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Follow Your Path – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening (for those of you in my general neck of the woods)!  You know when you get an idea?  Well, take my advice.  Find a way to note it.  Record it on your phone.  Type it in a memo.  DO something.  Because if you don’t?  You end up like me and completely lose it.  Gone.  No matter how I tried to get it back.  Nada.  Zip.  Nyet.  Sigh.  Ah well; c’est la vie!

Thank you always to Rochelle for hosting our weekly brain squeeze.  And thanks to Sarah Potter for posting Victor’s picture on Facebook for Rochelle to steal.  Well.  Steal with the proper copyright, of course 😉

Should you wish to play along, click on Rochelle’s name above for the rules and regs.  Should you simply want to read other stories inspired by Sarah and Victor’s wonderful photo, just click on the blue frog!

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Genre:  Fiction

Word Count:  Please

Follow Your Path

Every so often, she felt she was stuck in the same general spot, going round and round in circles, trapped in her own sticky existence, not advancing.

The truth was, she was well on her way.  The problem was, in-coming and out-going trails suddenly popped up, demanding to be followed.  Detours which gave her the impression of losing sight of her path.

“Recreate life’s strings to weave your own path.”
Diana Matoso

Okay.  Maybe her path wasn’t particularly neat and organised; but it definitely was hers!  There was no fixed how.

Life was messy.

And interesting.

And challenging.

And fabulous!


125 thoughts on “Follow Your Path – Friday Fictioneers

  1. This was so beautiful, Dale! And you know, personally I’m at this stage of life right now where I’m still trying to figure out the way forward. This piece seemed to have been written for me! Thanks so much for writing this. 🙂

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  2. Oh, I have been there! I love the line about “trapped in her own sticky existence” – great use of the spider web as an analogy for all those things that keep us where we are instead of moving forward.

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  3. I absolutely love the message of your story! When you’re being the person you were born to be, life is fabulous! And I agree with Neil – using a quote in the middle of your story was daring, and worked very well. Thank you for this story, Dale.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Steal? Moi? Creative borrowing. 😉

    I love where you went with this even if it wasn’t your original path. I understand organized chaos. This story is so you…bubbling with life and expression.

    If you haven’t seen this documentary, you simply must!



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  5. Truth be told, I have MAJOR arachnophobia! But I really enjoyed the moral to this story… keep on mapping out your path, life is full of great rewards! 🙂

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    • Why am I not surprised? You would die to know the takers of this picture leave Madame Spider there while they eat their supper 😁

      So very glad you enjoyed this and yes, we must each map our our own path 😘


  6. I love it, Dale. I’ve always been of the opinion that out of chaos comes creativity, while out of total order comes stagnation (well, that’s my excuse anyway!). Wishing you all the best with your organised chaos, which allows room for creativity (and love) with just about enough order to keep you grounded 😉

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  7. This is a great take on the prompt, unique and well done! I see it touches a chord with most readers and you’re getting lots of well deserved compliments on it. Keep spinning those tales. 🙂

    I’m en train de preparer SMS for a print version, hoping to upload the file today. I’ve a box of tissues at hand, prepared to sob. I’ve done so much fine tuning of pages — what are the chances it’ll actually appear in the preview unscrambled?

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    • Why thank you, Christine!

      Why will you sob? It is a lovely book (finished it last night). It must be stressful to want to make sure it gets done right! I’m hoping to one day have that same stress… 🙂


      • Thank you for reading it; glad you like it. As for the sobs: a book of poems and sort stories means setting each one up on the page —kind of mega widow-and-orphan protection. So I’ve set up the pages and the margins, placed each item so it doesn’t spill three or four lines over on the next page, etc. Then installed all the graphics to fit on the pages. It has to appear exactly as I’ve set it up or I’ll…um…well…have to rework many pages. 😉

        I’m working in .doc instead of .docx. The new version of Word-Perfect instead of Word. Lots of possibility for commands to not come through as programmed. If this uploads as it should and appears as I want it right off the bat, you may hear my sigh of relief over there in QC. (At least by e-mail) 🙂

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        • I know what you mean. It was annoying to have titles alone on the bottom of the page with the story on the next. And that was in kindle mode! I would hate for it to be so in paper form so now, I feel for you. Best of luck with that!


  8. I liked your intro about writing “note to self” There’s no telling how many “brilliant” ideas I’ve lost by not writing them down.

    The story was great too. Life’s path is filled with distractions & detours.

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    • Thank you, Lori! Much appreciated. Yes, I wish you did too. And I seem to have lost my spare time to actually read most of the blogs I follow. I think I shall take one day and play catch-up!


      • Time. Sigh. So many great bloggers and so little time to spend with them. I need staff – a housekeeper, a cook, a ‘go-for’, a valet, a laundress and a cat sitter. Also, another writer to help me with my parents’ book because Geez! it’s a lot of work. Oh! And a billionaire so I don’t have to worry about money anymore. Actually, I should just win a lottery because I think Billionaires are kind of ‘needy’ and I don’t need anymore of THAT. :o)

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        • Now you’re talkin’… I need the very same staff… Hmmm… how oculd that be? Oh yeah.. ‘Coz I LOATHE doing housework, and dishwashing. I’ll keep cooking, because I love that… but all the rest… yeah. buh-bye. No, No billlionaire. They are way too needy. Have you bought your lottery ticket yet? I’m going, as we speak…


  9. I love the positivity echoing through your post. I really liked ‘may be her path wasn’t particularly neat or organised but it definitely was hers’ . Truly inspiring . Thanks for relating her story.

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  10. I love your advice. That’s me to a tee. If I don’t write “it” down with a pen or type it or something, most of the time it evaporates like a vapor. I try to get it back, but my processor doesn’t store as much as it used to (hehe). Your story is delightful as well! =)

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  11. I was through, I think, your neck of the woods recently. Twice actually; going and coming back. Wintry. But I kept all four wheels on that trail. And as for fleeting thoughts, still waiting for some twenty year old university kid to develop the Thought Recorder. to capture the string of thoughts as they flood my cranium. Till then it is jigsaw puzzle with a pant load of missing pieces.

    But the string theory your talking about – the visible and invisible traces, the fracturing, forking of the journey of the self -the web we weave. Well isn’t just the fluidity of being. Scary to some, exciting to others. Some can turn it off, others cannot.

    All the best in to 2018, wherever you wander.

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    • What? And you didn’t let me know! Shame…
      It is indeed wintry. Though for the past two days has been raining so is now slushy, icy, messy… then again, all should look “clean” again by tomorrow with the dumping of snow expected. Sigh.

      When you meet that uni kid, please let me know!

      I prefer to leave my on… I like exciting and scary – that’s what makes us grow.

      To you as well, dear Calvin, a fabulous 2018!


      • LOL, and I seldom type that. I did stay one night in Drummondville. Refuge for the weary traveler. A friendly province, is yours.

        Four hours ago it was plus 14C, now it is -3 and snowing gargantuan snowflakes. Seems our mental wanderings is akin to Mother Natures own restlessness.

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        • 😊
          I have a friend in Drummondville (a mere 70 minutes from my place). Glad you find it so

          Same here… it was plus 14, is now plus 11, calling for 1 tonight and the. Boom! -11 tomorrow. Mother Nature is going through menopause…


  12. Yes, ideas can quickly be fleeting. I keep pad and pen nearby for when my inspirations enter my mind. Unfortunately, they aren’t near me when I need them. Sooo … they lay on a table here and there with very little use. Ahhh … the scrambled mind of creative artists. There’s been many a night I arose from my bed to go and make a piece of jewelry that had popped into my mind.
    BE FREE … you have an artistic creative mind. This story showcases that big time. Super take ont he prompt photo. You never disappoint, Dale. Happy Week …
    Isadora 😎

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    • If I’m walking, I’ll use my phone to record; of course when ideas come when you are driving, that is a no-no so…
      Wow! Thank you so much Isadora. I’m extremely touched….
      Abrazos a tu!


  13. So inspirational! I especially love this part: “Maybe her path wasn’t particularly neat and organised; but it definitely was hers!” Wonderful interpretation of the photo.

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