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Gimme Another Quarter, Please? – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday-Friday morning, my Peeps!  Yessiree, it is indeed Wednesday which means we writers of Friday Fictioneers got our gift in our inbox from our fairy blogmother, Rochelle, even though she’s out and about gallivanting across the U.S. of A., enjoying the warmer climes than can be found in her hometown.  This week, she chose YarnSpinnerr’s interesting photo.

I figured it was time to send it to Frank over at A Frank Angle for his take on the pic.  While it was a good one, I just felt it might end up being done – which it was by a quick glimpse at some other stories.  I showed it to Marc at Sorryless who gave me the idea I did choose.  So, terribly sorry, Frank.  Next week!!  And thank you, B, loved your idea!

Should you be inspired to write your own take on this curious picture, click on Rochelle’s name for the rules and regs (they are not that demanding) or just click on the blue frog to read more stories and maybe add yours!

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Gimme Another Quarter, Please?

Tongue hanging to the side in concentration, Tommy moved the lever, bringing the claw down towards the super hero toy he so wanted.  Pressing the special button, the claw opened up, he slowly moved the lever right over the toy, pressed another button and the claw closed over it.

“Yes!  Success!!” he shouted as he slowly pulled the toy up into the distributor box.

Nooooooo!  The toy slipped out of the claw and fell back into the pile.  The machine automatically turned off.

Disappointed, Tommy’s shoulders drooped.

Sure his mom would say ‘no’, still he tried: “Gimme another quarter, please?”

137 thoughts on “Gimme Another Quarter, Please? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q.

    Only in this ‘game’, Tommy is collecting super cool stuff! He will probably become one of those antique pickers as a result. So I really hope mom gives him another quarter or several. Cheaper than college!

    Love your humah, funny girl!

    Peace and quarters


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    • My dear Marco,

      Without your fabulous suggestion, this ‘game’ would not have been. And, yeah, I betcha he is one of those antique pickers now… I’m positive she did. He did use the magic word after all!

      Glad you do!

      Peace, quarters and successful picking,


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      • BW,

        I have to get back to REAL antique picking! I have settled into a boring routine of house sales and auctions and markets. There was a time when I used to scour the papers for treasures. I was on speed dial for a good many peeps who had stuff or whose friend or relative had stuff. It was always fun to find something.

        Magic words always work! 🙂

        Glad I could be of help, you funny woman, you!

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  2. Alas young Tommy, he has yet to know these machines are rigged. (No, not sarcasm, but inside knowledge of the business). Even so, I would not have seen a ‘Grabber’ in that photo. Excellent.

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  3. Took me a while to link the story to the pick … but then I noticed the fan appearing to be a claw. On the other hand, I see how this is working … Now I’m a second-fiddle consultant. Hmmmmm

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  4. Those claw games are notoriously evil for dropping things! I’ve only ever seen them work in the movies, come to think of it. I can see why his mother wouldn’t want to throw more quarters away on it. Funny story!

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  5. Oh if I had a quarter for every time this scene had played out in my childhood, I’d be a very rich woman. And still, with the eternal optimism of the young, they believe it will happen one day. Good one, Dale, caught it to a T.

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  6. The bent fan blades do remind me of the claw in those game machines. Good imagining.

    My grandson is a whizz at them and I never mind investing 4 quarters with him as he usually has plucked a winner with only 2 quarters, returning the other two back to me with a smiling face, proud, and a new toy in hand. Whoo-whoo.

    Good flash.


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    • How sweet, Randy! So nice to hear of a successful player with the claw… everyone’s memories are soured by the inability to ever win the prize 😉
      Thank you


  7. Quater?
    Of all the parent traps they set the shopping malls this was one of the most attractive ones. Because of the “prize” of course, you’ve got it right, they always want to play another game. Nicely done.

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    • Aaaargh! You are the only one to have noticed/said something. Thanks. Quater indeed… sheesh.
      Thanks for the nice comment and the heads up on the spelling oops.


  8. I have an ex husband who loves that game. Of course he had his own quarters and would give the kids some without qualm.I always think of it as a scam but to be honest, my ex was pretty good at it.

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  9. He was so close…. I feel for him as he tries and nearly succeeds. He needs a quarter making machine if he’s ever going to win though….

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  10. Loved the way you told the story…I could see Tommy’s look of concentration and his shoulders drooping in disappointment. These kinds of games are dangerously addictive for those predisposed to gambling!

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  11. The bane of my life those claws when the kids were young. I’d never seen anyone win until my father-in-law came over and won loads. I think he must have spent fortunes though in order to get each little cheap toy.

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  12. The picture seems to be one of those Rorschach tests because I never saw it as a fan, just a claw like thing. I love your story. You’ve captured a competitive little boy just right, tongue out and everything. Good story, Dale!

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