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The Watchmen – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman takes us to San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia.  Karen chose a great photo but I went snooping and chose this one.  As a result, the text that introduces this week’s Pegman makes no sense so I’m not sharing it here!

I’m having trouble with my inLinkz account so, please click on Pegman above to have access to the blue frog and to add your story or read other wonderful takes on this week’s prompt.

Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this fun weekly prompt.

The Watchmen

They stood there, tall, stoic, unmoving, watching.  Most simply drove by, unimpressed, ignoring and dismissing them as nothing.  The curiosity of some encouraged them to slow down in wonder, questioning their existence but not enough to stop so they shrugged and drove off.  A few actually parked their cars and walked right up to them, trying to determine their use or purpose.  Taking pictures for their scrapbooks they promised themselves they would Google what they were so they could share with their friends and families.

The locals.  They knew.  They understood.  They placed their offerings in cages so that the Watchmen would continue to protect them from all those passersby.  From the truly curious who would never be able to find the answers to their questions as well as those who didn’t bother stopping.  For this they were grateful.  They could continue living as they were meant to, without fear.


29 thoughts on “The Watchmen – What Pegman Saw

  1. Q,

    This is a wonderful merging of Rt 66 and Stonehenge. At least, that’s what I culled from it. Roads and mysterious formations to which we apply our curious rituals. I love how you bring out the traditional aspects of our abidance. If asked, we probably couldn’t even tell you WHY we find these things to be sacred, we just do.

    Peace and the watchmen

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  2. You tell the story very convincingly, Dale. I can really believe that you’ve identified the purpose of those strange constructions. I like the way you give the viewpoint of both the tourists and the locals in the same story.

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  3. What an imagination you have! The tension ramps up with the start of the second paragraph. “The locals. They knew. They understood.” – so well done.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    I guess there’s no Rochelle in Pegman this week, so I’ve stopped putting off reading yours. I love the mystery in this piece. You leave this reader wondering who the Watchmen are, and know there’s a deeper story here. Well done. You’ve stepped outside your norm and have done it with grace and style.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Well now… that’s a bummer! However, am awfully glad you read mine and liked my attempt at doing something outside my norm. I am chuffed!

      Lotsa love,



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