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A Disney Birthday – Friday Fictioneers

Good Hump Day, my fabulous readers…. or to us in this wacky group, Happy Friday Fictioneer Day!  Our wonderful Rochelle keeps on keepin’ us on and we’re all the more grateful for it. This week, she chose J. Hardy Carroll‘s picture.  Love the vintage feel of it.  If you want to add your 100-word story, please do so, by clicking on the blue frog and adding your link.  It is a lot of fun, a great exercise in cutting out the unnecessary and teaches you how to get to the point!

A  Disney Birthday

“Disney!  Woo hoo!  We are going to Disney!  For my birthday!  This is gonna be the BEST one ever!”

His excitement could not be contained.

“Did you know they give you six fast passes for the best rides for any time you want to use them?”

He was positively fit to be tied.

“And then you get special name tags and you get a free picture and I wonder if they even feed the birthday boy?”

She could not help but smile at his enthusiasm.

“Yes, Dear.  You told me, many times.  You don’t turn 46 every year now, do you?”


Yes, the biggest kid was the most enthusiastic!

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  1. Disney is the place where you can be a kid again. No one cares how silly you act or whether you are jumping with enthusiasm at every turn. It’s what I love about going there. We’re a short 2 hour drive from Disney World. I always wear my Minnie ears. Who doesn’t want to be silly and have it be okay?!! Fun story filled with a lot of laughter and fun for the birthday boy. I smiled a lot with this one, Dale. Happy Monday !!!
    Isadora 😎

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