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A Café of One’s Own – What Pegman Saw

I haven’t done a “Pegman” in a couple of weeks, and frankly, should be cooking as I am having my Tuscan feast for my sisters and their hubbies tonight but I “just took a peak at what the destination was”.  And then looked around to see if anything caught my eye and well, something obviously did because here I am!

This week Pegman is back in Europe, visiting the Czech Republic for the first time. You’re invited to stroll the city of Karlovy Vary and choose your own view. Take your inspiration and write no more 150 words. Once your poem, story, or essay is polished, share it with others at the link up below:

A Café of One’s Own

Monique looked around the room with satisfaction.  Her first visit to this place had charmed her, but never did she think she would one day own it!

Funny how life works.  She always thought she would one day end up in Italy, working in a café in Venice, yet somehow ended up in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.  Love can do that to a person.  You meet someone, fall in love, he brings you to his hometown, and next thing you know, you are no longer just a tourist.  Life could not be any better.  Over the years, the streets along the canal have become your streets, the people, your people.   You have now mastered the language you never thought you could and you feel like you belong.

Then he tells you that he no longer loves you.

Monique admired her new café and smiled.  Life could not be any better.


60 thoughts on “A Café of One’s Own – What Pegman Saw

  1. 2 points: As a total newbe on your blog, who or what is Pegman?
    Love this short story! As a matter of fact I’m right now hurrying with delight through Maeve Binchy’s Chestnut Street – full of wonderful nuggets of short stories, each and every one with a twist, a lesson or a nod!
    This was short, ‘sweet’ in a slightly twisted way and brill…..

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    • Pegman is a 150-word challenge. A destination is chosen weekly and we go through Google maps to find an image from that location. Friday Fictioneers, we’re given an image and have 100 words to write a story.

      I ADORE Maeve Binchy and gasp! Have not read that one!

      So very glad you enjoyed my attempt!


  2. Dale sorry, forget my question – have looked it up and found out!
    If ever you need a hint for a location in Switzerland, I’m here to be asked….. IF I had my own blog, I’d be over there for Pegman like a flash 🙂

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    • LOL…next time I’ll read ALL the comments before responding!

      Then you need a blog! And Karen is always looking for suggested locations 😉


  3. Ms Tuscany,

    This is romantic and poignant and this is above all else, hopeful. Because it shows us that love is always something to strive for- but that love must always come from the inside out. And those who can truly love another must first love themselves. They must believe in themselves and their dreams. If they do, they will never be alone.

    So well done! You wield a mighty fine pen. 🙂


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  4. I love the way Monique took her lemons 🍋 and made lemonade. Sometimes, misfortune or losses can bring special gifts. Monique will find a coffee lover eventually. I liked this a lot, Dale. 👍😊
    Cruising the blogs as I’ve been unable to write because I’ve been submitting some stories. AND … preparing for my daughters April wedding. YAY … I found my dress 👗. Why can’t it be as easy as putting on a tux. 🤪
    Toodles Issy 😎

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    • Gracias mi Amiga!

      I like to think each thing has its time. She was meant to spend some time with him and then when it was over it was not so tragic, she had already built herself a new community.
      Woot! An April wedding!

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  5. Dear Dale,

    Clearly Monique is a strong woman who knows what she wants. You definitely did pack a novel into 150 words. 😉 Not to mention you turned the story on its ear, not once, but twice. Just when I thought the story was taking a tragic turn you turned it right-side up with a smile. Life is beautiful and so is your story.



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    • Hah! I think so too, my friend…
      And… am currently working on my Tuscan Feast post. Had my sisters over last night… stay tuned!


    • That she can! I like to think she appreciated what he did bring to her in the time he was with her. We grow with each experience…


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