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Brain Dump / Gratitude / Stuff

“Sometimes life knocks you on your ass… get up, get up, get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Brain Dump

Why is it when we are über tired, can barely keep our eyes open, our limbs feel like mush and we drag/crawl our asses to bed that the brain decides… “Yep… this would be a great time to go into overdrive… dontcha think, Body?”




However, apparently, just like my kids, the brain doesn’t listen.  Doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what I am telling it/them.  The hamster wheel keeps a-turning.  I’ve tried many techniques over the years:

  1. Take out a pad and write all the things whirring round the brain;
  2. Do the 7-4-8 exercise:  inhale for seven counts, hold for four, exhale for eight.  I usually end up yawning in between though, will admit, occasionally this does work, IF there doesn’t seem to be any thoughts going on, sorta;
  3. Read for a bit;
  4. Drink a cup of hot milk – hey works for babies and occasionally for me!

If all the above fail, and it’s been a few nights in a row, I resort to 0.5 mg of Clonazepam.  Within half an hour, if all is well, I’m finally gone… for at least four hours, five, if I’m lucky.   I really try to avoid taking this but a girl’s gotta sleep.

So, what has been preoccupying me lately?

I hate sounding redundant because the things that I listed here still apply but in a new form…

  1. The house, though officially has a “For Sale” sign in front, still needs to look “perty” all the time and is an on-going battle with my inhabitants.  Working on getting them to participate a bit more;
  2. The Mother-in-law, though some of the documents have finally be signed, is still not officially registered so I still cannot pay all her bills, nor cancel her phone, hydro, have her mail transferred to me…;
  3. The finances are getting better as I am back to working full-time at the Golf Club – though that now means my body hurts.  Everywhere;
  4. The boyfriend – no longer an issue as we are no longer together.  All good, friendly good-bye and now we move forward;
  5. The mother – things went all wonky for a bit when her hubby got sepsis.  He spent more than a month in the hospital and is now in rehab to work on gaining his strength.  His planned return to home is June 11th.  Things are finally working out there too.

Funny.  As I was listing these things, I realised, as we speak (so to speak), that each negative issue has become more of a positive one – even if there are still things to be settled.  They are progressing in a forward motion.  So why the hell am I not sleeping?  There must be more stuff in there (mind) that I cannot express at this time.  (Note to self, when these things pop up again, do number 1 above.)


It’s a little late but I must thank my lovely brother-in-law, Sébastien for changing my tires for me.  It’s always nice to be able to count on family for these things.  Plus, I got a meal outta the deal!

Tracy and Sébastien also hosted the Mother’s Day brunch this year and, for the first time in three years, I was not working and was able to participate.  Well… I worked, but only at 2 so thanks go to my boss for scheduling me later so that I could do some activity with my boys.

A funny thing seems to happen with me.  Well I think it’s funny, or rather, I am touched that it does happen.  Ach!  What I am trying to say is, I must have made some kind of impact on people over the years.  A few ladies I went to high school with decided to get together for a dinner.  We were supposed to be five but ended up being four.  The crazy thing is this.  None of the three other ladies finished high school with me.  We knew each other from grades 7-9, and one of them was only in my school and my class in Grade 9.  And yet, they included me in the get-together.   It was a lovely evening of playing catch-up.  One of them, Marie-Claude, I see once in a blue moon, but the other two I hadn’t seen since Grade 9.  At least a hundred years ago.

Me, Marie-Claude, Guylaine, Louise

I’m also lucky enough to have a friend who was able to open my pool for me for a reasonable fee.  It gets uncomfortable to be asking for help for so many things.  Yes, I know, I could learn how to open it, but frankly, the boyfriend closed it last fall and took the whole bloody thing apart, though not necessary, and, also frankly, I didn’t have one friggen clue (nor wanted to) of how to put the whole thing back together again.  Now, the pool water is clear as a spring… but, I cannot vacuum it yet as I cannot do a backwash as I need a new hose (dammit) to be connected to it.  Sigh.  Never ends.  That should take place on Monday….

And, I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy at work lately.  It’s the beginning of the golf season, and, though my body doth protest the abuse, it also means the return of the members.  Some have been there since day 1 but others have been returning from the wintering in Florida (it is a private club, remember… )  Why am I pointing this out?  Because with each return (okay, not every one), on top of a kiss on the cheek and a hug, I get a “I’m so happy you are back with us this year” or “Yay, my favourite is back!” or “So nice, we are guaranteed good service again this year”.  It is so very gratifying to feel appreciated.  It’s even better for my ego when they tell me these things in front of my bosses… 😉  Hmmm… Wonder if I can get a bonus based on the number of “smile” comments I get?


For my last post, two things occurred at the same time.

Now, I know 500 posts is no big whup – especially for those who multi-post in one day or post daily… but I’m cool with that.

The weeds have taken over the back yard so, if I want to set up an open house, I shall have lots of work to do.  Have asked for the boys’ help.  Moondust does not mind them at all, actually…

June 1 was yesterday, and was my only day off this week, and they called for rain all day.  Not a drop fell.  And holy toledo, June came in with a bang!  Yesterday’s temp was 30°C (86°F) with a humidex – humidity factor or what the temperature really feels like – of 38°C (104°F).  Would have been nice to have a clean pool but all good.  Thankfully there was a fabulous breeze which kept it bearable.  I was able to work for a bit in the garden.  The weeds have taken over and it’s not a pretty sight.  I should be doing more of that as we speak but instead, I am writing this post!  Plus, I have to leave in half an hour to bring my mother to her hubby… Oh well, another day, right?  I work at 4 so, no time.  My story and I’m sticking to it.


Just got back from driving Mom.  Lord love a duck.  The traffic is INTENSE.  They have closed the tunnel direction to Montreal so the next available bridge is the Jacques-Cartier… the line-up to get on said bridge is gonna take way more than 45 minutes.  How glad am I to work on this side of the island of Montreal?  On top of that, there was a sign saying the J-C bridge is CLOSED at midnight tonight… I dunno.  I can’t help but think this will affect tonight’s reservations for Lobster Night at the club… I know one of the members – a friend – who was considering cancelling it…

Oh well… off to take my shower so I can stink of Lobster in about 3 hours…

Have a fabulous week-end, folks!

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy and grateful

46. Old friends wanting to include me
47. Things are moving forward
48. Friends who help out
49. Sunny Days
50. Feeling appreciated for my work



65 thoughts on “Brain Dump / Gratitude / Stuff

  1. Does music help? Hubby listens to Hans Zimmer a lot (strings and instrumentals, he did Batman’s Dark Knight and Gladiator). It’s been proven that 432 Hz operates on a subliminal level and that’s why you ‘feel’ the music and it relaxes you.

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  2. When I think of the tunnel being closed, and all traffic rerouted over the J-Cartier bridge … Wow!
    Isn’t it great to meet and greet the old familiars and know they’re glad to see you there! Not all wait staff get that reception. 😉 Your body will get into the swing again.
    I’m back to cooking part-time, too — and had an encouraging checkup an the Cancer clinic yesterday. All well with my blood counts, no sign of CLL. Thanks be!

    Everyone has their trick to dozing off. I may recite some calming poetry I’ve memorized in the past — like Longfellow’s “The Day is Done.” Or I read haiku. Take a book, or use my phone to log onto cattails or The Heron’s Nest website and read verses. It isn’t for everyone, but I find something very relaxing about focussing on one short scene at a time.

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    • You could never pay me enough to have to cross the bridges or tunnel to work.
      It really is great to meet the old familiars indeed. No, they don’t all. I know I am one of the favourites. What can I say? It’s the smile and the welcome I give them, I guess.
      Excellent news!
      I try to avoid my phone or computer (even putting on that night light doohickey so the blue light doesn’t overexcite). Admittedly I’ve been over-tired so that sure doesn’t help.
      I’ll get a better groove going!


  3. Life sounds full, busy, a with plenty of weeds and other what-nots that are waiting to be plucked or moved or signed or dried or just allowed to sit there and be perty. 🙂 (That Moondust, though!). Happy 500 to you! It is a massive milestone as far as I’m concerned. Here’s to friends (you all look good for being over a 100 years old … ;)) and a good night’s sleep. Na’ama

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    • It is. Sometimes too busy. I then feel guilty when I just want to sit on my butt and watch mindless TV – but I do it anyway.
      She is a pretty one, isn’t she? Queen of the castle, I tell ya.
      Thanks… I’m pretty pleased to have reached 500.
      Haha! Don’t we though? 😉 OK, OK… we’re all 54 give or take a few months…
      thank you, Na’ama. Will do my best.

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  4. Wow. You have a lot going on girl. Beautiful house. I have the “rat’s ass thing” going on too. Love your ability to find the silver linings. Congrats on your anniversary Pal. Glad to have connected. Dk.

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    • Thank you, kind sir. Now, to find a buyer who thinks so too…
      I have to – look for them. It’s an urge I choose not to fight.
      And thanks! I am very glad to have connected with you too!

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  5. A wee dram of good scotch whiskey, not the sheep dip stuff, makes life’s problem fixable. That’s my story and acknowledges all have a version of some sort.

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  6. Congratulations on #500! Milestones are just that, so take advantage of them with some self proclamation. Well done!

    Here’s something someone shared with me on one of my milestones – At least you write!

    Bummer about the lack of sleep – I can relate. Simply no fun. 😦

    Good luck with the house. Keeping it ready to show is an energy drain! Hang in there!!!

    Now – about the gratitude list – Oh … you forgot something.

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  7. Well I think there are more positives than negatives here and that’s good.
    I understand the not being able to sleep because the brain will not cooperate. It’s hard I try to read, or picture myself on a moonlit beach listening to the sea. That helps sometimes.

    Have a great Sunday 💜💜

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  8. Dear Dale,

    You do have a lot on your plate, so to speak. No wonder your brain goes into overdrive in the wee hours. You have a way of sharing it that draws me in and makes me smile. Here’s hoping for a good day today without a lot of traffic or aggravation. L’chaim, I lift my coffee in your honour. 😉 Much love to you my good friend. ❤



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  9. You’ve been dealing with so much Dale, I am amazed that you are keeping it together so well — kudos to you and your strength! I hope that you’re able to finish processing all the stressful bits and start getting back into a regular sleep schedule. You need your sleep, for your physical and emotional health! Good luck dealing with all that needs to be dealt with, and ignoring the crap that isn’t really worth it after all. Take care, my friend!

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    • Thank you, Joy. It has been a nutty year… so much stuff at the same time. I like to think that after, I’ll be able to bask in the “it’s all done now”…
      My neck, back, shoulders and feet are not feeling particularly strong… but I’m working on getting some kind of strength work and stretching exercises to help…
      Thank you, my friend 😘

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  10. Congratulations on your 500th post, Dale. Even though you have been having downs, your post leaves me feeling a sense of delight in your ups. I hope you get to sleeping again soon. It seriously get me down when I can’t sleep. ❤

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    • Thank you, Ina! Good… that’s what I prefer… that we leave with a sense of delight.
      I actually did quite well last night, once I actually did fall asleep – feet were KILLING me…


  11. Q,

    Congratulations on Post 500! And to think, you accomplished this amazing feat without the need for performance enhancing drugs! You Canadians are a fascinating lot . . . 😉

    You’ve got so many things roosting in that perty head of yours, so it’s no wonder you can’t just zonk out when it’s time to sleep.

    Welp . . . as the late, great Bob Marley used to say. Every little thing, is gonna be alright.

    Peace and sleep (sleep first, because that’ll bring you some peace . . .)

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  12. Hope you’re sleeping better. You do have a lot of things on to keep your brain working and worrying. Apparently writing a list of the jobs you need to do tomorrow before bed is good for sleep as you’re all prepared for the day to follow.

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    • Thanks, Sarah Ann. Aside from the aching feet from work, I did sleep much better last night and the night before…
      It apparently does work. And I’ve yet to see it work for me… but I keep trying!

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