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Birthday Dinner

I swear, those two! Karen and Marc have done it again. This time they’ve dragged Frank in as well. Will be interesting if he plays with us this time. You see, Karen read an article, shared it with Marc, they extracted 11 words then emailed me, sending me a copy of the text that inspired this craziness (no, you cannot read it). Karen’s story is here. Marc’s is coming tomorrow, he said. Mine follows. And yes. It is my birthday today so, I went with that πŸ˜‰

Birthday Dinner

She was invited to join her friends at the Clubhouse Bistro Bar to celebrate her birthday but declined, choosing to stay quietly at home, in her new comfy chair, with a TCM movie, a glass of wine and a burger picked up from the drive-thru. No cooking today. However, on her way out, she ran into that busybody Ethel with her passion for Jesus. What she would give to dunk that self-righteous Dinosaur‘s head in a bowl of Holy Water! Desperate to get away from Ethel, she quickly retraced her steps.

Sans burger, it looked like the Twinkies, sent by her friend, Marc, who was trying to bring her to the dark side after all their joking around about the merits of the β€œcake”, would be her meal. She couldn’t be cross with him now could she? She even gave him absolution now that she had nothing else to eat.


Now, I know this was shortlived, however, it did traumatize certain, peeps…

67 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner

  1. Dear Dale,

    Seriously, You’re the only one I know who can make this type of prompt work. Loved the wanting to dunk Ethel’s head in Holy Water. Good job and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Shalom and hugs, ma chere amie,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I write these and worry… and then feel relief that you don’t loathe it.
      Thank you, my friend.

      Lotsa love,



  2. Happy birthday Dale! Luckily for anyone eating Twinkies for dinner, calories don’t count on your birthday. Whew! I hope you got to eat something healthier and more appetizing! Like maybe a real cake.

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  3. I loved it. I saw and heard you throughout it. Bravo birthday girl! You rocked it!

    Loved all of it but especially this, because we have an Ethel in our lives: What she would give to dunk that self-righteous Dinosaurβ€˜s head in a bowl of Holy Water!

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  4. Quebec,

    As for the post . . . Twinkielicious!

    Now . . if it was Twinkies or nada, you’d probably be okay. But if was going out with pals or Twinkies . . welp, unless you had too much vino . . I’d have to say leave the Twinkies, lol.

    And the only reason it’s dark after partaking of Twinkies is because I feel too weighted down to turn on any lights! πŸ™‚

    Happy YOU Day!

    Peace and birthday cake


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  6. Happy Birthday, Dale (I believe this is the second time this year I have wished you that. Have I got it right this time?) As for cake, burgers and candies, I’m going to thump my drum and advocate a huge and healthy salad! But good story. And as with others, I liked that dunking. So much more satisfying than donnuts.

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    • Yes, it is And I thank you, Crispina!
      I, quite honestly, cannot stand them but won’t judge πŸ˜‰.
      We did have sushi followed by my mother’s spice cake so…I think I’m good!😁

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