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Honouring Dad – Friday Fictioneers

I was going to wait until tomorrow to write my Friday Fictioneers so that I could dedicate a post to my father, gone five years ago today. I was all gung-ho to scan some great photos of my dad that I have in an envelope. Somewhere. As my house is up for sale, the exact box I know those pics are in is…. I can’t find it. Had it. Got stacked. Sigh. As luck will have it, that particular box will pop up out of nowhere tomorrow, when I no longer need it! I refuse to fret about it and Rochelle was kind enough to supply a picture that worked for me to mix a tribute to my dad and FF. Thanks, my friend! The dialogue below would be between my sisters, Lisa, Tracy and me.

Honouring Dad

We need a centrepiece.
How’s this?
Perfect, he’d like that.
Don’t forget to put ketchup in little bowls. Heaven forbid we leave the bottle on the table!
Got it. Got some pickles? Put them in a bowl, too. Can’t have people’s fingers going in there.
OK… Got the kids’ table set up? Make it just as nice, eh?
What are we missing?
Got the capers, onions and cream cheese for the salmon?
Yep. We’re good. All that’s missing is Dad’s bloody bird.

Dad, you’ve been gone five years. What we wouldn’t give to hear you talk about your damn bird.


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Me and Dad… Celebrating his birthday, Sept. 11, 2012

One year after Dad passed away, I wrote this

126 thoughts on “Honouring Dad – Friday Fictioneers

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. The memories flare up, don’t they? My sisters and I lost Mom and Dad two years ago, two months apart. They had a good, long life. Still miss them, though. I love the fact that you used dialogue to convey your story.

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  2. How lovely and bittersweet. I’m sorry for your loss and glad you have this happy memory.
    I lost my Dad in 1996 and my Mum in January. Dad’s stories would include his horseradish and tickling stick, and Mum’s would be rabbits and mayonnaise. ❀

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  3. Your story moved me so much! Having lost my dad at three I have no memories of him to cherish. Such write-ups make me imagine how it might have been for me if he’d been alive a little longer. Well done, dear. Hugs!!

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  4. A wonderful tribute, Dale!
    A couple of weeks ago, my sister sent on a message to me and my niece who is like a sister–“Happy 20th Anniversary of Dad’s Death Day!” I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

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  5. Dear Dale,

    I’m happy that my bowl picture worked so well for you. You have us all in the moments, sitting at your table. And you’ve told us a lot about your dad with the lines of dialogue.
    My dad’s been gone for over 30 years and I still hear his voice. So many times someone will drop a straight line and I can imagine what Dad would say. (Of course I have to be his emissary. πŸ˜‰ We Wisoffs are a wise cracking lot).
    Wonderful story…simply told…heartfelt. Sending you hugs, my sweet friend.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It so did! Excellent timing, I must admit… I’m so glad I did manage to get that across. Wasn’t sure how it would work.
      Wow. 30 years. Blink of an eye, when you think about it… We are a sarcastic lot, thanks to him and keep up the image! πŸ˜‰
      Thank you so much. So very glad it did come across as heartfelt. Hugs accepted any time!

      Lotsa love,


  6. It’s the little domestic things that sometimes link you so closely to someone who’s gone. Food is a big one, isn’t it? Meals shared and enjoyed, moments of quiet intimacy or riotous family affairs – all bonding times. Lovely, touching story Dale

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  7. How fitting to remember your Dad’s influence on you in all the little ways – and in the humorous ways! That’s a lovely story, Dale, and beautifully constructed and written.

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  8. Lovely tribute. The little things that you remember later. I have the Murderer’s Thumb that men from my father’s side have (why did I not get the musical and artist’s gene that they have?) Not to thread jack but I wrote this a few years after he passed away https://tinyurl.com/mkoangh


    • Thank you, Subroto,
      Just realised my comment to you did not register (blasted phone).
      As to inheriting things… we’ve not much control over that, do we?

      Ahh… explaining to children. No easy task!


  9. I get a lovely sense of your family in the conversation between you and your sisters. A wonderful tribute to your dad and all he meant to you. I can see how much you miss him. ❀

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  10. Such a lovely tribute giving a great insight into sibling understanding and conversation as well as your dad with his idiosyncrasies – would love to know more about the damn bird.

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