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When His Heart Stopped – Friday Fictioneers

Well now.  This is a rarity.  —Not my waking up at stupid o’clock and not being able to go back to sleep.—  But to surely find myself on the first row of the “Hollywood Squares” as our buddy Russell calls them…  As always, thank you to Rochelle for hosting this crazy bunch!

I’m sorry to do this to you.  I had to “go there”.   I won’t bother pretending this piece is not wholly true so I’ve kept all names real.  I cannot believe my life changed so drastically three years ago this coming December 11th.  And when I saw my own picture as the prompt, I just dunno what happened.

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Genre:  True Story

When His Heart Stopped

The phone rang.  “Ya, Dale, it’s Armen.  Mick collapsed.  He’s at Santa Cabrini Hospital.”

“What do you mean he collapsed?”  Fear gripped her heart, sending shards of ice throughout her veins.

“I dunno.  They called me.  They are checking him now.  Tony’s with him and they have questions for you.  I’m on my way and will meet you there.”

She Googled the address, dressed and left, thankful both boys were at school.

Tony met her at the entrance and guided her to the registration.  “He had a heart attack at our shop.”

Her own heart sank, somehow she just knew.


120 thoughts on “When His Heart Stopped – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    My own heart stopped with this one. Beautifully and succinctly told. Sending hugs and all the comfort I can as a friend at this distance. Love you, my friend.



  2. Such a crushing story, of a horrible event I’m sure terrifies everyone. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this, and am so impressed with how well you’ve dealt with it. Sending virtual hugs.

  3. Dale. A few weeks back I read something else about Mick which was just so brilliant as is this. I guess the word is catharsis. This time of year must be so hard for you, yet you always seem to have this upbeat attitude and brilliant smile. Hugs.

    • Thank you so much, Sascha! Yes, I feel that he is often my muse which also helps to deal with life. I have to admit quite a few of my FF were inspired by him. And most of them funny 😉
      Hugs accepted and returned!

  4. Heartbreaking even now, Dale. Mick’s death and your journey onward after Dec. 11 are bound up in each other. Your story has courage, love, humor, steadfastness, openness to change and the stuff of grief and loss that is part of all us humans. Thanks for writing this. ❤

  5. Our neighbor, Nancy, lost her husband one year ago in November (the day after my birthday) to a sudden heart attack. We went to the emergency room with her. It was devastating for all of us. I’m not sure the pain ever ends. We do everything we can to be there for her, but some roads have to be walked alone.

    Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. I’m sure it will help someone else going through a similar path of grief.

  6. When we care and remember with love, we know that we knew someone special. As I look back over the years I remember so many special people, so pleased that helped me to recalled that. Mike

  7. Oh Dale, This is such a sad story but everyone that has a loss goes through each holiday. I’m sad that my twin sister, Ann died last February – Doesn’t seem possible. Merry Christmas Dale! Nan

    • Thank you, Nan. Indeed we will continue going through the holidays, each one less painful. So very sad you lost your twin.
      I wish you a very Merry Christmas too (though we should be meeting weekly a few more times till then!)

  8. Dearest Dale,
    Big tight hugs. You are a brave woman.
    Sending you loads of festive cheer and happiness in years to come.
    He sure is watching over you.

  9. You couldn’t have written it in a lovelier way, Dale. We can feel so helpless. I was expecting what might happen to my husband, aged 86 when his caregiver took him to the hospital in February but was hoping things would go well. I’m handicapped so didn’t go. It was still a shock to hear from his doctor the third day on the phone, “Dr. Joshi is no more.” He was due home the next day. ❤ — Suzanne

    • I am so sorry, Suzanne ~ that you couldn’t be with him when he passed ~ and that you lost him. We do feel so helpless in these situations.
      I wish you much peace and joy during this holiday time, knowing it Will be missing a piece. 💖 Dale xoxo

  10. Oh Dale! Firstly, I had no idea this was your pic! I’m so sorry for your loss and empathise with your story. It always feels like yesterday. Mine’s Jan 17th. Bless your heart❤

      • oh so sorry – and when I left my comment it was “stupid o’clock” cos I took a long ol’ nap and was wide awake….
        hope your congestion clears
        and you might know this – but do some salt sinus rinse
        — and any mint essential oil in a light carrier oil at the base of the nose and under the tongue – simply amazing and better than cough drops etc

        • I am an avid sinus rinse user when I get a cold but actually forgot to last night. Thanks for the reminder! I even think I have some mint essential oil… though I’m not sure! Thanks! xo

  11. Dale, I hadn’t gotten to read this last week.
    Oddly enough. Tragedy struck my family this same day, this year…
    We are still fighting, but I sincerely have little hope. Charms all over his room but I fear even the Kami, cannot help this time.
    I am so sorry for your loss ♡ I hope time heals you well enough for December’s to be less dreary, and more cheery!
    Much love and light!

    • Oh I am so very sorry, Sin. I am sending you positive vibes no matter the end result. Sometimes we just have to let go.
      Thank you for your kind words and, as you get to know me, you will see I am way more cheery than dreary by nature!
      Lotsa love, Dale

  12. Dale, in your words, I felt the dread and heartache, all of the questions and fears of that moment. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for your beautiful photo prompt!

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