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A Break From It All – What Pegman Saw

Wasn’t sure I was going to make it.  Got snookered into another challenge prompt and then was otherwise occupied yesterday.  But today – why not today?  It’s freezing rain out there, the schools are closed and I don’t even want to think of going out if I don’t have to.  I’m sure something can be scrounged together to make a meal for tonight.  So as an alternative to getting numb bum syndrome on the sofa, watching 5 episodes of The Walking Dead (one down, four to go), I have taken a break to visit The Pegman!  Thanks always to Karen and Josh for hosting and accepting my late entry 😉

This week Pegman takes us to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, to the ancient city of Mdina. You’ll find both streetview and photospheres to choose from you. Wander around and find your own photo, or you can use the one supplied in the prompt.

Your mission is simple: write a 150-word poem, story, or essay inspired by the location. Once your piece is polished, share it with others at the Linkup below.

Reading and commenting on others’ stories is part of the fun!


A Break From It All

What she wouldn’t give to find herself far, far away.  Away from the demands.  Away from the responsibilities.  Away from the house and kids and pets and anyone else pulling at her.

She didn’t want solitude; she liked having people around her.  Some folks dreamed of pulling a “Thoreau” and breaking from society completely.  Alone with their thoughts.  It was her thoughts that were driving her nuts in the first place!  She sure as shit did not want to be alone with them!

Yes, a place full of a different culture, good food, good wine, friendly strangers.   Being close to the sea would be nice, too.  Why not?  It was her dream.

She wasn’t fooling herself into believing that running away would solve all her woes or ease all her stresses but it sure would be nice to take a break from it all.  Just for a month or six.

59 thoughts on “A Break From It All – What Pegman Saw

  1. Dear Dale,
    That’s quite a different style of writing from your usual one. Staccato phrases; repetition of key words. The use of denial to affirm (What she wouldn’t give; She didn’t want solitude; She sure as shit did not want to be alone with them!; She wasn’t fooling herself).
    Interesting and effective. I enjoyed your story.

  2. Love the voice in this story, very believable and real. And love the sentiment too — I would love to get away someplace with great food and wine and sights and new people!

  3. Nothing wrong. Nothing at all. To step back. Reload. With a fresh one in the chamber, Pull the trigger. And ride the bullet. To escape to parts unknown.

    But you will always hear them, the Begrudged, mutter as you blase on past, “if you don’t know where it is you going, why would you ever go”.

    ……….lived Saturday and Sunday like the neighbouring Old Order Mennonites. No electricity. No internet. And no worries. But unfortunately now I have to fire-up the chainsaw to finish off what the ice and wind laid asunder.

    • Is that part of a lyric or poem? Love it….

      …as for living in the dark without a connection to the “outside” world, not so bad for a couple of days, as long as you still had a way to heat and eat. There are areas that have been hit in a style reminiscent of 1998. Hopefully not yours?

  4. Oh, amen to that! Somewhere warm and sunny, away from work and worries. And preferably somewhere I can go without passing through and airport or meeting lots of other people! Is that doable, to you think?

  5. Q,

    Here here to a month or six someplace else! I love this new look to your writing, very compelling and magnifique!

    I fantasize about life in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. No internet connection, no link to the outside world. Just an old typewriter and writing. Go to town to drop off my work and pick up some goods and the mail- which will include bourbon, Cuban cigars, hunting and fishing supplies and books . . real ones.

    It would be bliss. Until the zombie apocalypse chases all those peeps into my backyard . . .

    • B.

      Merci mon ami! Glad you enjoyed.

      While being away from it all for a bit would be divine, I would, at some point, need human interaction – and no, not the walker-type, thank you very much. I dunno if I have an inner Carol in me to handle it!

      I would need some laughter and at least some one-on-one exchanges… 😉


      • Q,

        Yeah, same. Truth be told, the idea is fascinating. Just books and living off the land. And bourbon soaked evenings with a Cuban cigar on the front porch whilst reading the classics. And then writing the night away and waking myself up at first light with a swim in the river . . .
        But the voices in my head . . they would probably send me running back to civilization before long.
        And I don’t know . . . I could definitely see you rocking that inner Carol to the tune of some badassery. In knee high boots and a killer smile. Oh mercy!

        Peace and serenity . . nowish

        • M,

          I have visions of the same thing, sans Cuban cigar, and maybe change the bourbon for a nice red…
          Civilization would come screaming before long, I’ve no doubt.
          HAH! She did go from meek, beaten housewife to “no-holds-barred-get-er-done” over the seasons…

          Peace and quiet and a moment or two

    • Let’s just say I got hit with one thing after another before writing. Took me, 10 minutes to write!
      I am hoping I really can run away come October 😎

  6. Although one can’t run from the past nor get totally away from it – but there is something intriguing about a new start in a place where one doesn’t know anyone. Well done Dale —– I like this one a lot!

  7. There was nothing, not one thing that I didn’t dislike here: Starting with numb bum syndrome on the sofa to the recognition that bliss looks like this: Quiet and peaceful but not serene enough that she would be truly alone in her thoughts. Loved it Dale!

  8. Dale, darling; just WHO gave you the rights to MY DREAMS (not very likely to come true….)? 🙂
    This is ME – and yes, let’s make it rather 6 months than just one or two – we then have the time to get into the mood 😉

    • Kiki, dear… ‘would appear we both have great dreams!
      It’s definitely me too. I’m down for six months – big time! 😁

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