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Kondo vs McCartney – Friday Fictioneers

Good afternoon, my Peeps!  Hope all is well in your necks of the woods this fine, though dreary (in this part anyway) day.  You ‘Muricans prepared for your turkey and for the madness that is Black Friday?  I’ll just watch all a y’all from over here, if ya don’t mind.  We Canucks have already done the turkey-thing.  That shopping craze has crawled over our borders but I’ll skip it.  Unless I decide to partake of any supposed savings on-line, from the comfort of my office chair.  But then that would create more stuff.  Oh, what am I talking about?  Read on, my friends, read on…

But first, thanks to our fabulous leader Rochelle for herding us week after week and for this week’s photo!

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Kondo vs McCartney

Today is the day she puts Marie Kondo’s words to the test.  Jennifer McCartney’s way had gotten her nowhere.  Yes, McCartney’s book was a spoof of Kondo’s, she knew that.  It was hilarious.  Her house was NOT a total disaster of stuff.  Everything was important.  She needed her stuff.  Really.

Yes.  Hold lonely slipper – I’m sure the other one is in the house somewhere – thank it for its service, then decide… keep it?  Or chuck it?   But what if she found the other one?  Then what?

This was so stupid.  Time to call a professional de-clutterer.  She obviously needed one.


In all fairness, you may not have read the books I am referring to…

72 thoughts on “Kondo vs McCartney – Friday Fictioneers

  1. When I was a teen, my table used to be cluttered with my books, papers and what not! My mom used to bug me to clean and I used to consistently rebuff her saying only graves would be as clean as you expect. Now, after 20 years, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry whenever a vein pops in my forehead on seeing a cluttered shelf or table at home or office. Though I haven’t read, nay heard, of those two books I can safely say I’m well on my way reaching Kondo-land from McCartney-ville.

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  2. Ha! You made me smile wiith this Dale. I sympathise. We moved in the summer after 11 years in the same house – man, the crap was extraordinary! Take a deep breathe, keep your head down and plough on is my only advice. And take lts of coffee/wine/beer/chocolate breaks to keep up your energy 🙂

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I’ve read neither book. I think I might be beyond help now, with the photo of my closet, the world knows it. 😉 Long ago I read “Phyllis Diller’s Housekeeping Hints.” One of the most memorable hints went something like, ‘If your children write their names in the dust on the furniture don’t let them put the date.”
    As for myself re Black Friday. It’s a good day to write and read. Shop? No way! No how!
    Oh…now that I’ve made it all about me, I so related to your MC. Hold lonely slipper…LOL Love it.



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  4. Yes, I will be eating turkey tomorrow, thank you very much. Yes, I will avoid Black Friday and other shopping like a handful of plutonium, mainly because I hate crowds but also because I don’t celebrate Christmas (my wife is Jewish).

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      • Chanukkah (the spelling in English is a transliteration, so it is a little fluid) is a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar and I think only gets as much attention as it does because of the influence of Christmas socially. Gift giving isn’t really a big deal, since if they’re given at all, they are small. It’s more about the miracle of the lights as commemorated by lighting the menorah for eight nights. Plus the tradition is to eat lots of foods fried in oil. Yum.

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  5. I’ll have to checkout those books! We are professional clutterers — just not certified.:)
    DH is a book-keeper in so many ways. Recently he produced five years worth of personal financial records and piled them by the shredder. A giant step for mankind; a job for me when I’m tired of writing my novel. 🙂
    I’m a for-someday-projects fabric and scraps keeper, but at least I’ve learned to love e-books. 🙂

    In Ontario our neighbour had taught her DH early on not to leave his stuff about. Soon after they were married he left his tools and whatnot lying around after a project, so she bagged them all and took them to the dump. (I have to add, they didn’t have a happy-ever-after marriage.)

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    • The McCartney one is a hoot and a half (‘course, she is Canadian).
      We are professional clutterers – and certifiable, I should think!
      Tell me about it. I have scraps of material for my eventual quilt – I can’t even sew – that my slew of how-to books will tell me how… along with ribbon embroidery, other types of embroider (I do, actually, needlepoint), knit… I think you get the point!
      My late friend did something like that to her husband. She got tired of him not putting his dirty clothes in the hamper so she picked them up, folded them and put them back into his drawers… funny, they did start going into the hamper after that. They also did not end in the happily ever after…


  6. Lol. I kind of like her .🙂 Great story and relatable too. Professional de-clutterer sounds like a charming temporary option till stuffs pile up and scatter again, that is.
    Very well done, Dale.

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    • Thanks so much, Moon. Just think, the professional de-clutterer gives you your first sense of wow… if we could just train our personal bad habits…


    • I so need a professional purger! Actually, my new boyfriend is an excellent one. This house will be ready for sale come end of February for sure!


  7. Messing up the place takes skill, time and patience. Only solution is not those how to books, but a de-clutter whisperer. Straightforward and enjoyable to read, Dale. Who needs clever prose, cleverly disguised?! 😇 Loved your intro, too, as much as your story.

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  8. This was fun! (but I’m not the one who has to de-clutter). I married a man who is a total “Mr. O-C” (that’s what I call him). Obsessive compulsive about keeping a clean, clutter-free house. So everything is in its place here. And I must admit, it’s comforting. GOOD LUCK!

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  9. Once you’ve thrown everything out, you then have an excuse to buy them all back again. It is important to know some hoarders, they are the ones who always have a spare part that is not manufactured anymore. It’s probably cataloged and kept in a safe location too.

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  10. My desk at work was always a mess. Now that I’m home everyday, my clutter fits right in with Connie’s. Those sound like very entertaining reads. Another good one in this vein is; HOUSEBROKEN, Admissions of an Untidy Life, by Laurie Notaro.

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    • I’ll have to check it out…
      You are a match made in clutter heaven… my.new guy is a neat freak… methinks as a result. My house will be ready for sale on time!


  11. I haven’t read those 2 books but I imagine they’re a barrel of fun.
    I may have to gift them to my hubby. He thinks all floors are closets.
    I hate to admit it for fear of hate mail but I’m a bit of a tidy person. Ask hubby and he’ll say, “She’s a neat freak.” I’ve gotten better or worse. I can sometimes not hang up my clothes. YIKES … I’ve said it. Perhaps, I should go to OCD rehab. LOLOL
    I enjoyed your interpretation of the photo prompt especially the part about the professional de-clutterer. Your new beau will have the professionals skills …. it’s called ‘No sentimental attachment’ … therefore, gone. Have Happy Week … !!!
    Issy 😎


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