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Independence – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morn, my Reader-Friends!  Had to get at this out early as I’m working today.  Gonna be tough.  Haven’t worked since December 19th!  The joys of working in a golf club, eh?

A shout-out to a wonderful writer/artist/friend, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for taking care of us every week, keeping our creative juices going with these weekly prompts.  I know it ain’t easy.  Especially when you are putting together a fabulous book!  Can’t wait.  But have no choice.  😀  And thank you, Rochelle, for your sweet and heartfelt aside…

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I can do it myself, you know.

Yes, I know.

I don’t need your help.

I know you don’t.

Then why do you insist on helping me?

Because I want to.  It makes me happy to help you.

But why?  What’s in it for you?

It’s who I am.  There is nothing in it for me but to be here for you and make your life easier.

It makes no sense to me.

You’re so independent.  Let me do my little part.  What are you afraid of?

That my self will be eclipsed again after I have finally re-found it.

109 thoughts on “Independence – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    That last line says it all. The road to autonomy isn’t always easy–particularly for those of the female persuasion. Yes? I can see the woman here who has just spread her wings and isn’t ready to have them clipped. The dialogue flows naturally. Well done, my friend.



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  2. It reminds me of one of my relatives who is about to decorate her bedroom in a truly girly way that says “it’s my space, and I ain’t going to share it with no man for a long time.” She is doing a good job of finding herself and taking a break from the opposite sex. Having made this decision, she’ll probably find Mr Near-to-Perfect, just when she isn’t looking. Men can never get it right. They’re either being too helpful or not helpful enough 😉

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    • Kudos to your relative! A space of one’s own… we all need one – Virginia Woolf said so!
      And yes, whilst she is not looking, Mr. Just-About-Right will show up. No, they never can…

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    • Exactly what I was trying to convey. Sometimes we feel we’ll lose our independence while accepting help. So not the case. Well, not always, anyway!


  3. This made me think of an elderly person, maybe just out of hospital who wants very hard not to be considered as ‘needy’. Very well played. I found a comment of yours while I was cleaning out my spam box a few minutes ago. I wish it was possible to reply to them before releasing them. I can’t remember where it went now!

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    • It could apply to an elderly person as well as a young child as well as a woman who just doesn’t want to be controlled. I love this group. Each sees different things.
      And as for the Spam situation, fear not, it’s happened to me too!


  4. Dale, you’ve brought up some great issues with helping someone, being independent and juggling the mix. No doubt you’ve had much experience with this yourself. I usually pass under the radar and certainly don’t get people falling over me to help. That changed when I broke my foot. People could understand that. See it.
    That’s said I went into Sydney today and had my walking stick, which on only use for long trips and I was sort of wondering why everyone was so nice today and people let me go through. Doh! It was nice to being run down for a change.
    I am also experiencing tensions like this with my kids. Son just turning 14 and daughter turning 12. Some times they want help. Other times, they don’t want to know me and my job is to roll with the punches. Well, that is as long as they do their chores and also respect me and my time.
    xx Rowena

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    • Thanks, Rowena. Yes, indeed. I think it’s more of a feeling of being taken over and pushed aside that is at issue. In reality it really is just help sometimes!
      In a case like yours, it must be nice to have some help…
      As for kids. I am NOT going there. Ugh. They drive me nuts with their waves of help/no help!

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      • I have been getting a lot more help through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. That’s been a God send although they’ve cut me back a fair bit this year but I’m going for a review.
        My kids are out at youth tonight so there’s peace & quiet atm. Phew!

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  5. That last line really underlines why people reject the help of others, for better or sometimes for worse. I especially liked how the absence of description opened up these two characters to be almost anyone — maybe the first person is a child talking to a parent, but it could also be an adult dealing with illness or disability, or an elder talking to their adult child.


  6. I was independent once. Then I read where I was depriving people of blessing who wanted to help me. Naturally, they can’t do it to please me, but I just smile and fix it after they leave. 🙂

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  7. This is lovely. So poetic and considered. I liked it A LOT. The last line is beautiful.
    I too have a man in my life who just naturally wants to take care of me. I fiercely protected my independence in our early months, even years but now two children and 5 years later (fast work I know) I do let him take care of me an awful lot – but I’ll never fully let go of my independence either. I saw my Mum left shattered when my dad left – I learnt from that massively. Thank you for a lovely piece

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  8. At times being smothered by help is very unhelpful. You may get it wrong but at least you tried it YOUR way. And generally that is the best way to learn. Though I can see when it may work. The dishes? Sure you can do them and I am not helping with laundry either as I know how much it means to you 😉

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  9. First things first, I did not know you worked at a golf club…but that strikes me as redundant….golf….club. I just have so many puns now!

    I very much liked your story. It’s so hard to find oneself. While one never wants to turn away help, sometimes we need to do it on our own. You captured this complexity perfectly.

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    • LOL!!! Now that you mention it…😜
      But I’m in the restaurant, far from those “sticks”!
      And thank you. So very glad you liked!


  10. Hmmm, well, I’m not sure if this is unsetting or not. When seen from the view of an old person regaining independence, I can see the helper as helpful, if a bit keen. However, after reading Rochelle’s comment, and seeing this as a woman being helped by a male, he comes across as over-bearing and controlling, as it would if this was a parent helping a child recover from a broken bone. The last line and how it’s interpreted gives this its edge.

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