue urge to sew something wanted to nudge me in the wrong direction. 🙂

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  2. oh wow – sorry about your untimely loss – and this is beautiful – my spouse would want something like that – not a coke bottle but something fun like that 🙂 and how weird that he would do that – also great way to integrate the prompt (and you are early this week – whoa)

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  3. Ohhh Dale. How touching. How zany. How lovely. I am laughing and crying. Crying and laughing. You two must have had a whale of a time. Barrels and barrels full of laughs. thanks for writing your story and sharing another snippet of your life.

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  4. My first thought was a story set in an Istanbul bizarre. …. but I also suspected you would go the urn route … Woo hoo to me! …. but the link to Mick surprised me. Good one … and it seems I still recall that time for you.

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  5. What comes to mind, a couple Coke slogans from the past;’Life Tastes Good’ for one. And, ‘You Can’t Beat the Real Thing’. I think Andy Warhol would say to your husband, ‘man I should have thought of that’. The real thing was your husband is what I take from this.

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  6. Sweet memories brought to life about a man who was dearly loved. Tradition isn’t always the right way to fulfill the wishes of one who passes. The true meaning of loving someone is remembering the small things that brought a smile to his heart. You were truly blessed. Your memories of those wonderful things he did and loved will keep him close to your heart forevermore. Touching story, Dale. You know how to pull at the heartstrings and bring a gentle tear to ones eyes.
    Isadora 😎

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  7. I love your story and the picture of Mick with his Coke bottle. Your 100 word story and back story about your lovely Mick are the sort that make my heart swell with sadness and joy at the same kind. Many blessings on you.

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  8. I do think that doing something fancy for my funeral would be just for show, and certainly the less showy the better… I hope that my friends and relatives would have a good party for me… dancing on my coffin would be a good thing. Love your story and I think it actually tells the kind of passing most of us wants.

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    • That’s exactly it.
      Mick asked for wings and beer and sexy servers. I decided against the servers, however… 😉


  9. I love that! It’s so lovely that you respected his wishes, because you knew he would have loved it, that it would make him smile and it must make you smile a little every time you see it, see the real him represented in that bottle.
    An unconventional but touching story Dale

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