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Mistaken Identity – What Pegman Saw

Good Saturday, my Peeps! What does Saturday mean? Well, if I’m inspired – and I try to be – it’s What Pegman Saw time! Thank you always to Karen and Josh for hosting this. It’s fun to have an extra 50 words for a prompt – and to be able to choose our picture!

This week Pegman is in Billinudgel, New South Wales, Australia. Here you’ll find streetview, or a whole deck of 360 photospheres to chose from. So, take a look around. Maybe you want to enjoy some fresh oysters and kick back with a pint while you’re here.

The Pegman challenge is to write 150 words inspired by the location. Once you’ve created your story/poem/essay, share it with others at the linkup below.

Mistaken Identity

He looked around The Shed with satisfaction. He was quite pleased with all he had accomplished in such a short time. New country, new business, new identity. Life was grand indeed.

“Excuse me, Sir, you the owner?”

“Sure am. What can I do you for?”

“I’m Detective McGraw, from.Canada. Looking for a guy who goes named Stan Simpson.”

“Really? Weird. Never been there. Too bloody cold. My name is Fred Frampton.”

“You sure? You’re a dead ringer!”

“They say we each have our doppelgänger out there. Guess you met mine. Now, would you like to see the menu?”

“Nope… I’d like to see your I.D. I’m not convinced you’re not the guy I’ve been searching the globe for.”

Reaching for his wallet, he asked, “So what’d he do?”

“Killed a cop while robbing a bank.”

“Whoa!” Fred looked McGraw right in the eye. “Here. You see? I’m not him.”

49 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity – What Pegman Saw

  1. Fred might want to be careful. Stan killed one cop already. And it’s not hard for a restauranteer to hide a body, if you know what I mean. Best for Fred to order something on the menu, or be on the menu. 😉 Great story!

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    • Exactly… I done did, didn’t I? Love it.. Aussi Spaghetti Western… you are nuts… 🙂
      Ooohhh… The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – LOVE this one, Calvin!
      G’day Mate


  3. Dear Dale,

    Fred’s pretty cool, isn’t he? Methinks the detective might want to watch his back. I don’t think Fred, or whoever he is, would have any qualms about doing him in. Well done as always. Signing off now from sunny and warm Arizona. 😉



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I can’t believe you’ve taken the time to read my little attempt at suspense. I should worry were I the detective… Fred worked hard to start anew…
      Enjoy the sun!

      Lotsa love,


  4. That’s quite a story you’ve written, Dale. As Stan – sorry, I mean Fred – has passed some pretty stringent identity checks to enter Australia, I guess he can be reasonably optimistic about evading extradition – unless McGraw has some solid forensic evidence…!
    I like the voice you give Fred!

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    • Thank you, Penny! Pretty much my first attempt at a sorta suspense/who dunnit write. Very glad you enjoyed. And much obliged for your always encouraging comments!


  5. In some sense the Detective part and him looking for this person. Reminded me of ‘Twin Peaks’. I guess we all have our doppelgänger. But, it takes one Detective to really get close to the case and finding out the person they are speaking to might be there man. This is an excellent write. Love it. 🙂


    • Thank you, LisaRey! So very glad you enjoyed. Yes, I almost regretted making him a killer… a thief is not so bad but to take another’s life? Not so good.

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