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Back Then – What Pegman Saw

Good Saturday, my peeps!  I have been reading Rochelle‘s Pegman stories for a while now, wondering if I should play or not.  Today I decided to play!  Of course, when I told Karen I was considering it, she encouraged me to do so.  So I did. 😉 


This week Pegman takes us to Haiti’s neighbor, the Dominican Republic, in the central Caribbean. Feel free to use the crazy capture Karen posted, or find your own photo sphere anywhere within the country’s borders.

Your assignment is to produce 150 words (or less) inspired by this week’s location. Will it be fiction? Essay? Poetry? The only limit is your imagination. After you’ve polished your piece, you can share it with other participants at the link up:

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Word count:  150

Back Then

“Holy moly this place has changed!  Do you remember what it looked like back in 1985?  I can’t believe it was 32 years ago.  Doesn’t age us at all, does it?” she laughed.

“Yeah, it’s crazy.  Back then there were wide open spaces and what, three hotels and one under construction?”

“Something like that.  Let’s see, ours, the Dorado Naco; Villas Dorado; Jack Tar.  Holiday Inn?  Was that one there?  And I think it was the Eurotel that was under construction.”

“Oooh… so a big five on this long stretch.”

“Now look.  It’s wall-to-wall hotels and everyone is packed like sardines on the beach.  I can’t even find a lounge chair or parasol or even a spot to lie my towel down!  This blows.  Why do things have to change so much?”

“I feel your pain, Dee.  I miss the peaceful wide-open spaces.”

“And I miss my bikini-body from back then, Dan!”

56 thoughts on “Back Then – What Pegman Saw

    • Thank you, Karen! I think any of us who have traveled, even occasionally, can relate.
      And so would I! I almost added MY picture of Puerto Plata… 😉


  1. It’s always a shame when pristine and beautiful places change so much. It would be better if, when a place is perfect and unbroken, people should stop trying to fix it. Great story!

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    • There is that. But, as you know, once a place is discovered, it becomes popular and over-visited… WE just have to keep trying to find the “undiscovered” or “barely-known” ones!!

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I wondered if this one might not lure you into the Pegman Pool. 😉 Glad to see you here. Bikini body? I don’t think I ever had one? If it will attract tourists, there will be hotels ¿No? Good one. Always love your free and easy style.



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  3. Seldom, does paradise remain sane, er the same. But then again, who can resist pining for those places where they pour leopard skins from bottles. And the sun rejuvenates mind, body and soul.

    I hear the Arctic is beautiful this time of year.

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      • Sure. Ya know it is like, I don’t know, like minus a hundred degrees Celsius up there, and that is in balmy Whitehorse. Now where did I put d’em Mukluks. I have never been, have you? It isn’t on my bucket list not that I have one. Perhaps it is better to fly to the DR, hit the beach, close your eyes and listen to Buffy sing God is Alive Magic is Afoot through earbuds whilst sipping a rum beverage under a palm tree. Why risk frost bite, Eh!

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        • Ya know, Calvin, you have point… To hell with freezing our arses off! To the beach we go with sand in our toes, sun on our skin and something mixed with rum in a glass! The DR or anywhere in the Caribbean still standing (sadly, that is an issue…)


          • True,and thank you for the reminder, they did take a hit Especially the leeward islands, then westward -we all know the northern path and who felt the brunt after the leewards. -Hispaniola and Cuba. I have been watching to some degree how things are going. Hopefully, if this is a trend with super storms they miss the hammer next season. Tough for us whom have visited these islands to watch, harder for those living through it.

            Aside from that I heard yesterday, sadly, Jamaica was put into a state of emergency due to a crime spike in the St. James Parish portion of the island. I have great respect for Jamaicans.

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          • Boy did they ever. I have cruised those islands many times. I adore Sint Maartin and St. Thomas (we buy our jewellery there) and was so sad to hear of the damage there. I cannot imagine what the locals are going through.

            That is awful. An island I have yet to visit… My neighbour has gone three years in a row to Jamaica. I wonder if he heard about it…


          • Sint Maarten I have vacationed on in the past and avoided do. A friend of mine, who stays there for a couple months of the year (though not this year, as there is no place to stay) hears weekly from local friends. In a nutshell, rebuilding will take time and nerves become frayed. I assume the Dutch side will rebuild faster, but that is just an assumption.

            Have a good week.

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          • Was the Dutch side hit worse? I admit to not having checked it out. No doubt time is needed. Are you assuming the French have their priorities elsewhere?

            Have a good one, as well!


  4. Wonderful story, Dale. It reminds me of a trip my second husband and I took to the Dominican Republic in the mid 90’s. It was a “before” sort of vacation. Electricity and hot water were infrequent luxuries. At least I could still wear a two piece bathing suit. It was before the time of ubiquitous bikinis.

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    • I feel ya, Ina…when I went it was an “after” – we had broken up but had received a huge discount on our next trip because of the one before had problems. It was a sorta friends for a week thing…


  5. Haha – I loved this, Dale, it made me laugh so much. The innocence, the naturalness, the longing, the sense of belonging. So so so glad you could join us over on WPS. Look forward to reading more of your extended ditties. Enjoyed your intro too, but then I always do.😉

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    • So very glad you did, Kelvin. And thank you for the warm welcome… Took me a while to finally decide to play with you guys in this group 😊
      And shucks… Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my silly (usually) intros! ☺️


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