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Idyll – What Pegman Saw

Good evening (or morning, depending on where on the globe you be) my Readers.   Pegman leaders Karen and Josh were busy basking in the sun last week and left us to our own devices for a week but are now back with a new challenge.  Thank you both for your efforts.

This week Pegman takes us to Yellowstone National Park in the US. You’ll find both streetview and photo spheres to inspire you. Choose any place within Yellowstone and write 150 words inspired by it. Once your piece is polished, you can share it with others at the link up below:


Giselle felt the warmth of the sun through the roof of the tent.  She smiled dreamily as she reminisced on the previous night’s passions.

“You’re so beautiful when you smile like that, Gi.”

“You know, Dany, you saved me and gave me back my smile.”

“And I’ll make sure you never lose it again.  Wasn’t last night’s concert great?  The drum of the falls, the pop and fizz of the geysers…”

“Oh you!  Everything turns to music with you.”

“True dat!   I am a musician, after all.  Check this out…”  He slid the zipper of the tent.  Tzzzzzzzzip.

They laughed and together opened the tent flap, quickly falling silent as they saw the deer grazing right in front of them.

“Could this trip get any better?” whispered Giselle.

“It sure can.”  He nuzzled her neck, pulling her back inside.  “How about we take up where we left off last night?”

83 thoughts on “Idyll – What Pegman Saw

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yes… was feeling it. So very glad you did too… oooh and shivers to boot!

      Lotsa love,



  1. Lovely story, with excellent dialogue. I particularly enjoyed the exchange
    “Everything turns to music with you.”
    “True dat! I am a musician, after all.”
    Absolutely right!
    You’ve created a very sympathetic couple for your story. I’d love to know more about them.

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  2. Q-Licious,

    Who knew Yellowstone could be so sexy!
    You somehow tucked a night’s worth of passion under the stars into 150 words, And you made it look easy! You’re quite the passionate pen, you know that?
    Thank you for the lover’s rock song!

    Peace and breakfast!

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    • So extremely happy you both (Coz I KNOW you showed it to Bedz) love it.
      I think I just may know you a bit 😉.
      Thank YOU! 😘😘


  3. The beauty of nature enhancing their moment. I’m a bit tired, so it took me a while that this is their view from the tent – so I was thinking about the moose munching on their version of Grape Nuts.

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          • Nope. Not a writer. Enigmatic Tinker writing on a page of mist that clings to the front page of a mountain slope.

            Again have a happy easter, Me am Nord bound, I hear the Bunny of there is a little looser with the chocolate eggs.

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          • I wasn’t denying, I was clarifying.

            Où? A half hour north of Temagami. Only an eight hour drive depending on moose traffic and snow plows.Good time of the year to go, no black flies and the bears are still door mats in their bunkers.

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          • Ah… potayto, potahto.

            Nice! That’s pretty far north indeed! North of North Bay. You’re right, gotta avoid black fly and bear season, to be sure! Do you bypass the Algonquin Park? I’ll never forget getting stuck there during “wolf howling” in the middle of the night on our way to meet friends at their cottage. Could not believe just how many people lined up to howl at the wolves in the hopes of a response!


          • I avoid Algonquin like the plague. Have been there once, got a lightning bolt up the ass and never returned. Four people died, I got lucky. You haven’t lived till you have a million volts of electricity dance around on a tent floor. Never go anywhere, where half of, to quote Farely Mowat, the none human beings from Toronto are.

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          • No way!!! Jee-zus. I wouldn’t go back either. We didn’t choose to go through but our timing was such that we had to. Bloody wolves kept us there until past 1 am.
            LOL… Alrighty… If Farley Mowat said it…


          • That said, if hearing a wolf howl jars some to realize how important wild places are, then it’s not such a bad thing. I have been back a couple times but from the northern boundaries via roads less traveled and not many people.

            Oh hell, you have wolves in Montreal, don’t you?

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    • 😀 It was supposed to.
      Yes indeed, those days. Thank you, Kelvin.
      Oh… I dunno about that one! It’s a tad pricey…


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