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Colour Me Green – What Pegman Saw

Why am I writing at 3:00 a.m.?  Because my boy has some friends over, and though I went to bed hours ago, they are still going strong.  Somehow sleep eludes me.  Weird, eh?

So, I checked my email and what do I see there?  What Pegman Saw!  Might as well be one of the early-birds!  Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this great writing challenge.

This week Pegman takes us to Abaco, Bahamas. You won’t find much in the way of streetview out in this neck of the Bahamas. Mainly because you won’t find much in the way of streets. You can use the photo provided, or dangle Pegman over the map to find your own slice of paradise.

Your mission is to write 150 words inspired by what you find. Will you treat us to comedy? Tragedy? Sci Fi Slipstream Historical Fiction? Your only limit is your imagination. And of course the previously mentioned 150 words. Once you’ve polished your story-poem-essay, share it with other Pegman contributors using the link up below.

Colour Me Green

So, you go away for two weeks every year?

Yeah.  It’s like a timeshare.  I’m never sure where I’m going until a month or so before I leave.

So, you’ve known since we’re together that you’re going, though.

Well yeah.  Like I said, I go every year.  Found out it was the Bahamas a little over a month ago.

I see.  And, you couldn’t tell me when things got serious between us that you would be going on vacation.   You chose to tell me two weeks before you leave.

I’m telling you now.  What’s the big deal?

Maybe I would have liked to have known about it.  To go with you.

You can’t. You’re not on my invitee list.  I’m going to ask them if I can add you for next time. Why you are so upset?

Maybe it’s just envy.  Surely can’t be any other reason to be upset.


75 thoughts on “Colour Me Green – What Pegman Saw

  1. The hurt is understated but so well captured by the dialogue. And the vacationer’s secrecy makes me a little suspicious, but maybe I’ve been reading too many mysteries. Wonderfully done.

    Great to see you early! I hope you got some sleep when your house guests settled down. Sleepovers are not for sleeping!

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    • Thanks, Karen… does make one wonder.

      After writing this, it didn’t take long and I was deep into snooze-land!


  2. To the story line……..Negative degrees of separation. A knee jerk reaction for anyone. Unless insecurity dictates fusion at the hips. If it doesn’t smell like dead fish, its probably safe.

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    • Exactly. New relationship, still in the getting to know each other stages. Learning the other’s lingo. Doesn’t smell fishy…


  3. Since no gender’s given, I’ll assume the Leaver’s female and the Stayer’s male. Likely she didn’t tell him before because she expected this reaction. Easy to put off sharing bad news — but then it has a harder impact than it might have had.

    Your story made me smile because I can see DH & me in this. The Stayer might be the “have to know” type, like my DH. Anything that in the least bit affects his life he has to be told ahead of time. His mind takes it in and processes it, but he hates having stuff sprung on him. I’m forgetful and fuzzy. “Didn’t I tell you? I thought I had.”

    The Stayer could be the insecure or suspicious type. “What might you be doing over there when I’m not around to see?” At any rate, you’ve written a great set-up. Will their relationship survive? Will they develop better communications skills? or will this be THE END? Stay tuned for… There WILL be a next episode, right, Dale? 😉

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    • Ah. It could be and I left the “he said/she said” out purposely.

      It is a new relationship so it’s normal that there are growing pains, so to speak. Learn each other’s lingo.

      I love how you’ve built this up into a soap opera requiring another episode! 😀

      It might just happen. We’ll see…


  4. If I tried to travel anywhere without Shey…I’d be in serious trouble. She’s a “share-er” and she expects everone else to be too. I can see how this might be a major stiking point for them.

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    • I think the biggest issue is the not sharing. It is a new relationship. It’s ok if it was already booked. Just a little heads up would have gone a long way.

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  5. Which sex was which, as far as the guilty party.? Understandably the other party’s hurt because things are now serious. The casual , couldn’t~care~less nature of putting a serious romantic interest on an invitee list is, as far as I know, more than somewhat tacky.

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  6. That much suspicion/envy so early in a relationship? Personally that would push me away very quickly. I’d tell him to lump it, and if he moaned it would be ‘On your bike, son!’
    I hope you give us another episode. You’ve set it up so well.

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    • I think it’s the early stages growing pains of a new relationship… But still, it does disturb a tad…
      I just might! We shall see!


  7. Dear Dale,

    Okay, so mayhaps I have a bit of inside on this dialogue. 😉 I’m not sure why some ‘folks’ don’t feel the need to communicate. What’s the big deal, indeed? SMH. Love the way you presented this and am glad you were able to go back to the Land of Nod.



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  8. LOL … Mom the party animal with the boys! Meanwhile, something steamy was my first thoughts when I looked at that picture. … Otherwise, envy does have a way of getting in the way of life.

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  10. Oh dear. I read in one of your other posts that this is based on fact, right? And why would you be upset? When he’s off sunning himself and you’re knee deep in snow? Next year, my dear, next year. Sounds like a great holiday set up though – rather fancy that myself 🙂

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  11. sorry sweetheart, I feel uneasy about this; it’s not just a story, is it?! OK, the hols might have been booked before, but….. hmmm – careful, love, or you might get hurt

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