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Weekend Share – on a Monday, Again! – February 12, 2018

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.”
Roy T. Bennett

So, I am late posting my weekend share again.  Can’t blame me.  It’s the Olympics!  And François decided to stay over Sunday night which would have been my posting time.  Since he’s been working full-time, we only see each other on week-ends, I’m not going to “diss” him by locking myself up in my office 😉

This past week was one of appointments and lunches, starting with Monday.   For those who don’t know, my mother-in-law, whom I inherited after the death of her only son, has been placed in a home for seniors – against her will – because she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia and is physically unsteady on her feet.  It is too dangerous to leave her alone in her 3rd storey apartment, not that she’s buying it at all.

You see, she was found unconscious in her apartment on June 28th; spent two months in the hospital where they tested her and came to the dementia conclusion and would not release her.  She was brought to court to have her rights taken away and ended up being given one chance to return home (which I wanted, if only for one week, to be in her things).  She lasted 5 days before she had to be brought back to the hospital, looking dehydrated and sporting a black eye; and, after a couple of weeks, when a bed opened, to the home.  Her case ended up in social worker’s hands and then the curator’s where it was discovered that she had actually done a living will,  naming me her mandatory.  Well, me and her friend, who has refused the job (thank goodness).  There is so much bureaucracy and paperwork and back and forth.  It’s been a major headache.  I had two months to empty her apartment – major hoarder – and collect all important papers and some clothes for her and whatnot.  The rest was donated or shipped to the garbage or recycling.  All I can say is, François is a saint for helping me out with this most disconcerting task.

Some of the paperwork I need to go through

Monday’s appointment was with Jean’s (mother-in-law) financial advisor who will be helping me sort through it all as soon as the mandate is homolgated.  Thank goodness he’s been dealing with her for 20 years and knows the ins and outs of her stuff!  And her personality, which is not easy.

I then met my sister, Lisa, for lunch at Sesame around 12:30 for a yummy spicy salmon poké bowl, in my case, and Tonkinese Beef Soup, for her.  We sat and chatted till 3 o’clock!  Was simply wonderful.  We were beyond overdue for some one-on-one time.

Come Tuesday, it was time to pick up my mother and bring her for her appointment with a neurologist.  She’s been having a burning feeling inside her leg for years… Conveniently, Mom’s appointment was at 11:45 and was over by 12:30 – yep… just in time for lunch!

As Lisa had had a “soupe-repas”(soup as a meal) yesterday, I had a hankering for one, so suggested we go Vietnemese this time and brought  Mom to Le Petit Tournesol Doré where we each had the grilled chicken lemongrass soup.  Soooo good!

Wednesday.  My official day sans appointments.  It snowed. All. Friggen. Day.  Did I feel like going out there?  Nope and Nope and Nope.

Besides.  I had given myself a mission.  Clean up my desk.  Somehow, I totally lost control and didn’t seem capable of getting it back…

Not saying I have accomplished my task. Yet.

Thursday was my meeting with the Maîre d’ of the Golf Club to find out whether or not I am returning this coming golf season. I have tentatively said yes.  But it is still months away.  There is an upcoming event next week that I’ll work and any other events that pop up… but we’ll see.

I then met my sister, Tracy, for lunch.  Somehow, we ended up at Sesame… hmmm… like, where I went on Monday!  LOL… I figured, no big whup, there are lots of options.  What do I have?  Same thing as Monday.  It was that good!

Come Friday, I set the PVR for the opening ceremonies of the PyeongChang Olympics, had my breakfast and decided that Zeke and I were due for a walk towards my favourite willow tree and, if we felt up to it, further to the next park.  We felt up to it.  But we definitely avoided coming back through the thicker snow and chose the streets.  The sky was not particularly beautiful (the sun was extremely anaemic) for pictures but I took some anyway and amused myself with PicMonkey.

On our walk back – remember, “we” decided to take the roads back 😉 – I noticed that quite a few houses had “Widow’s Walks”.  Considering we are far from the river, never mind the sea, I wondered what possessed the builders to add them to the tops of these houses.  It’s not like they looked accessible (I may be totally wrong) or even attractive.  But hey, that’s my own humble opinion.  Not one, not two but three houses!  And the third one a good way away from the other two.  I figured they influenced each other but the third?

The next thing I noticed is how weird this particular ‘hood is.  On one side of the street you have the house on the left and directly across you have the other.

I did my 10K steps though!  Got home, took a shower and then left to pick up my mother as she and I had appointments with our new doctor for 3 pm.  It is so annoying that geting a family doctor requires sitting on a waiting list or having friends with connections.  For the past 10 years, I have been going to a private clinic where it cost me up to $110 just to say “hello”.  I no longer work in a company offering benefits so I no longer have insurance.  It has been three years since I’ve gone for a full physical.

Anyhoo, I dunno… Met with the doctor, he asked me why I was there.  I said to get a physical because I don’t have a family doctor.  He said OK.  Asked me if my pressure was good.  I answered it was last time I had it checked.  He asked me when that was.  I said three years ago.  He asked if I used the machines in the pharmacy.  I said no.  He then asked me if there was anything in particular I needed attending.  I said I have trouble sleeping.  He said you want something?  I said yes, I’d like x.  He said how many and then wrote a script.  He then filled in a paper for me to go for general blood tests and – ugh – am I that old already? – a stool sample – when I made a face he said:  You prefer a camera?  I said no, thanks.  He said ok and if there were no issues, I’d not hear from him and showed me the door.

I left there thinking I need to make an appointment with my private clinic where he will weigh me (and give me shit for gaining a pound or ten), take my pressure, measure my waist, listen to my heart, etc.  You know, give me a physical…

Friday evening, François came by.  He surprised me with a lovely gift.  He was supposed to get a price for me because a friend works in a sports store but instead said that no, I could not pay him as they were a gift.  Call them a Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Whatever you want to call it, he said!  I am now the proud owner of my own snowshoes.  I had mentioned that I was considering buying myself a pair from Costco – not too expensive, perfect for a first-timer like me.  He said that is fine and dandy but to hold off.  He would get me a good price from a friend who works at a good sport store.  That was weeks ago.  After my last couple of walks with Zeke, I almost said to hell with it and was going to go buy them anyway!

After a lazy Saturday morning, we went to catch my niece, and goddaughter, Ariane, in her volleyball tournament.  Oh the memories!  I played in high school and college.  I so vividly remember the tournaments.  Game after game, time only for a light bite or if more time, trying not to overeat.   Only in my day, parents never came to watch!  There was a bus that picked us up from school and brought us to wherever it was and then back.  Now, parents have to drive their kids all over the place!  I didn’t think of bringing my camera and my phone is not the best for action shots so I took a very short video.  Ariane is the one in the red shoes in the black and gold team on the right.

Sadly, they lost that game.  Still, I managed to see her make some nice moves!

That night I made a potato/haddock casserole thingy.  A layer of sliced potatoes, layer of sliced onion, another layer of sliced potatoes… cook those for a bit; add the haddock on top and then a sorta tomato/spinach/garlic “salad” and bake for 12 minutes.   Definitely doing this one again!

And, finally!  Sunday!  François wanted to treat his mother to a Dalida impersonator named Joan Bluteau and invited me to join them.  It was at a lovely hotel called the Manoir Rouville-Campbell.  An intimate concert for about 100 people.  I knew they held wedding receptions at this place but I never knew they held mini-concerts.  She was quite good!

One of Dalida’s most famous songs was “Gigi l’Amoroso” of which I taped a little snippet…

At the end of the concert, Ms Bluteau generously allowed folks to take their picture with her.  Mme. Martin was thrilled… and so, I suspect, was her son!

Mme. Martin, “Dalida”, François

I’ve included a video of the real Dalida.  I could have used the Italian version of the song but Dalida did move to Paris and sang mostly in French – besides, to have a comparison 😉

We had not had lunch and it was nearly 5:00 pm so we decided to try out the restaurant in the hotel.  They had a restricted “Pub” menu which ended up being fabulous.

François had “only” a duck confit sandwich, his mother a fish and chips plate and I had the trio of tartares.  Included was a delicious cream of broccoli soup to start and a molten chocolate cake for dessert!

I apologize for going on and on like this.  Goodness!  If you are still with me, than I thank you!

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy

16.  Fhameeda – for getting me into her clinic
17.  Finding the financial advisor who will help me with my mother-in-law’s stuff
18.  My sisters – I cherish when we have a chance to sit one-on-one
19.  New snowshoes – to share snow time with my sweetheart
20.  The music of Dalida – I thought I knew none of it and found out I knew a few!




50 thoughts on “Weekend Share – on a Monday, Again! – February 12, 2018

  1. Oh dear! I’m so sorry you had to clear out your M-I-L’s home! It’s never fun to clear out a home after it’s been lived in for years and years…and a hoarder, no less! I’m glad you had Francois for assistance. When my sister and I had to clear out our parents’ home, we took frequent ice cream breaks (especially because we were doing the job during a very hot summer)! Ice cream makes everything easier…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was bleeping cold so no ice cream 😉
      We did 2 days’ worth, countless bags donated, thrown away or recycled then I got 1-800-got-junk to take the rest away. So gross. 20 years – never painted or otherwise maintained and all that time to accumulate…🤤


  2. My heart bleeds for your mother-in-law, and dear lady, YOU are the saint. I worry more about this than anything. I have no family except a husband who would be incapable of making any decision that would end my life in what he would consider prematurely. As an ICU nurse, I know there are fates worse than death, and Alzheimers is one of them. I am a bit obsessed with taking cognitive tests (like I once was with Sudoku), to calm my fears. If I lose my keys I get panicky – not because I’ve lost the keys, but afraid they might be in the ice-box.

    I get tired just reading all the things you do. Today I had lunch with a friend, met a new friend, and did three drawings for potential punch needle patterns. Hum. Also hung a new shower curtain liner, and now wrote to you. Need a long winter’s nap after all this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a sad situation indeed. I’m no saint – I only visit her once per month, though we talk almost daily – because she drives me nuts calling me 2-3 times per day.
      I have sons- I fear what they would do to me! Men are useless in these things. I admit I do my Lumosity almost daily and try to eat right. Jean is undernourished and has always been that way. Bloody hell, Patsye, we all do stuff like that! Things in the wrong place (There is dementia in my family too so we all fear it).

      Ha ha!! You had a busier day than me!! I took a walk with Zeke and took some pictures, sat on my ass for hours watching the Olympics, made a soup with leftovers and wrote this long-winded post. My desk STILL looks like the picture…


  3. I “stayed” with you until the end, just so interesting! I feel for you, having to go through your mother in law’s stuff and being there for her…not easy..you’re an angel! Good to know you have people to support you 🙂

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  4. My goodness you do a lot in a week, Dale! (And those lunches–yum!) I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with your mother-in-law. We’re going through some of that with my mom now. Fortunately, we’ve kind of split of jobs between siblings. My mom is still in independent living with care givers who come in for a few hours every day. My mom says she doesn’t need them, but her memory is definitely getting worse, and all of this began after she fell before New Year’s and was in the hospital then rehab. We’re going through paper work and meetings to try to get her assistance. . .
    Enjoy those snowshoes! 🙂

    Oh–I agree those widow’s walks are weird.

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    • It does seem a lot, doesn’t it? But seriously, each thing wasn’t that long – really!
      Luckily you have siblings to share it with. Mick was an only child and her relatives are all dead. It leaves me. The paperwork (and thankfully she actually did a living will) is a nightmare.
      Thanks, I plan to!
      Right? What purpose do they serve? They don’t add any beauty to the house…

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  5. Dear Dale,

    I feel like such and ‘insider.’ Love your snow pictures. But I can understand why you’d rather stay inside. But with snowshoes you have no excuse. Loved the share…every word. You definitely are a saint when it comes to your MIL.
    Your desk and my desk have much in common. No wonder I lose papers. Hmm. Nuff said.
    Thank you for this share, my most wonderful friend. I hope one day we’ll meet for lunch. ❤ 😀



    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Maybe I share too much? 😉 I had fun playing with PicMonkey to enhance them as the days they were taken were so dreary. Nah.. no saint. Just doing my business.
      Ahhh… good to know I am not the only form of “neatnik”
      Thank you for reading, mi amiga! Yes, I do definitely hope we’ll meet for lunch – though given the distance… it might be more than just one!

      Lotsa love,


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  6. A busy week with numerous mothers and sisters. 😉 A tip of the cap for you stepping up for Mick’s mom. Seems going through the apartment was quite the challenge. … and to think that you also worked in much time with the IF Challenge! 🙂

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  7. Call me silly, but when I drive great distances I always wonder about the lives of people who’s homes I whiz by. Weekend Share answers that question to some extent. There is more to walls and roofs isn’t there. There is all that shtuffs we don’t see.

    New flip flops (Canadian version) -Happy Snowshoeing, If the snow gets to deep at least you will be able to get to the beer place, eh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No. Not silly at all. There definitely is way more to walls and roofs!

      Yeppers… Canadian Flip Flops! I’m trying out those suckers tomorrow. I’m lucky… the beer place – otherwise known as the “dep” (short for dépanneur) here in Quebec (convenience store rest of Canada) is across the street…. Totally groovy, eh?


        • Ya… you poor buggers. So limited. 😉
          And that is the truth. We can instinctively find them… though I am a bad Canadian and would not choose Tim’s if there was another option. Not that I won’t drink the stuff… I just won’t choose it.


          • Far far from being good coffee; Tims is just convenient..

            Yes we, in general, are poor buggers. Myself, my consumption and purchasing is primarily in places where palm trees sway and tans run wild. That said, thankfully we are not inundated with Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert on every corner -you poor buggers.

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          • Exackery!
            I’m with you on the purchasing and consumption taking place under swaying palm trees.. am overdue, methinks!
            Hah! I’ve not been to a St-Hubert in eons… and there is one a hop, skip and a jump from my home! (Though I’d choose that over Chalet Suisse any day…)


  8. I love to read about your day to day life. The pictures are great – my favorites are of the ice-covered ponds and the gorgeous food. It’s close to supper time and now I’m starving. Happy Valentine’ s Day. ❤

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    • I have got lots of great pics of the beast. you could always check my Instagram (if you are on) @dalerog or… in the blog… go for it! He is quite the looker, I have to agree.


  9. I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.
    Alzheimer’s/dementia I know the condition too well.
    Last year my grandpa past away from dementia. It broke me and I saw him take his last breath. I haven’t been myself since then and also, I lost my mother-in-law all happen in the month of April of 2017. It was all too sudden too much death in my end. Please be there for your family and create beautiful memories. I know how stressful it might be for you in life but I promise you everything will be okay.

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  10. Odd thing, those “Widows Walks”.It’s always interesting to me what people add to their homes and why. And sometimes it IS like monkey see/monkey do! Hmmmm.
    You’re QUITE the cook!
    And yanno . . I forgot all about that but you’re right? When I played sports, I had to get rides home. My parents never came to games or practices. Nada! Which makes me think, maybe I should offer my services to frazzled parents in need of shuttling their kids from one event to the other. I could coordinate with Uber . . .


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    • They are odd indeed. I get it if the house is by the sea and the husband is a sailor – way back when a couple of centuries ago…
      I.cannot lie. I am 😉 wait for the next post. I was too busy chatting with a blogger guy to finish it last night 😁
      I did get rides to the rink when I figure skated. Strictly a drive, get out and I’ll pick you up later thing. The rest – NYET.
      Now there’s a side-line to consider! Though today’s parents think their little Pookie will be traumatized if Mummy doesn’t stay and watch…

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          • Cheeky monkey . . .
            I’m not gonna lie, I love my kids but I am not a ‘kid person’. I tolerated all my kids friends when they were growing up, but I am thankful they are grown ups now for the fact that I no longer have to tolerate most of those little snots. That’s horrible, I know. 🙂

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          • Nope. Not horrible. Truth. I told my kids in my next life I was NOT having kids. How’s that for horrible?
            I can’t wait for them to move out most days…

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          • Life is funny like that. Austin was a total oops. Then we went through all sorts of things with his month-early birth, heart defect and other issues and then finally losing him at not quite at 8 months. We barely knew each other but after all that intensity, we realised we could survive anything. So Iain and Aidan soon followed.
            That said… 😉

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          • Yes, he is. I still can’t believe it’s been 21 years since his death. I’ve used him as my muse in a few of my Friday Fictioneers…
            There is. There absolutely is.

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