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Some Enchanted Evening – Friday Fictioneers

‘Tis Wednesday-Friday already!  You got it, it’s Friday Fictioneers time.  Despite the fact that our fearless leader Rochelle is out and about, gallivanting around the Western States on a road trip, still she makes sure we have our prompt.   This week, the photo she chose is one from Douglas M. MacIlroy  – thanks for letting us use your photo, Doug!

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Some Enchanted Evening

It was going to be a beautiful evening, though mostly starless, thanks to the clouds.  Still, it was nice and warm and they would be able to sit by the fire for that extra cozy feel.

“Don’t forget to bring the Tiki torch, Babe.  It’ll keep the skeeters away.”

“Great idea.  How ’bout some wine, too?”

“Yeah.  And I think there’s still some cheese left from last night.  Might as well bring that too.”

While he retrieved the items, she positioned the chairs and table round the fire.

“So, where do you think we stand as a couple?” she asked.

132 thoughts on “Some Enchanted Evening – Friday Fictioneers

    • Actually.. the whole basket thing made me think of a tiki torch. The twist… well. Can’t be too predictable! 😉
      And yeah. I love that this week’s stories are all over the place!

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  1. She must be a game hunter. Plan the setting, set the trap with some wine and cheese, a false sense of security and then bam! Would love to see the expression on his face 😉

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  2. I loved your twist – it made me grin! You deceived me totally. Their easy companionship made me think they were a long-married couple. And perhaps they are; there’s nothing that says a cosy relationship doesn’t need spicing up from time to time. Well done!

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    • Thanks, Penny.
      Sometimes things go along without any direction, and that’s fine. Eventually one may want something more.
      Glad you liked!


  3. All set for a cosy night before the fire -which sounds just delightful, by the way – and Bam! She hits him right between the eyes with that zinger! Lovely end – made me laugh out loud

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  4. Q,

    Ahh, the perils of coupling. Like those stars in the sky, there are clouds which always threaten to prosper and swell.

    Your writing, like the scene, is crisp!



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  5. Woo! When setting up such a special evening and then beginning with hard-hitting questions like that, something not good is in the offing. I think I froze on the spot when I read the last line. Chilling!

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  6. Sounds like she wants to know where she stands and whether this is a relationship she wants to invest in. Save herself a broken heart down the road maybe. Though I think the man was hoping for a more romantic gesture under the stars. 🙂

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    • Right? Sometimes you can go for years without any direction… which can be okay, depending on your age and choice- if it’s both of your choice 😉


    • Indeed. Or maybe he will realise that for a relationship to work, you can’t just coast along (of course, it depends on their age and if they want to built a future 😉 )

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  7. Hah, I didn’t expect that. Like Penny, I thought they had been married or similar for a while, their understanding seemed so good. Sometimes shaking up the status quo is necessary. Being convenient is not what we want, is it?

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  8. Oh! Well, you open this with an idea of nice comfy couple enjoying the last of the evening, and then throw a spanner in the works. She’s been thinking too much about where they might be going methinks, or maybe she feels taken for granted. Oh the possibilities so that question!

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