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One With the Stones – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday to you.  Has “THE” storm started in your area yet?  They keep annoucing a doozie in so many regions.  I dunno.  It sure doesn’t feel or look like it’ll be that bad. Though it has started to snow here…  Let us all hope “They” have erred in their predictions.  Less of course, not more!!  While you wait and see how this whole scenario turns out, how about you read up on some 100-word stories created by Rochelle‘s rowdy gang of miscreants?  Better yet, why don’t you join us.  We’re mostly harmless…  This week’s photo from Sandra Crook – where does it take you?

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One With the Stones

Breathing in the salty air, Lily slowly wandered the grounds.  It felt so good to finally be strong enough to walk outside, without a chaperone.  She made her way to one of the benches, sat sideways, one leg bent in a v, arm crooked around the back of the bench and gazed quizzically at the stone garden.

“Do you like them?”  She nearly jumped out of her skin, not having heard me approach.  I was right behind her.

“They are quite odd.”

“They were created with people like you when they were well enough.”

“What do you mean by, ‘with’?”



119 thoughts on “One With the Stones – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I would think it would be easier to do before they are well enough 😉 Survived the weather bomb on Cape Cod – lost power for a few days and all… Now up in NH looking forward to 35 cm of snow today….

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      A disease would be more acceptable than this, I should think!

      I also think that two creepies in a row (prompt-wise) is my limit… unless…😉

      Thanks and lotsa love,


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    • Cool! None here either…
      Uh huh… riiiiight… they worked on it together, now if she doesn’t become one with the stone, that’s a whole ‘nother scenario! 😉

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  2. This brings a WHOLE new meaning to getting stoned, tell you what. I’m feeling very much like M. Night got together with Stonehenge and they made a baby and it was this 100 word entry.

    Spooky, mysterious fun, Madame.

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    • That’s what I love about these exchanges – readers can give you a perspective you never thought of!


  3. Superb writing, Dale.
    I hope the narrator means no harm to poor Lily was my first thought since the narrator seems to be a ghost. Great suspense and mystery.
    One of my favourites, this week.

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  4. I, too, would want that phrase clarified. “Together with” or “out of” — English is so flexible. 🙂
    We had the storm last weekend. OOdles of snow, but we’ll take it. Sad to say, though, prairie cities haven’t caught on to Mtl’s efficient snow-removal system and Saskatoon side streets were clogged yesterday. we toss around that musty old joke, “Saskatoon has a great snow removal plan; it’s called spring.”

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    • That it Is!
      We’ve had more than enough and yesterday got nothing. Today. It’s really a pretty snowfall. And I’m so done with It! 😁


  5. ‘I turn to stone’……..’In my blue world’

    This had a wee poke to it. A slide down a razors edge. Finished off with a morsel of tongue to cheek. Perfeeek!

    Hmmm. Storm (s). More like a slushie hitting the proverbial fan. To be truthful I might be falling out of love with my snowblower. I find myself peek under the cover which drapes my lawnmower. Lusting even.

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    • A week poke… Perfeeek! How can I complain with a comment like that 😉

      Yeah. We have that “heart-attack” snow that has been falling on and off pretty much all day. Mind you, total accumulation of maybe 4-5 cm…

      It was a good winter in this here neck of the woods for the snowblower owners! You could have satisfied your lust more than once!


  6. Hmm, I’m not sure what’s going on here, which is good. The opening with Lily sitting on the bench is lulling when contrasted with that ‘with’ at the end.

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  7. We had a big storm last Friday, a smaller one Wednesday, with two more predicted for the coming week. Southeastern PA. It’s ok, though, because the snow starts melting as soon as it hits the ground at this time of year 🙂

    And I’m wondering if that last sentence were her last words. Shiver.

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  8. I loved the build-up and the descritpion of her seated position. It has a quiet feel. Then, pow, you gave it to us. YUP … the ending is superb. Sssoooo …. malicious and sinister. I almost want to do that insane laugh they have in creepy movies but can’t firue out how to write it. May been escrito, mi amiga. Bien cuit ….
    Isadora 😎

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