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Open For Business – Friday Fictioneers

Good morning, mes amis!  Can’t sleep, so might as well write, right?  It is Wednesday and what does that mean?  Yes… Friday Fictioneers is open for business!  Where does this image by JS Brand take YOU?  How about you let us know by adding your 100-word story to the group?  Click on the Blue Frog to add your link or, at the very least, to see what other fabulous writers came up with!

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©JS Brand

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Word count:  Toujours cent (100)

Open For Business

“Wait till you see what we’ve done so far.”

“Things are progressing well, then?”

“Sure are!  Still looking a little basic at this point.  But we already have usable rooms.”

“After seeing the destruction caused by Hurricane ChaCha, I’ll be impressed by anything standing.”

“OK.  We’re almost there.  Close your eyes while I direct the boat ’round the bend into the bay.”

“Holy smokes!  You did all that?”

“Yep!  Now we have to let the tourists know that we’re up and running.  We need the business to continue to build.”

“Count on me.  I’ll advertise the hell out of it!”



114 thoughts on “Open For Business – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Love this…mostly for the story and partly for the memories. My first time snorkeling was at Magen’s Bay! They have an awesome underwater nature trail. We stayed on St. John and made daily visits to St. Thomas. Of course, the main reason for the trip was our eldest son’s wedding. Great experience. Your loss of sleep is our gain. 😉



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    • Jeez! You made me go back to my story… I was thinking, shit! Did I misspell hotel? Wait… did I even use the word? 😀
      I’ll make sure he spells it correctly 😉

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  2. Love this story. I have very fond memories of St. Thomas… ah, to be that young again… and that wild! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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  3. YAY … for the come back of one of the most beautiful beaches.
    We’ve been to St. Thomas many times with cruises or on just vacations. In fact, my high school senior class trip was to St. Thomas. Think about going there as a teen with nuns, priests and monks as chaperons. Ahhh … memories. You’ve written a hopeful story about a most devastating tragedy on many islands and Florida. Bravo for restorations to come. Nicely written, Dale.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Thank you, Isadora. I, too, have been a number of times through cruises. I hope to return again soon!
      Glad you enjoyed and it brought some good memories.


  4. You’ve captured the energy, the enthusiasm, that despite so much devastation, people and places can and do rise from the ashes. Great piece of writing 🙂

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  5. Strange, but the first time I saw the photo prompt, my brain told me to write about the aftermath of a hurricane. I ultimately changed my mind and took it in a different direction, but it’s interesting to see your story! 🙂 Your poor character has got his work cut out for him, though, advertising the hell out of that banana-box house!

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  6. I’m really pleased you wrote such a positive and uplifting tale, Dale. Unfortunately we weren’t able to look inside the real hotel and the impression I got was that its happiest days had come to an end (silly, really, as I’m sure backpackers know how to have a good time!). Thank you for showing me the glass that was half full.

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  7. Irma’s destruction is still haunting … but hey …. cheers to those who are able to pick themselves up and press on to return! … Me? Only been to St. Thomas once for a day (cruise stop). I think I bought a watch there.

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  8. laughing at Hurricane ChaCha…
    and hope they get this running well –
    side note – the video shared was good – but it is my least favorite type of videos these days – horrible music that loops and then a bit of text – not sure why they annoy me so much – but they do

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      • good idea to turn it off…
        and another pet peeve (while on the video topic) are sites that open up with a must watch video – I never go back – and there was a news site that did this to me – and so goodbye – too many other sources for news – and I do not mind some ads – but forcing videos is annoying

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        • Why listen to something that drives you nuts? 😉
          And I hate that to! Or the ones you have to ‘sign’ up to watch. Buh-bye…


  9. I admire the determination of people who rebuild things after a natural disaster flattens a place. Your story demonstrates it so well. I’ve never had a holiday in one of those tropical paradises (at least they’re paradises if a hurricane doesn’t hit),

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  10. That image makes me pine for the days when stuff was built to last! Nowadays, it seems as if everything is built in a month and lasts almost as long!

    As for your story (Love it!) . . alls I gotta say is location, location, location . . .:)


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  11. Oh, I do wish…. not for the devastation, but to have their faith, hope, determination and especially for not loosing their smile. What a great video this is and how admirable, adorable and capable these people are. I’m sure I’d go to sleep with a big smile on my face and wake up with a great laugh…. in union with the steel drums!


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