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Back Tracking – A Friday Fictioneer Special

Good Friday morning, my Peeps!

A little surprise for you this morning.  Kelvin Knight asked me if I would be interested in trying to write a Friday Fictioneer with him:  One sentence by him, one by me.  And, as I’m always willing to try something new, I was up for the challenge.  The first sentence is his and so on… with little tweaks here and there, the end result is the following little story.  Of course, we are an ocean apart so it took some time for the whole back and forth – besides life, like jobs, getting in the way 😉

©Björn Rudberg


A Special FF by

Dale Rogerson and Kelvin M. Knight

This track was going to break her. It was an unending struggle just to remain upright. If only she could rekindle that spark which used to ignite her anger. Because at least anger was a feeling – much better than this emotional void.

‘This trek won’t be character building,’ he said. ‘It will be character revealing! And it just might build the necessary character to get off this path once and for all.’

‘Off?’ she fumed. ‘You said we were on this track to the bitter end!’

‘Well, sue me.’

She, like his non-verbal stop sign, bristled like a porcupine.

110 thoughts on “Back Tracking – A Friday Fictioneer Special

  1. I like this a lot.
    but whoever went first took up a whole bunch of the word count – just sayin’

    and actually just kidding- lol
    nice flow.
    my fav takeaway was this:
    at least anger was a feeling ….

    so true:

    and quick question:
    this line here says:
    ‘This trek won’t be character building,’ he said. ‘It will be character revealing! And it just might build the necessary character to get off this path once and for all.’

    but to conclude that it was revealing and then to say it just might build the needed character –
    it should have been rearranged.

    I am just musing here – but do you know what I mean?
    in that line we have:
    won’t be character building
    will be character revealing –
    and then
    this just might build needed character

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    • Actually, it was one sentence each.
      He he… that was mine (at least anger was a feeling)

      And, as there is a time-lapse and only emails, it was not always easy to convey our thoughts. My line “And it just might build…” was supposed to be her in response to what he’d said earlier – as if she was thinking. Because in the earlier draft, Kelvin wrote: “This trek…building” he’d said…. But in the next draft, Kelvin changed the ‘he’d’ to ‘he’ which made my sentence change like it was still him talking.
      It changed my whole line of thinking but I went with it anyway!

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      • oh thanks for the explanations.

        and how fun to chat about this piece.

        and I was just telling K on his blog that it really was only my attempt at humor to note the word count here.
        I mean – I guess two authors could get to the 50 words each and aproach a shared piece that way – but I love it ere – love how it went sentence for sentence – and flowed with unity…
        but also life messages.

        and – both of you guys get a high-five from for the fresh factor here with collaborating.
        It was so nice to see the team approach and hope to see more.
        I used to follow a photo blogger – richard – and he and another gal went back and forth with photo posts. It was fun to follow and fresh – like this post with you and K


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        • Totally different story feel than it could have been, eh?

          How’d you tell him on his blog? He didn’t post it, did he? I can’t see it… And it wasn’t so much 50 words each as trying to build something on something else. Kinda like a circle story game. Fun stuff and I’m glad we got some kind of message across!

          And thank you. It was a lot of fun.

          I’ve collaborated a couple of times now. Last week with Frank giving me the title to run with; and with a photographer friend. We each sent the other a photo and had to write a poem on the photo received…


  2. If I could, Dale…

    Thanks Yvette. I thought that too, but also liked the contradiction it revealed in his character. Where he was saying one thing, then in another sentence saying something completely different. We’ve all met those kinds of people. Haven’t we?

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  3. BRAVO …. excellent repartee. A story created via e mail. Woo-Hoo
    You guys rocked it out. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to do.
    I do know, for sure, I’d be writing my part and wondering what would be coming back to me. Good Jobs …..
    Isadora 😎

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  4. You two rocked the casbah on this one! Like PB and J. Just as tasty, and a whole lot cooler.
    The exercise . . my God! Every other sentence? Really? It really works! I mean, really works!
    Here here peeps!

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  5. Brilliant story and collaboration.🙂 I enjoyed ‘Well, sue me’. Loved ‘Bristled like a porcupine’.
    Atleast, it isn’t over.. yet.

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  6. Great collaboration! You’re not an obvious pairing at all, so it was enormous fun to see the end result. You must have a metaphysical streak somewhere that you usually keep hidden, Dale!

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