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50 Happy Things 2018

50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude

Somehow I seemed to have missed participating in this wonderful project last year.  Couldn’t understand why so I went to look at my past posts and realised that I participated two years ago without officially joining in.  Well this time, I am.  Thanks Dawn Quyle Landau for officially inviting me to play with you!  I think it is important to focus on what makes us happy and what fills our hearts with gratitude.  Happy is so much easier to attain when one actually focuses on it rather than on the negative and sad.

This is a 15-minute-timer exercise so the point is to simply start the timer and type without over-thinking it.  So, in no particular order and some seemingly simplistic things, here are the – would you look at that? – 60 things that make me happy and fill me with gratitude.

  1. My boys
  2. François
  3. Winter
  4. Warm clothes
  5. Zeke
  6. My sisters
  7. My family
  8. The closeness of my family
  9. Friends
  10. Having friends over and being received by them in return
  11. Holidays as an excuse to just have fun
  12. Cooking and Baking
  13. Boucherville, my home town
  14. Photography
  15. Writing
  16. Friday Fictioneers
  17. Walking Zeke, no matter the weather
  18. The golf club where I work – otherwise wouldn’t have met François!
  19. My co-workers
  20. My friend – François L. who offered me my job though I have zero experience
  21. Good neighbours
  22. My home
  23. My strength, not just physical but mental
  24. My resilience – seems to be everyone’s favourite word for me so I might as well embrace it
  25. My ability to see the bright side of any situation
  26. My ability to do what needs to be done
  27. My cooking skills
  28. Blogging Buddies
  29. Rochelle – our almost daily FB chats, occasional Skype sessions and her trusting me with her words
  30. My car – it permits me to go where I want
  31. Spring – new beginnings along with the stench 😉
  32. Music – all kinds
  33. Reading – so many genres
  34. My bed – so comfy!
  35. The possibilities awaiting me in the future
  36. Jean-Louis, for inviting me to keep him company in Punta Cana, no strings attached
  37. Facebook, for helping me keep in touch with far-away friends and family
  38. Cook in Tuscany experience, for making my dream come true and giving me new friends
  39. Being able to welcome far away friends to my home
  40. When my boys do what I ask after only one request!
  41. Warm clothes so I can enjoy our frigid winters
  42. Concerts – classical, rock, folk – I love ’em all
  43. Introducing François to English Canadian music
  44. Having a handy-man boyfriend who will help me fix this house to sell it
  45. My ability to easily adapt to various situations
  46. My bathtub for two – a luxury I must enjoy while I am still in this house!
  47. My gas stove/oven, which allows me to create my concoctions
  48. Mick’s organisational skills, which help me find and fix (or get fixed) things that need fixing, even though he’s been gone for 3 years
  49. My office space which allows me to comfortably create with words
  50. Even when Zeke doesn’t get to go on a long walk with me, he is still happy to see me.
  51. When my boys let me know they do care
  52. Autumn, for its crisp air and colours
  53. Snow in the winter, which keeps my world a bit brighter
  54. My sense of humour
  55. Delicious food at a wonderful restaurant with great company
  56. Netflix – for when there is really nothing on TV!
  57. Having my mother closer to us after years of being 2 hours away
  58. Employment insurance, which allows me to stay home until golf season starts up again
  59. François’ kids and mother, who accepted me on first contact
  60. The ability to feel love and gratitude

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46 thoughts on “50 Happy Things 2018

  1. Dear Dale,

    Reading your list I realize I didn’t include my one and only brother. Gasp! #29 made me grin. Wonderful list. So much fun to share. I am grateful for your friendship and our almost daily chats, too.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am sure I’m going to slap my forehead with some – like my wonderful nieces and nephews….
      Ah yes #29 is an important one…

      Lotsa Love,


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  2. What a great list. I need to do this too. I’ve come out of the past year thinking there was little to be happy or thankful for but I need to examine things to know that I’m wrong. I’m going to make this list so it keeps me focused on the good things out there and in me. Happy new year!

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  4. Dale, I’m so glad you made it official! I love your positivity and bright smile, and it comes through in all of the wonderful friends and loved ones on your list. There are so many happy moments here–– which, have certainly earned! It’s a joy to see you sparkle, and I’m so grateful you shared with the rest of us! Thanks for joining in for the 4th annual #BloggerUnite for #50HappyThings; I’m grateful and happy! All the best in 2018!

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  5. So much friends and family filling your lovely list. Happy New Year! (My favorite might be “When my boys do what I ask after only one request.” It gives me hope my kiddos might grow that helpful!)

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      • Yes.

        I will at times perform a thirty second write exercise. The results are often surprising. Kinda like a gesture drawing but with thoughts instead of a pencil. Pencils, are those things with lead, wrapped in wood with a pointy end. People once used them to write and draw on paper.

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