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Gratitude on a Monday – March 12, 2018

“Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation, It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in your life – this I know for sure.”
Oprah Winfrey, What I Know for Sure

I used to do my Sunday Gratitude, which then changed  to Weekend Coffee Share, which then became an occasional Weekend Share (because I had stopped participating in the Coffee one and when wanted to do it again, I realised no one was hosting it.   Mix in all of that my lack of stick-to-it-iveness and just plain laziness or easily-side-tracked-ness and you get one of these.  A Sunday share I started too late to finish on Sunday.  So had to change the title.  Again. 🙂  Welcome to my world of DADD Dale’s Attention Deficit Disorder.

In my defense (okay, okay, call it an excuse), François left Sunday for a two-week, sun-filled vacation.  Alone.  It was an already planned thing but I still spent part of my day moping and feeling all woe-is-me.  Then I spent another part of the day trolling the vacation websites, because, why not?  Why not also go away for a week to resource myself?  Then, I changed my mind and decided no…  save the moolah and go back to Tuscany in October.  Yeah, Baby.  Now, we’re talking!  We’re cooking with gas!  We have a plan!  And not just knee-jerk reaction brought on by envy.

Friday was my day to get things done.  Went to see Raffi to bring him our (the boys and mine) income tax papers and he did them right there on the spot!  The best.  I then went to my mother-in-law’s to empty her mailbox and collect any tax papers to bring to her accountant.  Did that but saw this beauty on my way.  I’ll definitely have to go back and get a better picture.  You know, when I’m NOT in my car.  Though I was not driving, I promise!

I then decided to go and visit Jean as my timing was good.  Saw this at another stop light.

Now I know we Canucks are a tough lot, and we Quebeckers really like to take advantage of clement weather, and all that… However.  It was only 4°C (40°F)!  These two must have had the heater blasting!!  Again, I was stopped at a stoplight 😉

Spent an hour with Jean, and she was happy for the visit.  She is much nicer in person than on the phone.  Did not once give me shit for “putting her there”.   She’s gonna get lucky with a second visit on her birthday with the boys later this month.  As traffic was going to be a bitch, when I left her at 4:30 I hightailed it to the Forum AMC Theatre, hoping to catch the 4:45 viewing of “Lady Bird”.  Managed to park inside, run up, get my tickets and buy myself a child’s portion of popcorn and drink (came with a little canister of m&m’s) for the ridonkulous price of $8.25, get a seat at the back and only missed the commercials and maybe the firest preview.  Woot!

I loved the movie.  Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalfe were great in their roles as daughter and mother.  A coming of age story that takes place in “no-where” Sacramento, California in 2002, it deals with the insecurities of pre-adulthood, of social class, of wanting more yet not ralising we love what we have until it’s gone.  That love-hate relationship that girls and mothers can share is something I’ve more heard about than experienced as my mother was (is) a very “non-invasive, figure-it-out-by-yourself” kind of mom.  At least from what I remember!  Will have to ask her.  Maybe I remember it wrong.  No wonder I’ll never be that type of writer who can describe in great detail their lives.  I’m so in the moment, I move forward and let go of what was.  Dunno if that’s a good thing or not.

Got home at 7 and ate some left-overs.   Vegged on the couch watching stuff I’d taped till a couple of Iain’s peeps came over .  Don’t know what was so funny but they were laughing up a storm.

They began playing drinking games and after a few, hailed me over to join them.  Not every day your son wants you around so you have to grab it when it comes!  First was some pyramid game where 10 cards are placed, ya, in a pyramid.  The rest of the deck is dealt to the players.  First card is flipped over, anyone with a matching card places it on top and names a person who takes a shot (or beer sip glug).  If you have two and give them both, the person takes two glugs.  Second row, same thing, one card is flipped only now each card is worth two and so on, going down to four.  That game turned out not too bad and the boys didn’t all pick on me and I was able to dish out a few myself.

They then decided I was the next “bus driver”, but took pity on my and only lay down 7 cards.  First card is flipped and I have to say if the next card in the deck is higher or lower than that one.  Jeez.  If you’re wrong, you take a glug and start over.  If you are right, you move the the next flipped card and do the same.  All is well as you go down the line and get them right but as soon as you make a mistake, it’s time for a shot and you START OVER!!  I did my part and figured enough was enough by 1 am.  Saluted the boys and I attempted to go to sleep.  They were still going strong at 3 am and I couldn’t sleep so I got up and wrote my Pegman Story!

On Saturday I woke up to big, fluffy, Christmas-like snowflakes.  Really? F*&?%!  Enough already.  It was pretty, I cannot lie… but. No.

After coffee and breakfast, Zeke and I made our way for a nice walk.  Always a good day for a walk as far as he is concerned.  On our way, I noted the hockey rinks are done for the season.  I decided we would go as far as my favourite willow.  I had stuff to do before François showed up so I couldn’t take more than an hour or so.

On our way back, we met Gus, an 8-yr-old Great Dane and Lou-Lou, a young pug.  So funny.  Zeke and Gus were getting to know each other and Lou-Lou was tugging at her leash, wanting to play with the big boys!  What a day to NOT have my camera.  Sigh.  I thought I caught a good pic of Gus and Zeke so we could compare their sizes but sadly, no.  However, got a good one with Gus and Lou-Lou and their humans!

And, because I like to torment you with food pics, I made Aidan really happy by announcing we were having Chinese Fondue for supper.  That’s one way to guarantee they (the boys) sit at the table for more than 15 minutes…

I think I’ve kept you longer than I should have.  But may I show you my new flooring, installed just this morning?  I’m telling ya, this house will be on the market by the end of the month!

Thanks for sticking to the end.  I promise next one won’t be so long (though I may have made that promise before, eh?)

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy and grateful

31.  Giant snowflakes – even if they are in March
32. New flooring installed – one step closer
33. Being invited by my son to join him and his buddies
34. Fondue night – a time to chat while we cook our own food
35. Willow trees – they just make me happy

30 thoughts on “Gratitude on a Monday – March 12, 2018

  1. I may be the only person on the continent who didn’t like this movie. Lady Bird! I’ve seen twenty movies almost identical to it in the last forty years. Coming of age. I get that. But this movie was so cliche I almost turned it off. Except for the dad, I didn’t like anyone in it. Oh well.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I envy your being able to let things go and move on. I seem to be the total opposite. Perhaps we could meet in the middle. 😉
    The snow video is lovely and peaceful and makes me grateful to live in the Midwest. (he he)
    I haven’t seen Lady Bird…well you know how that goes. Love Laurie Metcalf, though.
    Must say, I’m grateful for your gratitude posts. 😀 Even if this one is on Monday…On the other hand, Monday might be a better day to be reminded.

    Shalom and hugs, my friend,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It’s called fake it till you make it 😉.

      I know how that goes and I’ve missed so many movies I’ve wanted to see in the past. Now. A little matinee and Bob’s your uncle!

      Maybe I’ll stick to Mondays…no promises!

      So very glad you enjoy my ramblings on!

      Lotsa love,



  3. I enjoy your ramblings of “welcome to my life”. One thing, I also stay in the present and don’t think much about the past. Certainly not the future since I have no clue how that goes. I loved Lady Bird. Saw “Wonder” at a friends house on her DVD player last Friday. An amazing picture. Have a good week. ❤

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    • Thank You, my friend. So very glad you do.
      The past is gone. Why stay stuck there? Future will be what it Will, with a little help from our choices.
      It was a lovely film. Will have to check out “Wonder”. And I’ve a few more flicks I wanna see!
      You too. Have a marvellous week! 😘


  4. Holy Cow Udders!! Where do you get your energy? I’ve been ridiculously tired – fear and anxiety are ruling my life right now – and it feels like I’m walking through water. However, I’m so glad you found joy and gratefulness. If anyone deserves it…..it’s you. XOXO

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    • Please. It was a busy Friday. The rest, I pretty much sat on my arse!

      There’s quite a bit of anxiety on my end as well. Probably why I’m hyper.
      You are sweet, Twin! xoxo


  5. When your kid wants you to be “bus driver” and it actually requires that you
    A) Not have to schlep them somewhere for something
    B) Involves alcohol
    C)Involves a copious amount of alcohol if you get it wrong

    Now THAT’s a good time.

    The flooring looks great, by the way. Go House! I mean, really . . go! lol

    Writing is work on the brain, that’s for sure. Sometimes I will be driving somewhere and I’ll start sputtering on about something that could be a story or a post or something or anything, and I will literally have to stop because the thoughts are coming hard and it’s too fucking much.

    Being in the moment. I like that. Much more.

    I don’t think this was long. I think this was you. Which is to say, a blast of freshness. A whole lot of fire. And laughter, and smiles and WTF moments aplenty.

    The smiles, you’re so good at collecting those. So very good.

    Peace and vodka shots!

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    • Now I’m seriously laughing out loud all by myself at my computer! Thankfully said son who made me busdriver and wants to make chebureki again (fuck) is “at the dep” which in québécois means, “at the convenience store getting: a) junk to eat b) making deals I want to know nothing about or c) just taking a walk. I shall refrain from finding the correct answer. Sometimes it is best to be left in the dark.

      Thank you. I am very pleased. Now go house go!

      Yes, being in the moment. I mentioned to someone that living in the past is a waste of time. It’s over, Grab any lessons there were and move forward. The future ain’t here yet and we can only do so much to influence it. So here. Now. Best place.

      I think this response is almost as long as your comment. And if you think I’m fresh…

      Yeah, I dish those smiles out as much as I can.

      Shot! Shot! Shot!

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      • A new shot game idea . .
        Every time you make someone smile, you have to take a shot. Bottoms up and keep ’em coming!
        At the dep huh? Sounds like Johnny! As in much cooler than saying convenience store! That is like, the haute couture of convenience store lingo! Oh Canada!
        Dwelling on the past IS a waste of time, but if people didn’t do it, Nicholas Sparks wouldn’t be so wildly successful . . .
        Now I have that Kool and the Gang song “Fresh” in me noggin! And I am STILL trying to figure out the da da da da da song! Overload!
        Keep dishing those smiles, like hockey pucks . . the biscuits in the baskets!

        Garcon! Shots all around!

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        • Oh hell… I don’t know who would be in more trouble…. me or the other players!!!
          Yep. The dep for dépanneur which means to come to one’s aid. Only in Quebec, though…
          Yes. There is that. The past does have it’s uses… as long as you don’t stay stuck there.
          Now I’ve got “Fresh! Exciting! Na na na na na!” in my head. Bloody hell…

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      • Had to laugh at your reaction to the whereabouts of your ‘said son’….. It took me a heck of a long time to be in a place where I say to all and sundry: Tell me if you feel like or if I can help maybe, but if not, I’m really glad too. There is a lot I don’t want to know any longer, especially when it concerns ppl and things that/which are a negative burden!

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        • Yep. Things so change as we all get older and move forward with our own lives… Hopefully the boys will still want to know what’s up with their mother once in a blue moon…


  6. Convertible…in their mirror they look cool, top down, black shades on….some will do anything to get notice, bless their hearts, piercings, tats and all that jazz.

    As for kicking it to the curb and switching to gas….to paraphrase Buffy’s lyrics, ‘hey sista and brethren, you got to run, you got run with the wind not run away’.

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  7. I sometimes (not often) am a bit vexed that some of the films I’d like to see are only available to me months/years later. THEN I realise that it doesn’t matter one bit…. I do like Saoirse however, since the time she played in ‘Brooklyn’ (after I read the book, mind you, both über-excellent)…..

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    • I’ve almost given up on seeing movies when they’re in the theatre. Life gets in the way!
      I have started choosing to read the book after seeing the film. That way I enjoy both – less expectations re: adaptation and more enjoyment of the extras a book brings…


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