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One Step at a Time – What Pegman Saw

Good Saturday, my peeps!  My second foray into the world of Pegman.  Woot!  I am on a roll! 🙂

This week Pegman visits Bristol in the southwest of England.   This week’s location was suggested by the talented and inspiring Kelvin M. Knight, blogger and flash fiction ninja. If you haven’t already, wander over and check out his blog. And thanks to Karen Rawson for hosting this fun challenge.

Your mission is to write a 150-word story, poem, or essay inspired by this week’s location. You’ll find both photo spheres and streetview to inspire you. Once your piece is polished, please share it with other Pegman contributors using the link up below.

One Step at a Time

From her fourth-story balcony, Melanie watched the activity below.  The bar/restaurant/hostel was really picking up business and she was so happy for the owners.  They worked so hard to get this thing going.  That mural sure made the courtyard look lovely and definitely benefited her as well.  Music spilled from the doors of the club in the evenings and rather than bother her, kept her good company, prompting uninhibited dancing around the living room to the beats pulsing up and through the open windows.

She loved the quirkiness of the added mushroom and caterpillar bench – very Alice in Wonderland.  Apparently, the rooms inside the hostel were decorated in different styles.  How cool would that be to experience?  Thanks to Google, she could do so virtually.  Still, would be nicer to see it live rather than through the computer.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow would be the day she stepped all the way outside.


This cool looking joint can be Googled here!

72 thoughts on “One Step at a Time – What Pegman Saw

  1. Agoraphobia is horrid. Don’t imagine it’s just ‘feeling frightened’ at being outdoors. Trying to venture out of your secure place brings on all sorts of unpleasant physical symptoms – nausea, faintness, hyper-ventilating, in addition to a debilitating level of fear.
    Some medics believe it’s more or less incurable. Luckily for Melanie, it’s not, and there is a hypnotherapist with an excellent track record of curing the condition in Bristol (now there’s a coincidence! But I’m not making it up – the man really does practise there).
    I liked your story, Dale. Two paragraphs of excellent description and one really punchy line that suddenly reveals the point of the story. Good one!

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    • Thank you, Penny.
      And, I do not take agoraphobia lightly. I can’t imagine it at all, however but do realise it is a serious and debilitating fear.


      • Dear Dale
        I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to imply that you took agoraphobia lightly. It’s just that having seen it close up, and the coincidence of the therapist being in Bristol, sent me off on a bit of a rant!
        With very best wishes

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        • Dearest Penny,
          No apologies necessary! Kinda serendipitous that I chose this disorder and sais therapist is in Bristol, though. Don’t you think?
          Dale xo


  2. Dear Dale

    Touching story. It’s easier than ever be recluse than ever…traveling to worlds unknown via the internet. It as its advantages and disadvantages doesn’t it? Happy to see your well written foray into another challenge. Your writing expands and improves all the time.

    Shalom from your friend with the seeing eye computer


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So much for responding in a few days! 😉

      Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and praise!

      And yes, it is ever more easy to never need to step out into the world. I would say it is a double-edged sword….

      Rest that eye!

      Lotsa love,



  3. This reminds me of Taj Mahal if you spin it fast enough. No not the white mausoleum in India, no,specifically the lyrics of blues singer Taj Mahal’s song ‘Take A Giant Step’. And it is true what you written here. One must close the lid on the lap top, that crazy new dream machine, let oneself fall on the idea, then step in to it for real.

    Remember the feeling as a child.
    When you woke up and morning smiled.
    It’s time its time its time you felt like that again.
    There is just no percentage in remembering the past.
    It’s time you learned to live again and love at last.
    Come with me leave your yesterday your yesterday behind.
    And take a giant step outside your mind

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    • Awww… thanks, Calvin! One must absolutely close the lid on the laptop… So many people do not step out for real.

      Hey… didya know that The Monkeys did this song? I had to look it up as you had so generously shared the lyrics…


      • I did. And I believe it was written by Carol King. I actually think the Monkey’s is better than the Carol King recording. Taj Mahal’s version was given to me by a close friend, an the version I pic from the Mélange.

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        • I love how songs go ’round in ways we could never expect. Like Disturbed’s fabulous (though overplayed) version of the Sound of Silence. I wonder how some of these things come to pass…


          • Relevant writing, wrapped in textures and layers always seems to have an audience. The power of the pied piper, perhaps.

            Or. As example. Why do we like oranges? We just do. Why wonder, just enjoy.

            When it comes to covers, like Disturbed doing Simon and Garfunkel, Johnny Cash’s version of Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage or Serena Ryder’s Sisters of Mercy by Cohen the list endless. Maybe it is not about music. As I always say, you put anything in front of a creative person they will hot wire it and take it for a ride. Only to return it as something different. Two eggs, plus a dash of creativity, a different omelette on the plate,

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  4. There is such an assured touch to this story, Dale. I am not going to analyse why as I see from others comments they have. I enjoyed this immensely, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for your name on the post, I would have thought this from some touting fluting author or repute. You got something to tell us, my dear Dale?! 🙃

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  5. I read this earlier and almost borrowed your photo – but then went in another direction.
    and Dale, my fav here was the ending – how we can experience virtually…
    but then how sometimes “tomorrow” never comes….

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