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World Down’s Syndrome Day

I never, ever, ever, ever post three times in one day.  Just not my thing.

However, this is a special day.  For all my friends blessed with children born with an extra chromosome, I share this beautiful video.  Share the love.



39 thoughts on “World Down’s Syndrome Day

  1. tres? what?
    ha – well you post a way, Dale.
    Readers have the options of reading or not reading and you take the chance of sharing some great stuff.
    There might be times to limit posts – but sometimes we have seasons where “posts flow” and so do what what works for you – I am sure that you are and will…
    but when I was on a roll (and it has happened a few times over the years) I do know that I had someone unfollow me – she later told me it was coming on her phone and so she would just drop back by instead.
    anyhow, this is your season to maybe splash some stuff in the blogosphere and in this post – you really did share the love and I had no idea about this day – cheers

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    • To be honest, I’m not a fan of multi-posters. I just can’t keep up. One or two.. but some it’s three, four, more. Then I feel guilty for not reading but then put other ones aside!
      And that’s why I just had to put my little note at the top. I don’t want to overwhelm 😉

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      • yes – that is a good point and now that you mention that – I realize I completely stopped going to this guy’s blog cos he spit them out like raindrops (that is a comment Vass used once).
        but I still think it depends – and I know some folks say “length” posts should be so and so – but sometimes we just have to indulge our current flow because we do not know the rippling impact

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        • I stopped following quite a few blogs because of that… spitting out like raindrops (love that).
          As for the length, that’s a question of preference. (One of the ones I flushed not only posted 3+ per day, each post was looooong!)
          It depends on whether or not you are writing for yourself or others – though, for me, blog implies wanting to put it out there to share…


  2. I saw this on Facebook and it had me tearing up by the end – what amazing kids and amazing mum’s too. Just gorgeous. And I hear you with the multi posters – there’s a blogger I follow and he might not post for a couple of weeks, then he posts loads all at once. I counted eight one day! Eight? That’s just not right. There’s an etiquette to blogging – no spamming, reply to comments, keep it polite etc – and sending out 8 posts in one day is just too much. Two is usually my max. I have been tempted to ‘unfollow’ this guy, but it feels rude!

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