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Serenity – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning or afternoon or evening or … well, you get my drift!  All depends on where on the globe you find yourself, right?  Rochelle has stopped by my mailbox once again with our weekly challenge of writing a 100-word story based on an image.  This week’s supplied by her lovely hubs, Jan, from their very recent trip out west.  I cannot lie.  I stared at this picture for some time.  Marc came to my rescue once again.  Thanks, B!

Oh!  I forgot!  Click on the blue frog to see what others have come up with or, better yet, add your own!

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Hot and sweaty from the climb, she plopped down on a rock, stripped and let the mountain air cool her body.   Sipping from her canteen, she looked out at the beautiful vista in front of her.  It felt exquisite to be alone and quiet.  Dealing with these love-sick suitors had frazzled her to no end.  They put Pepe Le Pew to shame!  Spring had to be in the air.

Body dry and breath calmed, she took out her wing-suit, slipped it on, walked to the edge and jumped.

Arms and legs spread wide, soaring with the wind, she found serenity.

137 thoughts on “Serenity – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ma Cheri!

    Once again you have delivered us your sweetly melodic rhyme in a wonderfully encapsulated spill of words.

    This is a sexy and dangerous plunge you have concocted. One to which only a woman with wiles and smarts could have imagined. And you know I love the wiles and smarts so very much.

    Thank you for the props, but this was ALL you. 🙂

    Peace and spring time

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  2. That’s one thing I’ll never be able to do, I’m sure. Jump off a mountain I mean, not throw off suitors of course, too old and too married for that. Am mortally afraid of unstable heights, as I call it. Don’t mind being on the highest of mountains (and looking down) as long as there is solid ground beneath my feet, but ask me to climb a 2-3 meter long ladder, and my legs start shaking.

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  3. Oh, what lengths her suitors have driven her to. I wouldn’t find serenity jumping off a mountain in a wing suit, I’d find terror. But I’m glad it works for her 🙂

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  4. Ah, to be at one with the world like that – such a beautiful thought, just to sink into nature, soar above your worries. It’s a sad thing, but living in a city, I often feel as if I miss the seasons – I blink and think ‘where did spring go’. I think it’s working in a shop, not seeing daylight all day, all you see is plastic and concrete. I’m off to find me a wing suit! Lovely story Dale

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  5. Good old Pepe Le Pew! So she was jumping off a hill to avoid suitors with bad body odour?
    Jokes apart, the title sums it all, serenity. It is a feeling I have always associated with the hills.

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  6. Oh, to be in such demand that you have to climb a mountain to escape.
    Personally, I have a lot of respect for Pepe Le Pew. Even though he has a French accent, I pretty sure he came from someplace in the South (New Orleans?). It’s hard to hate a romantic.

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  7. Such beautiful writing, Dale. I’d love to do that jump off a mountain/wing suit thing, but I never was very good at any sport, I’d break my neck. On my to-do list before I die is doing a tandem jump though. Maybe when I’m 80.

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    • Danke my friend! I have a few friends who have done the whole parachuting thing with an instructor. I may just have to one day. Before I’m 80 😉


  8. Having just come in from a walk in exceedingly blustery winds, I’m no longer sure I want to fly. But I like all the things that are NOT said in this story. They just hover on the edges, enough to be suggestive.

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  9. I love the reference to Pepe Le Pew, And I’d leave suitors like that well alone. it has to be said that sometimes a girl needs to get away from it all for a bit of clear head space. Her style of getting away is amazing.

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  10. Such calm and placid writing, and then she is floating away in the wind. Beautiful, and much more fun than dealing with suitors.

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  11. The complexities of life call for smart thinking, and in her case, a flight suit. I agree with others, your comments with Sorryless are quite entertaining. Maybe they make it into a story?

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