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Last Chance – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my readers.  Hope you’re enjoying Hump Day!  This week our lovely leader, Rochelle, chose Roger Bultot’s lovely picture.  His photo can only used for this prompt.

Should you wish to participate, and why don’t you?  Just click on the blue frog and add your link.  It’s easy, using Roger’s beautiful picture, come up with a 100-word story, not including the title, and not one more word, and add your link.  Ta-dah!  Easy-peasy.


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Last Chance

“Please, everyone, we need you all to take your seats before their Royal Highnesses arrive.  No lingering about.”

From their hidden alcove, Lianne and Anthony watched as the guests left the lobby and headed for the hall.

“We really must hurry, Tony.  They are expecting us!”

“Who cares?  We are the Prince and Princess-to-be.  They have no choice but to wait.”

“Yes, but, Sweetheart, we really sh—”

Anthony kissed her, silencing her protests.  He pulled her down to the chaise lounge, and lay beside her.

“Let ’em wait.  This is our last chance to be alone before we’re constantly guarded.”


108 thoughts on “Last Chance – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Hm, this story has a hint of authenticity about it. Of course I’m sure this has nothing to do with the most recent royal wedding. Love it! For us romantics, this is a sweet respite.



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  2. I once read an interview with a former personal trainer of Oprah Winfrey. They had a standing appointment, but she was always late. He could understand that she was a busy and important person, but his time was valuable as well. Finally he quit the lucrative gig. I don’t think wealth or social standing means you get to disrespect “the little people.”

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    • I think it is very rude to constantly make others wait… like so many doctors do.
      However, in this case, it was just a passionate last attempt at bring alone before duties take over…

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      • Actually, it usually isn’t the doctor’s fault. The office manager will schedule back to back appointments usually allowing 30 minutes per patient to maximize income. Of course, the doctor falls behind and that makes patients wait. I’ve got an “old school” doctor who, when need be, give me all the time I need. I try not to abuse his generosity.

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        • I have a doctor with the perfect assistant who makes sure that appointments are not over-booked. For sure when it comes to gynecologists, it’s difficult… new mamas to be with their fears..

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  3. Harry and Megan had a very smug look on their faces when they got in the E-type and drove off for their “evening do”. Not that I watch royal wedding footage – not much! Lovely story.

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  4. This appeals to my romantic side — less public obligations, more kissing! It must feel so restrictive to marry into royalty, and suddenly be under such scrutiny all the time. I’d imagine being born and raised in it might be easier, never knowing anything else.

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  5. So sweet and romantic, I love it. I don’t know what came over me, but I watched the royal wedding and wasn’t sorry. It was like a fairy tale, made me understand why people are so fascinated by royalty and pomp.

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      • They were pretty pictures and there was a sermon from an episcopalian priest that was really remarkable. And I’m not even religious… With my ties to Canada I decided a long time ago to at least keep slightly informed about the royals…

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  6. Such a lovely tale. Tony knows what he wants, a stolen last chance to be alone and unencumbered. It must be a right bore to have a permanent security presence.

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  7. Ahhh … Dear Dale,
    A bit of mischievous behavior before their grand entrance. I could sense a bit of the recent Royal wedding in there but that’s what makes it so much more juicy. Their grasping of a moment that may be lost in the future to guards and paparazzi … priceless. Aahhh … amor – la’mour
    Isadora 😎

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