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Astronomer in Waiting – Friday Fictioneers

Good Thursday evening (here anyway!) my peeps!  Today’s FF is brought to you by Ted Strutz‘ fabulous photo, as chosen by our stellar leader, Rochelle.

Took me a while to come up with something.  Sheesh!  Think you have a great idea to go with this most interesting photo?  Then do come and join our rowdy bunch.  Just click on the Blue Frog to add your 100-story link.  Or, at the very least, check out other stories.  They are varied and imaginative, of that you can be sure!

Till then, as this is the last Friday Fictioneer of the Year, please allow me to wish each and every one of you a most wonderful and Happy New Year!  Here’s to 2018!

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Astronomer in Waiting

She walked into the backyard and did a double-take.

“What the…..?”

“It’s a solar system from another galaxy.  You like?”

“Wow.  It’s definitely out of this world, that’s for sure.  And.  Um.  Why?”


“I’ve entered a ‘Young Astronomers Of Tomorrow Contest’.  What do you think?”

“It is amazing.  Where did you get all the parts and do they move?”

“Uncle John told me I could have whatever I wanted from his garage and voilà!  And yes it does, watch this!”

Kellie pressed a button and all began to twist and turn.

Mom’s jaw dropped.  “You will go far in life.”

76 thoughts on “Astronomer in Waiting – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Very realistic dialogue. She will go far. Nice to see the kiddies exercising imagination — and she’s using stuff Uncle’s given her.

    A friend tells me how, one day she and her younger brother wanted to try out the grinder where grandpa sharpened his axes. It looked so intriguing, watching him spinning that wheel.
    But they didn’t know what to try sharpening. They rummaged around the house and came upon grandma’s cutlery chest — and took her silver spoons. They’d “sharpened” all but one before grandpa caught them at it. 🙂

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  2. Such a talented child. Kellie will definitely go far with a pat on his back from his mother.
    Lovely story, Dale.
    Wishing you a Happy and Wonderful 2018 too.

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  3. “help yourself to whatever you want in my garage.” – What a dangerous thing to tell a boy. Uncle John is lucky to still have a car that runs. I have to admit, the kid has a great imagination, and obviously some drive.

    BTW- who’s the cute Cannuck in your Hollywood Squares panel? I hadn’t seen that photo before.

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    • Thanks. Had me scratching my head, I can tell you! I got the inspiration from my beau who immediately said: Solar System. Alrighty then, I’ll go with that! ha ha!


  4. Oh! I love that it was a DAUGHTER and not a son who made this beautiful project. I believe girls are just now beginning to be invited into the world of science ~ or accepting the fact they can work things out as well as any boy, probably better . Baby steps. Happy 2018!

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  5. such a nice take on the prompt – I almost expected that the creator took items that they were not supposed to take – make expensive items that were viewed as available – but that was not the case and it was a nice read

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