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The Middle Ground – Friday Fictioneers

What day is it today?  Friday Fictioneers, of course!  The day we receive Rochelle Wis(no-e)off-Field’s email with our picture prompt of the week.  This week we are graced with a long-lost cousin of Rochelle’s’ picture.  Thank you Jill Wisoff for allowing us to write our little 100-word stories to your picture.

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The Middle Ground

“We could meet somewhere in the middle?”

“Great idea.  How about New York City?

“According to Google Maps, it’s much closer to you than to me.  However, I’m game!”

“Lemme look into Air BnB, see if I can get anything reasonable.”

“I love New York.  There is so much to do.”

“Damn.  There is NOTHING in New York City!  But Brooklyn could be an option if you wish.”

“I hear it’s the new foodie paradise.”

After months of texting and phone calls, they finally met in person. Shy for a nano-second, they embraced, feeling like they’d known each other forever.

137 thoughts on “The Middle Ground – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Nice. And it delivered memories of 2 years back when I finally met up with a fellow blogger after 4 years of mutual follows. But don’t get excited, it was nothing romantic. On the other hand, from first words, we really hit it off.

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    • I so believe it. There are a few blog friends I would love to meet in person. And for some of them, I agree, it will be like we’ve known each other forever…

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I wasn’t sure if you and Marco were going to leave room for anyone else to comment. 😉 Of course I think of “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle” and another couple, as well. Could this become a reality? I’ll be watching for more installments. Lovely and believable writing. ❤




  3. Romance is a live and kicking and in your heart, Dale! What a lovely tale. But is there something you need to share with the group? Have you been spending too much time online recently, searching for Air BnB in New York … 🙂

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  4. Manhattan is always a hep place so I Hope they got there. Brooklyn can be quite nice too. I’m from Queens, so that would be me first choice. Here’s something I couldn’t resist pointing out: When you refer to “..a long lost cousin of Rochelle’s picture,” you’re claiming that Rochelle’s picture has a cousin. Little did I know pictures could have relatives.

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    • It would be nice if they could. I’ve never been to Brooklyn but hey… why not?
      And…. there is an extra apostrophe at the end of Rochelle’s’ – but yes, I should have phrased that better.

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    • Of course not the same as real dates, still a wonderful thing to have happen, I am sure! I have met only one, so far…


    • Ugh. Having done the dating sites for over a year, I shall say… non merci…
      However, there are possibilities in the blogging world. Maybe. Right?


  5. I read these comments of love and gushy. But. This is fiction. Big bang, mysterious occurrence kinda shtufffs. Am thinking balloon meets needle under the surface. One little prick and all he’ll breaks Lucy goosie.

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    • Love and gushy is good, Calvin… and it may be fiction. For now.
      I shall remain on the positive side of the story, knowing full-well, your scenario is also a possibility. Lucy goosie and all that!


  6. Although your story could apply to a romance, somehow it struck me much more as friendship. Now that might be because they’re aren’t any romantic endearments in your story – or it may just be me!
    Whatever, it’s a lovely, well-written, encouraging story!

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    • I like to think that the romance is kept close to chest, so to speak, just in case. Friendship would still be a wonderful thing if there were no romance. I like that you saw that, Penny! You are a very perceptive reader.


  7. It’s lovely and romantic, but also works for friendship. I had the pleasure to meet three online friends in person, and it was always like that. A moment of shyness, then talking starts and off we go as if we’d known each other for a long time.

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  8. I love that last line – ‘Shy for a nano-second…’ I can imagine they knew each other quite well after having to organise their meeting. A lovely positive tale about how technology is an asset.

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