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Rage – What Pegman Saw

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to sneak this Pegman in today, it being Easter and all.  Plus, my son’s birthday yesterday and my niece’s birthday last Saturday means my part of the Easter dinner is two birthday cakes!  One is freezing (key lime pie) and one is baking, so here I am… Thank you, always, to Karen and Josh for hosting this party.

This week Pegman takes us to Nigeria. Feel free to use the location chosen or chose from one of the many photo spheres available throughout the country of Nigeria. if you drift over to Lagos along the southwest shore, you’ll also be able to take a streetview.

The Pegman challenge is to write 150 words inspired by this week’s location. Will it be historical fiction? Fantasy? Contemporary? Or does the location bring out your poetry muse? It’s up to you. When your piece is polished, please share a link to it at the linkup below:


Divorce is a bitch.  One of the parents has to leave the family nest and, depending on the ages of the children, they get schlepped from one house to another.  In this case, it worked out.  His kids were old enough at the time to decide where to stay.  They chose their mom after he convinced them that she needed them more than he did.  Besides, he could see them whenever he/they wanted.  He was but a phonecall away.

Except he couldn’t be there to protect them.

When Mom got a new boyfriend,  all seemed fine.  Until this guy waited till she went for a shower, to sneak into the daughter’s room.

Luckily the daughter’s scream was enought to fend him off.

The boyfriend was forever banned.

That didn’t stop the rage of emotions from flowing over him at the thought of anyone touching his baby girl without her permission.

58 thoughts on “Rage – What Pegman Saw

  1. Oh, great use of the image of flowing water and the force behind the waterfall in this picture.
    (May I make a suggestion? The last sentence “That didn’t stop the rage of emotions from flowing over him” seems to refer back to the boyfriend since he’s the last character mentioned. Momentarily confusing.)
    Happy Easter! You are one busy gal.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Well it’s about time. I’ve been waiting half the day for your story. 😉 And I am not disappointed. Never am. Nu? What else did you have to do? A couple of measly desserts? Piece o’ cake. Love it. I had no trouble with the last line. Your call.



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  3. So many emotions here, really a roller coaster – or should I say, waterfall!

    And don’t forget to add to that list of things to do: Camp NaNo! (Well, that doesn’t *have* to be started today — we’ll wait patiently…)

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  4. It is the fear of every parent, that something like this could happen. I get disturbed reading this from the standpoint of a parent who does everything he can and yet . . . Yikes!
    Rage . . yes. Definitely.

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  5. …. and that’s how a parent becomes a killer…..
    I abhore every notion of violence but if one of mine (HH child pet family) would be hurt in any way (even just name calling etc) I have been known to become a lioness…. You wouldn’t want to mess with me in such a situation.

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  6. Ah, the rage of a parent – truly terrifying in full flow. Dad’s primal instinct has kicked in and the boyfriend is lucky to still have his legs. The sad impotence of parenthood – no matter how much we want to, we can’t always be there to protect them. Vivid read Dale

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  7. Oh Dale, thank goodness she screamed. Thank heavens. So many victims do not. So so many. The abuse they suffer… I will have to be careful what I say… but needless to say… I know. Such tears flowing. Like a raging river. Real power story, Dale. Really well done.

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    • Thank you, Kelvin. Yes, thank goodness she stopped him. And her mother promptly got rid of him (that’s a whole ‘nother issue when the mother doesn’t). There will be charges filed, apparently.

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