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Not So High Fidelity

I love how Gusto TV – a channel reserved for cooking and lifestyle shows reserves Sunday nights for movie night.  It used to be reserved for a “foodie” movie – anything that had major scenes with food (like Big Night or No Reservations) which I love, by the way.   However, last night it was “High Fidelity”, starring John Cusack, Jack Black, Joan Cusack, etc. – no meal preps or grand dining scenes to be found here.  At all.  No matter, I set the PVR because for some strange reason, despite my love for both John and Joan Cusack, I had never seen this 2000 film.  I watched it tonight.

And it got me to thinking.  Why is it I have no particular memories per se (save for a very few) that I can go back to in great detail, bringing forth the feelings and emotions and music and weather and atmosphere of that particular moment and put them to paper, so to speak, as so many fabulous writers do?  I follow quite a few bloggers who have this talent.

Is it because I lack depth?  Do I flit and fly over everything, barely paying attention to the moments, not registering the happenings because I am above it all? Am I going to end up in therapy one day to find out that I have locked it all away until one day I burst?

Why is it my sister Lisa can remember when our sister Tracy started walking?  Lisa would have been close to 4 years old (I assume Tracy started walking around age one) and I would have been seven-and-a-half.  Was I too busy to pay attention?  Did I not care about such things?  This really bugs me.  I know I was probably too busy hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the park with my friends to bother with little sisters and their milestones.  Still.

Am I Charlie?



51 thoughts on “Not So High Fidelity

  1. We all remember different things and we remember in different ways. I think some memories will come with details out of the blue. We don’t always remember things when we try, the memories will come when they want.

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    • True. We do. I’m always amazed how some people remember stuff down to the minute detail. I’ll sit and chat with childhood friends and be amazed that they remember certain things and me? Nada. Then I’ll remember other things. You must be right. They come when they come.

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          • Being a fan, I get to make one of those inane observations that serves my interests whilst never minding his bank account but . . I wish he did more Indie stuff. The blockbusters are like a walk through for his kind of talent.

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          • You’re right. Maybe he just can’t be bothered? Or maybe, the scripts don’t come his way? Which is silly because his talent is well known… who knows what goes on out there in LaLaLand,.,

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          • Who knows indeed.
            I can’t imagine the scripts ain’t coming his way, but like you said . . LaLaLand works in mysterious ways.
            I just think there’s nothing like seeing an actor you dig in a non-mainstream flick. Like Morgan Freeman in 10 Items or Less. What a quirky, fun movie that is.

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          • Indeed.
            I LOVE Morgan Freeman for doing everything that comes his way (He said so in an interview – he refuses nothing. And we are all luckier for it.) I loved that movie!

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          • I want him as my alarm ringtone in the morning. So he wakes me up with something like . .
            “Marc never saw a morning quite like this one. He’d experienced his fair share of mornings, but this one was different. Sublime as a Mona Lisa smile with a music all it own. This morning . . was his,”

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  2. As for the deep end of this pool of a post, I relate. Maybe too much. Me goodness, we are so alike.
    Every now and then, I ask myself if I am too un-deep? Would Edie Brickell laugh at me for such a thing? I dunno. And maybe its that I have arrived at a certain age, but I find myself raising a middle finger to the thought and going about my business anyhoo.

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  3. Gosh, I hope you’re joking. You are so funny; how can you think you’re ‘not so high fid’ (great title for a post, btw)?! Real deepness comes with very difficult experiences, so be thankful if you can even think about staying and surfing on the surface of life. (Although I don’t think you do, you just love having fun and laughter…. which is a very good thing to have).
    It was strange, I would bet you anything that I had read the book and maybe I even have the DVD somewhere in my 1600 pce collection but I had to go on YT to watch quite a number of short vids and STILL CANNOT piece it all together. Maybe the book and the film are not so high fid either??? Or else I probably hadn’t forgotten all about it…. 😉
    So princess, pick yourself up from the floor, dust your jeans off, put the crown on again and walk tall and proud (and with a giggle) through life.

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    • I was not so much joking as wondering. This thought has crossed my mind more than once. I sit with childhood friends and we talk about our youth and I am amazed at what they remember as for me… mostly blank. If real deepness comes from very difficult experiences than I should be deeper than a deep lake (I won’t push 😉 )
      But you are right, I choose to focus on the fun and laughter and was having a moment of contemplation, if you will.
      Crown duly posed and marching on, laughing!

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      • When I was in a (long and) exhausting phase of my life, I had a special friend to talk to and I think what impressed him most about my ‘tales’ was when I told him that ‘more often than not I laughed so that I didn’t cry’….. I am crying less now but thought I’d stick to the laughter, it’s SO freeing!

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        • I am very pro-laugh myself. Way easier on the morale and frankly, I believe, very much, in looking on the bright side of every situation. Even the dire ones…
          It is so freeing.

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  4. Dale, Dale, Dale…

    No! I don’t think you’re Charlie. As has been said, we all remember different things. So you don’t remember your sister walking. Nu? This hardly qualifies you for the shallow end.
    As someone who talks to you on an almost daily basis, I have to shout NO NO NO! You are a lovely person…with depth. I admire the way you’ve handled some serious challenges and have been able to go on. I echo Kiki. And I add hugs to it.



    PS I don’t hang out with shallow people. 😉 ❤

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    • Dearest Rochelle,

      Well… I idon’t really think I’m Charlie but had a moment. Neither sister. It’s just weird!
      And, I thank you. I don’t think I’m too shallow… but I’m sure I’ve had my moments. In the past. I’m different now. Gawd, I hope I am!

      Lotsa love,

      Dale xoxo

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  5. Actually I DO have many, many memories of my childhood, youth and obviously after that, too. I doesn’t however make me ‘deeper’ – it’s just that I’m an extremely emotional person (I’ve been told that now so many times I start believing it – still not sure if that should be read as a put-down or a compliment) and ‘things’ tend to go straight to my heart and bones. With that in mind, anybody can be deep…. and it’s kinda cool to surprise family members with accurate stories of (mostly) their behaviour many many moons ago 🙂

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  6. BTW I loved that movie, too, though I can’t tell you anything about it. (Did a record shop have something to do with it?) All I remember is the title. And I do remember small details of things scattered all through my life. I think memory is individual to each of us. When I read your last post I marveled at your passion for living and how much energy you have. That is a gift, too.

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    • Yes, it did. John Cusack owns a record store. The whole movie is interspersed with top 5 things (breakup songs, funeral songs, things he loves about his gf, etc.)
      And yes, I think memory is directly proportionate to the emotions attached.
      And thank you. I take it till I make it 😉 but do have a passion for life.💖


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