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One Break Too Many – Friday Fictioneers

Good  Wednesday, my Peeps!  Rochelle tried to pull a fast one on us and posted her story yesterday – we’ll blame WordPress for that one.  However, I was not falling for that trick 😉  Besides, I was busy on another post so… here I am today!

I showed this image to François, my beau, and he told me his story.  This is a big-time, cut-down version of it.  Ya know, we only have 100 words… I so hope I didn’t lose too much.

Thank you, always to Rochelle for keeping us together as a family of FF.  Thank you to J.Hardy Carroll for this great picture.

Come and play with us.  Write a 100-word story inspired by this image and add your link by clicking on the blue frog.  Easy-peasy!  Well… getting a story down to 100 words isn’t so much, but it is a great challenge!

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Genre:  Inspired by true events

Word count:  Please.

One Break Too Many

“This is the third time you’ve broken your nose, Frank.  You can’t anymore. I won’t be able to fix it.  You have to learn to harness your anger on the ice.  Hockey is not a big brawling session, you know!”

Tampons in his nose, blackened eyes, and bruised cheeks, Frank made his way home.  “He’s right.  I need to change my attitude if I don’t want to end up in jail one day.”  Muttering to himself, he came upon a boxing gym.

“Ya wanna fight, Frank?”   He walked in and signed up.  The discipline changed his life, the anger released.


126 thoughts on “One Break Too Many – Friday Fictioneers

    • I know, right? But it taught him how to fight smarter… And strangely, the discipline demanded by the boxing coaches, taught him to not give in to his anger willy-nilly.

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  1. But did his nose survive?

    I need a favor from you. The auto-fill cuntion on my blog – which is not in my control but is in yours – is sending me to a blog that apparently no longer exists. Could you change is so i don’t have to go hunting for you? I’d be much obliged.

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  2. Sounds like he will be well suited to boxing. I’ve never quite understood the part of ice hockey that results in mass brawls and fights. It’s a very strange thing that doesn’t happen in any other team sport so regularly!

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Someone once said, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.” Not original but still funny. I’m glad Frank found a way to channel his temper, however, I’m now left with the mental image of him with tampons shoved up his nose. You did a great job of distilling it down to 100 words. Slapshot!



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It is funny. Though the last game I went to, not one fight was had!

      Glad I managed to get it across… maybe a future Pegman will appear and I’ll be able to better say what I tried to here.

      Here’s tampons up your nose!

      Lotsa love,


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  4. He did well to get out of the violent sport of ice-hockey into something more mild like boxing 😉 Actually the disciple of sport does help. We put ours in a team sport to get her overcome her shyness and how much did she change!

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  5. Irony, brought about by the sweet science. You crammed a ton of different things into 100 words, you mistress of fiction! Irony, adversity, passion, anger and discovery . . . Not bad . . not bad ‘tall.

    You don’t just scribble notes on cocktail napkins . . . 🙂

    Peace and pugilism

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    • Ha! Ha Linda! Maybe. That said, the discipline he was taught at boxing served him to no longer get angry at the littlest thing on the rink. Weird how that worked…

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  6. Though I don’t enjoy the thought of people hitting each other, boxing has certainly helped many people get some discipline and routine into their lives. Great piece, you got loads into the word limit there!

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  7. While still ‘recovering’ from my terrible accident, I went back to college and one day decided ‘I want to do martial arts’. Funny, given that I still varied between two canes and a walker, couldn’t take stairs, fell over on inclined planes… The college coach said if you have a doctor’s letter approving, sure. I got the letter. What I learned was invaluable… I learned how to crawl..yep, crawl. something I’d never done in my life. seems small, but it was a huge step…then I learned how to stand without canes, and to walk, and then to even run… somewhere along the way, I remembered my self-defense skills, too. And, I learned how to control the adrenaline surges, the anger, the rage, that I’d lost control of, But they took second place to the first time I walked up the stairs by myself (we’ll not talk about tripping over my ghee, falling and breaking my wrist and ankle, that didn’t matter…) I walked up 15 whole steps.

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    • One would think. But he had to listen to a trainer and be disciplined – plus he learned how to get out of the way and avoid the fight in the first place!


  8. Cheers to tampons having another use … LOLOL … that got me laughing with tears in my eyes. The visual is priceless.
    I guess anyone who goes into contact sports has to have a little edge.
    I have all girls but one had a bad temper that she learned to harness at the roller skating rink in town. Although, she did get into a fight and flung a skate at the girl. Maybe, I should have enrolled her in boxing. he he
    loved the story … super writing job, Dale. Buen fin de semana …
    Isadora 😎

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  9. As you say, it’s the discipline that helps focus the mind and the body towards something more productive than mindless violence. It takes some people a lifetime to learn this, others never. I’m glad your Frank learned it early. As others have said, so much said in so few words.

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    • Oh good! I was hoping that would come across. He actually did not box for all that long and did continue hockey (up until very recently!) He got what he needed and uses it to this day, I’m sure!


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